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Or that (and this is common in mainstream circles) parents will feed their kids uniflavored formula from near birth (by choice), tasteless rice cereal graduating eventually to baby food meat that has an odor that will make you want to hurl, and then complain that their 2 year olds will eat nothing but macaroni and cheese and maybe a single item of fruit.
Sorry, I justh ad to repsond to this.

My 3 yo DD was and is still breast fed. Had no solids until after the 6th month (because she wasn't interested) and was fed EXCLUSIVELY from the family "pot". Homemade soups, fresh veggies and meats, homemade whole grain cereals with organic molasses, etc. NEVER have rice cereal or formula. And she still will only eat macaroni and fruit. Seriously. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It came to this not because she was givent this to be "Easy" or whatever. But because she said she hated everything else and we gave her pasta and cheese as a last resort.

So my point is and what I have learned through raise my unique DD... children are going to be who they are and do what they want REGARDLESS of what you feed them, how long you diper or do not diaper them, where they sleep, etc, etc, etc. This doesn't mean that it isn't up to us to present them with the healthiest and best alternatives that we can manage. But in the end we cannot force them to do anything they don't want to do nor is it our job.

I won't go into rambling details, but my DD is the case in point for this. I started out wanting to follow the AP checklist, nursing, family bed, GD, babywearing, etc, etc, etc... well some of them just didn't work for her personality. So I had to realize that there isn't one list or one way that was right or wrong.

Hopefully, you'll never be faced with having to do this. But if you do, I hope you won't have people making you feel like somehow you're failing or not doing something perfectly right.