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Raynaud's Disease

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I have been recently diagnosed with Raynaud's disease. I did go to my MD, but the only thing he suggested was medication that might make me feel lightheaded and dizzy.

Do any of you other Mom's out there suffer from this? Do you have any suggestions on how to treat it? Winter is here and I just dread going out in the cold weather.

Thanks for your input!
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Did you see this? Evidently there are some supplements that may be beneficial.


And I'm thinking of my friend Sheri who would right now be hollering SEE A CLASSICAL HOMEOPATH!!!

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Dear Holistic Mama:

Thanks for the info.! I'm printing it out right now.


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LisaMarie, you are more than welcome. I hope that one or several of the suggestions given will work for you. By the way, I was just finishing up reading on Raynaud's and saw that chiropractic is also helpful for some.

I tell ya, sometimes I think chiro is the FIRST place to start because our spines have a huge impact on our nervous system. And misalignments are much more common than we think. Plus, it's cheap! Chiro is what fixed up my baby's ear problems.


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Thanks so much for posting about this! I have had Reynaud's for years, also companion diseases of mild arthritis and eczema (sp?). I will check out the sites you recommended. I know it tends to run in families, perhaps a genetic disorder. My sister has it and controls it with biofeedback but she has more time to work at it since she doesn't work ft or have little children.
Thanks again!
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I have Raynauds' more in the hands than feet. I use Cayenne pepper to increase the circulation. Try putting some into a pair of gloves covered with plastic gloves(so it doesn't leak out). Then put very light-weight plastic gloves on your hands and put them in the gloves with the cayenne. Use the plastic so you avoid getting the pepper in your eyes, etc. GL
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