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I have to tell you I'm waiting my first one, and I was so concerned about how to do it, and how much it will hurt during the first weeks, but reading this just melts my heart, I think I ready for the challenge!!
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Well, this might belong in the over a year forum , but my DSs are "standing" at the booby bar now. One of them has taken to doing the tackle -- taking a running start about 3 feet away, with a big grin, then run and smoosh his face in the boob and start to nurse :
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My 14 month old ds will turn and look at me and then wave to me. It is so cute! Oh, and today he was trying to clap while nursing. That was kind of funny too!
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My daughter (at 2.5) often hugs and gives her memes (what we call nursing) a kiss and says, "Mmh memes I love you." How can you not love that?
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I love the milky smiles too
I also love how he holds my hand, how he cuddles up next to me when we nurse in bed ,how he laughs while latched on in his sleep,how he shakes his little booty while standing (with help) on my lap and pecking to nurse , how when dh reached to feel my breast and ds was sleeping between us , he woke up and got upset ,now that was pretty funny , he was just protecting what was his
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DD will sometimes pop off the breast mid-session and give me a big grin and clap her little hands as if to say "Yay for nursing!"
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My lil nurseling has just turned 3 months and he has started to smile and giggle, even while nursing, especially when he has gas or is filling his diaper. He gets very distracted and pops on and off smiling at me inbetween so its hard to get frustrated. When he gets the let down he gulpd so fast and hard sometimes he choaks (nothing cute about that) but he will look up at me afterwards with a super serious look that makes me crack up. I love when he starts to coo and chatter on while nursing he looks up at me with his top lip all pointed out, I just loose it. Theres nothing in the world that would make me quit nursing its the greatest joy.
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Oh, I LOVE these nurse-paradise clips!

My babe, who doesn't talk, pulled off the other day and said "Mama" and got back on and then did it again, just for good measure!

I regularly send him energy from my heart while we are nursing. I feel it swirling around us and entering his whole body before finding his heart. I love it.

I love feeling his chubby heaviness as he falls deeper and deeper asleep at the breast.
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When Cole first learned to blow raspberries, he would try to do it while nursing. It tickles. Now, when he's done nursing, he'll stare at the boob, stroke it, pinch it, etc. Like it's a toy or something.
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DS 1yo likes to take my nipple in between his thumb and fingure and kinda pinch flick it, it really hurts but is cute as well.
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Caitlin has on a number of occasions tried eating breadsticks and breastfeeding at the same also after a feed she likes to try blow raspberrys on my belly lol
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When I nurse mine together, they like to hold hands. They also both like to grab my boob and sort of hug it while they nurse or put one hand on my bra and hang on for dear life just in case I might decide to take it away.
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When my little one isn't really hungry, she'll stick out her tongue and kind of lick at my nipple like it's an ice cream cone. She knows she doesn't want to eat...but that boobie is just too tempting!
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when sophia is done nursing she will often give a polite little cough right on my nipple to let me know

she holds my hand while she nurses and squeezes itl

she plants her foot on my shoulder (for traction?)

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We frequently nurse laying down and when I lay Elzabeth down on the bed she stretches out her arms and grabs my shirt to pull me down to her and her little mouth is wide open. She makes little hyperventilating breaths too like she is so excited to nurse she can barely wait. When my breast is almost at her mouth she grabs it with both hands and attacks it and has a big breath of relief, it is so funny dh and I laugh every time she eats.
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Ds almost 15 mos kneads me like cat with his feet. He also starts cracking up every time I pull the boob out. Maybe they're funny looking??
He has blown raspberries on me and my least favorite is when he whacks me in the face just before falling asleep. :
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Another mama with a raspberry-blower here! (Although in my family we call 'em "zerberts" a la The Cosby Show.) She has done a lot of cute things while at the boob, but I swear this blowing bubbles on my nipple is the cutest thing yet.
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My girlie likes to talk with the nip in her mouth. :P Not that I can usually understand her anyway, but that really doesn't help. It cracks me up, and then she starts laughing, too.

Usually when she starts one of her nursing speeches she'll be looking me right in the eyes very seriously like it's a very important thing that has just occured to her and she just has to tell me all about it. I love it.
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My son makes the sweetest little sound of pure contentment when he's nursing--he does this little half-moan, half-sigh thing while holding tightly my thumb with one hand and my forefinger with the other. He does it rhythmically while he's breathing-- on the out breath, he makes a very soft "Mmmmm." It just makes me melt! Also, he has always latched on with complete voracity--moving his head back and forth excitedly and making a loud breathing sound while I get the breast out and ready, earning him the nickname "The Piranha." I had always looked forward to breastfeeding and thought it would be wonderful, but it has far surpassed my expectations!
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When DS is ready to go to sleep for the night, DH will hold him while I get set up in the rocking chair with the boppy. DS anticipates nursing, and L-E-A-N-S with outstretched arms toward me, laughing almost frantically. Once he gets latched on, he sighs with relief and nurses vigorously into a deep sleep. It's beautiful.

I can't wait until he can talk about nursing! One more reason to nurse into toddlerhood!
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