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cloth diapering twins!

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Hello fellow diaper-changers. . .

If you use cloth, what kind of a system do you have? How many diapers/covers?

My boys are growing so fast, I already need to get some bigger covers. Now that they're not pooping as often (and I assume they'll be pooping even less often pretty soon), I'm not sure about how many covers to get. I know they say you should have 4-6 covers per size for one baby. But maybe you'd need less (per baby) for twins? We have so many differnt kinds and sizes being used right now, I have no idea how many each baby is going through a day. I guess I could try to keep track, but I can't imagine doing anything so organized as that! So, instead I'm asking you all!

By the way, I use cpfs and a diaper service, and LOVE cloth diapering those little bums! The only thing I don't like about it is that the other baby is usually crying while I attend to the dirty dipe.

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My two are 2 1/2 now...
we use Snug-to-Fit diapers with velcro closings, and MotherEase diaper covers (Air Flow) during the day, and FuzziBunz at night. I love this system.

When they were little, we had about 12 covers, and now we have 8. We have the same 3 doz. diapers that we started with, plus 1 dz. FuzziBunz (but we don't need that many).

Normally, we have more than enough covers and diapers, but there are definitely times (probably once a week!) when I'm glad we have all that we do, esp. if anyone at all is sick and laundry starts to pile up!
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We use Motherease. They had some combo pack that I got and I never bought more diapers I only had to get covers as the girls got bigger. The total diapers was 36 and each baby had 2-3 covers. I also purchased the liners that go in the diapers and those work great! I launder the diapers every other day. We are trying to potty train and I just bought the ME training pants and those are also nice.
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Hmmm...I'm suprised to find out I have a "typical" amount. Three dozen diapers and eight covers. We use whatever we have scrounged up at resale shops. I'm finding that with my twins I don't need twice as many clothes (or diapers) I just do laundry twice as often. :
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I was using Bumkins AIOs and now I am building my supply of new ones - mostly wahms with some mother-ease and some kissaluvs. I need some fuzbuns for nighttime.
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I have 9 wraps and I have no idea how many diapers. I was lucky enough to be given lots of diapers and I never bothered to count. I use the stacinaor wraps and I love them. Fleece during the day and wool at night. Lucas and Ezekiel are 5 months old. Gabrielle
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Warning: I'm a total "what if we run out of diapers" freak, so I way overbuy each time. But...

We use cloth at home, and Tushies and sometimes Pampers if that's all we can find on the road. I have a mental block to using cloth while away from the house, and I have no idea why, I'm just worried how I'll get to rinse them, where I'll wash them, etc. But that's me. p.s., any tips on this would be great... I'd love to ditch the sposies once and for all!!

At home, we use Under the Nile with the snap-in "doubler". They're organic Egyptian cotton and so soft it's amazing. We use TinyTush Super Whisper Wraps as diaper cover. No leaks except when I didn't wash a batch first. I use rice paper liners when I do the diaper change right before I know they're due for their poo! (My two are the most regular poopers ever!!) :LOL

Now the scary part... we have WAY too many. We have 4 doz. Under the Nile's and 12 wraps. We seem to go through them fast, and we wash some diapers almost every day. We go through a pack of 100 liners maybe every month or so. Each baby probably gets changed 10 or so times a day, so this let's us go at least two days between washes if we want. But because we do laundry every day (and we wash rinsed diapers with rest of the laundry) it's no biggie and I could probably have half the diapers we do and never run out.
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With the diaper service, I had 8 covers-and I really should have had more. When I went to doing my own, I had 12 or so, which was better. We had Prowraps velcro, and cpfs, and I had no problems.
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Well, we use cloth too, but I'm a total diaper addict so we have too many. I WOH part-time, so they are in disposies when they're in daycare. There have been periods where I did disposables when we were out and about, but we were using so many disposies that I'm now doing cloth on outings. I put 2-4 diapers in a plastic grocery bag, then made multiple bags like that. Then I keep one of those bags in the diaper bag, and keep the rest of the plastic bags in the car, and then swap them out of the diaper bag when they're dirty. That solves the problem of carting around 8-12 wet/dirty diapers in your diaper bag all day. At this point my diaper bag is so huge it's ridiculous.

As for the original question, lol, we had like a dozen wraps early on. We found them at a tag sale (actually the MOTC sale, believe it or not) when I was pg for next to nothing. Now we have about 10, but we also use a lot of AIOs and fuzzi bunz.


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i'd say we have about 8 bumkins covers to use with prefolds. we also have about 10 additional wool/fleece/misc covers- some with inserts, but all can be worn with the cpfs. we also use about 10 honeyboys.

we also have 4 night covers, and 4 night fitteds.

i wash every day, but it seems like it takes all day to go through the whole wash process :

so i'd say we have just about enough with some extra for my 2 2.5 year olds.

however, i am seriously stocking up on a zillion cloth dipes for my next two due in august!

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Holy cow! Punk, you have my complete respect! The best of luck. How often do twins happen two times in a row?
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well, in this family, it's happened 2 out of 2 times...beyond that i don't really know

sorry to hijack the thread...

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I have 3 year old twins and a 2 year old - all in dipes. we have an average sized stash b/c there is only so much you can fit in the machine at once LOL
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I've been meaning to return and post update on what we've been using, but kept forgetting. Anyway....

we ditched our beloved UTNs a couple of months ago after they went from beloved to the bane of our existence due to babies getting older (the diapers were sopping wet, very bulky, and took forever to dry). So I went on an all-out search for a better system for DD and DS.

We wanted something easy to clean, fast to dry, easy to use, trim fit, no leaks of course, and most importantly, something comfy for babies (stay-dry liner, comfy materials, etc etc). I think we have finally found the answer for us.

We now use Fuzzi Bunz AIOs with just 1 size medium CPF during the day (so trim, their clothes finally fit again and we don't have to wear leggings all the time!!! :LOL ) or 1 hemp one at night. No leaks, no stains. They are so easy to launder because the CPFs or stuffers just get taken out, and they dry in 2 seconds since the FB's are open in the back and the stuffers get taken out and washed separately. And the fleece liner keeps them comfy and dry, and the outer material is so soft.

After laundering, I just pre-stuff the Fuzzi Bunz (we have a day stack (with CPFs) and a night/long outing stack (with hemp), and DH likes them because he doesn't have to "deal with the covers". : Because we do laundry each night, we don't need many. 16 gets us through the whole day, no problem, so I'm now cured of my cloth diaper packrat tendencies.

The only problem is, before we finally settled on this system, I bought 2 of EVERYTHING: we have 2 nearly-new ME one-size, ME Sandy's, Kissaluvs, Bumkins, Kushies, numerous diaper covers (ME Airflow and Bummis SWWs mostly). Uggghhhh....
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Originally posted by TwinMommy

The only problem is, before we finally settled on this system, I bought 2 of EVERYTHING: we have 2 nearly-new ME one-size, ME Sandy's, Kissaluvs, Bumkins, Kushies, numerous diaper covers (ME Airflow and Bummis SWWs mostly). Uggghhhh....
sell them! either on ebay or the trading post here
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