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adorable things nurslings do at the breast

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My nearly 5 month old ds will sometimes stop nursing to grin a milky grin at me, and when he realizes the milk ain't flowing his little face crumples until I plug him in again and the cycle repeats. Other times, when I get a really strong let-down, he'll sputter and choke, pop off the breast, and laugh and shriek with delight -- I think he thinks I do it for his amusement. When he seems asleep, and hasn't sucked in awhile, I'll try to break the suction only to have him suck vigorously for a few seconds to re-establish latch-on before drifting off again. Sometimes I just get my dd to bring me a book and I read while ds naps.

So, what are the sweet and funny things your dc do while nursing?
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My first dd would pinch the flaccid skin at the top of my breast--this was later in her nursing career when I had flaccid skin on my breast--and pull it up to her nose and breathe through it, like she was smelling it as she breathed. OK, it doesn't sound very cute, but it looked cuter than it sounds.
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Milky grins are the BEST!
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Today my dd came to nurse with a rice cake in her hand. She took a few sucks, popped off for a bite of rice cake, smiled at me, then popped back on to "wash it down".
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Mine pops off to give me the grin, then turns his head and bats his eyes, then repeats. It's pretty cute.
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Ryo smiles while he nurses, which makes his tongue visible, which for some reason I find cute.

He also pops off to see what's behind him (we nurse laying down a lot), pops back on, pops off to double check...and continues until he finishes or falls asleep.

Basically anything he does is cute to me.
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I am really enjoying right now with my 5 month old dd. She likes to play and my grab my nose and also explore my lips and mouth when she nurses. I just love those cute milky grins she gives me when she exploring
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DS is almost 6 mos. He is much more interested in flirting than eating these days. If I make eye contact with him he has to stop, smile and stare at me for a bit before he's ready to eat again. Sometimes I just try to sneak watch him out of the corner of my eye so he doesn't get distracted.

I love the milky grin.
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Occasionally, Becca will get a case of the giggles while nursing. She never unlatches, mind you - just gets a big grin and giggles. That gets me started, then my shaking tummy makes her laugh harder - so we keep passing them back and forth.
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When my DD was learning to crawl, DH would put her down in the bed and she would lay beside me and latch, and then she would sort of roll to her stomach (with my nipples WAY streatched) and try to get up and crawl, which, of course would frustrate her.
She wanted a "to go meal"

NOW, that we have learned that crawling bit, DH will put her on one end of the bed at night (with me at the other), and I have my breast exposed and she will come at me, crawling as fast as she can squeeling, like she is going to attack my boob and smothers her face in it. Very cute.
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From the time she was born, my daughter ALWAYS has her fists wrapped around my fingers while she nurses. And lately, she will stop in the middle of nursing, milk dribbling down her chin, and give me a hug. It brings tears to my eyes just about every time!
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Reese offers me his toes to kiss while he's nursing. He thinks he's hilarious. I agree.

I LOVE milky grins - grins around the nipple, popped-off-milk-running-down-face grins, sleepy newborn milk-drunk blissed-out grins.

I recently posted about Reese pulling off to say "mmmmm, shish" (shish=delicious) while nursing. Complimenting the chef is always acceptable.
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Originally Posted by mackenziesmama View Post
From the time she was born, my daughter ALWAYS has her fists wrapped around my fingers while she nurses. And lately, she will stop in the middle of nursing, milk dribbling down her chin, and give me a hug. It brings tears to my eyes just about every time!

That reminds me, the other day DS popped off and offered me a milky kiss. I love moments like that. I had never even imagined them before having children.
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Sometimes my DS will get his hand under my shirt and kind of rub my back, it's so sweet!
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DD has started to babble a lot more the last few weeks, including with her mouth full of boob. She also kneads my breast with her chubby little patty! Breastfeeding was what I most looked forward to while I was pregnant and it is all I dreamed of and more (well, after the first week, anyway).
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awwwww!! i sooo enjoy these kinda threads, they're too cute. :

roxie likes to have "conversations" during a meal. often when i make eye contact with her, she'll pop off, goo and gaa at me, i'll goo and gaa back, she'll give me a big milky grin, and latch back on.

love it!
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I have always had a really strong letdown. DD has gotten used to it and never chokes or sputters, she just is quick gulper. Anyway, now that she is older and more conscious of what's going on, she pulls back when it's really flowing. She isn't upset. She just likes to lay back, close her eyes and smile as the shower of milk sprays all over her face! She thinks it is so funny so I have to laugh. It's not the best when we are in public and I end up spraying an innocent bystander, though. Yes, that's happened.
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i love the mouth full of booby grins

i love the look on kellen's face when he pops off to look around and gets sprayed

i love it when he rubs my side while he nurses

i love it whe he dive bombs the booby whith such greedy exhuberant delited gusto that wide open mouth is so funny

i love it when he takes his time looking at them deciding wich one he wants. its especially funny when he starts to go for one and changes his mind and goes for the other.
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my Dd has just started to wonder what goes on while she's nursing. she will try so hard to watch what her bros r doing but still keep my nipple in her mouth. it's funny cuz she laughs and smiles at them and the milk runs down her face, but she doesn't want to let go. i also love the milky grins. Sometimes she will be nursing halfheartedly and let go to smile. Then she gets really serious and i brace for it....she poops! She takes pooping so seriously, but as soon as she's done she will smile and giggle like she just told the funniest joke. My fav is when she nurses to her heart's happy and falls asleep. i pick her up and she gives me that goofy i'm so drunk on boobie milk look thru slanty eyes.......i love that. it makes feel like i did a good job.
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Mine pops off and says "Ah la la" (I love you) just like I say to her when she's nursing. Then my heart just melts all over the place. Goo.

When she was 3-4 months old she would finish up, pop off, roll over and extend her arm with fist closed like "Yessssss! Victory!" Like she had conquered the boob.
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