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Count me in as a momma who s to see the little milky grins! I love it when he's so hungry that he just gulps away like there's nothing else on earth. He's also started to stroke my breast and side while he's nursing. le sigh! I knew I wanted to breastfeed for the nutritional (and cost) benefits, but I never knew how much I would love it. I used to think my SIL was CRAZY for nursing for like three years, but now I totally understand. Her youngest is now 3yrs 5mos, and he says he'll stop nursing when he's four. He only nurses at night before bed, but SIL is so sad when she thinks of the day he stops nursing.
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#1 favorite is the milky grin- it!!!
#2 favorite is when she is really needing some boobie and when I'm getting my shirt and bra pulled up, she's in my lap bouncing up and down and making excited noises, like "Oh, oh there it is, my boobie, my boobie!!"
#3 favorite is when she pops off turns her head upside down and starts talking to whoever or whatever- dh, dd, dogs, ceiling- she can see and then latches back on
#4 favorite is the fact that when we're in the shower, or when I'm getting dressed she gets so excited to see the boobs, cracks me up
#5 favorite is not actually something that my nursling does, but what my previous nursling does. I just love it when my 4.5 yo bf her baby dolls. I think it's too cute!!!
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My DS will fall off as he's falling asleep, and then take his little hand and push the boobie back into his mouth expertly - without waking up! Also he crinkles up his eyes to smile at me while he's nursing, and sometimes that turns into a grin so big he falls off!
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Laughing hysterically at the breast, so much that she has to pop off to take a proper breath,
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my ds1 used to grab my shirt and push it up as high as he could. wouldnt let me put blankets over him either. he liked to see his whole meal. i didnt nip too much with him because of it.

ds2 was the sweetest nurser, while he nursed he used to let his little hand roam over my chest and other breast, just rubbing as if to say "good boobie, stay right there".

ds3 is the aggressive but serious type. no smiles, no playing, just serious nursing with this one. he likes to grab fistfuls of breast tissue and hold on for dear life. he also usually makes a little moaning noise with each breath as he nurses =)
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Love these stories!

DS prefers the downward-facing-dog nursing position when we're lying down, even though it makes milk come out his nose.

When he's sleepy and ready to nurse to sleep he lets me know by latching on to my chin.

When he first latches on, he rolls his eyes back in relief, like "oh thank goodness...a breast at last".
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Eyes rolling back in bliss here too.

He'll fall mostly to sleep, I try to unlatch and he grabs a handful and shoves it back in his mouth.

Crawling now, he climbs up on me and dives in, often missing the mark. He sucked my belly last night.
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