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TB Test while pregnant?

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Ds is starting in a co-op preschool where I will work 1 morning a week. One of the school's (or maybe the state's?) requirements is that all people who work with children have a current TB test. The preschool director did say that I could be excused from the requirement with a doctor's note, but I was just wondering if anyone had any info on TB testing in pregnancy. TIA!
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I had one with my first pregnancy. There was a chance of exposure and we wanted to be sure. I never heard any warnings about it.
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I teach and it's time for my test in Oct, so I asked my OB a few weeks back-- he said there was no reason not to. I had already done research all over the net and almost every source said it was no biggie-- ONE source on about said to not risk it as no studies proved it was safe. I'm still sort of debating... I do work with a ton of kids and they are always sick... but I still need to know what we would do differently (besides worry a lot?) if we knew I was exposed... treatment while in womb? It's not like I'm going to abort... Hmmm I thought I had a better answer (I'll probably go ahead and do it) but that's the mishmash of what I've found.
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I'm a childcare worker and have been getting one very year for the past 10 years. I got one a couple months bag. My midwife assured me it was no big deal and I trust her, well mostly.
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Ask on the vax forum, we discuss it there from time to time. Though it's not a vax, it has a lot in common with them.
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I am required by my employer to have one (I'm an RN) so I've had one with each of my 4 pregnancies. It's not contraindicated in pregnancy.

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Originally Posted by paquerette View Post
Ask on the vax forum, we discuss it there from time to time. Though it's not a vax, it has a lot in common with them.
I had one during pregnancy, not being as informed as I am now & trusting all those medical people (I was signing up to volunteer at the hospital!!)... Haven't researched but I would be willing to bet it does have probs similar to vax so you might want to go ahead and accept their offer to exempt you.
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With my first baby the OB had me get a TB test on my first visit--so I guess the OB thought there were no risks associated with it (of course that's not saying much--they don't think there are a lot of risks with lots of things they do).
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The only risk that I know of is that if the test should be positive, you would need to have a chest xray to make sure that your lungs are not infected. I also work in a hospital, I am a radiographer and this is the only risk I have even known about.
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I'm not sure...
I'd err on the side of caution though since they said you can get a note and do it after you deliver...

You know how it goes--it is all 'safe and fine' now, and 20 yrs from now they discover it causes cancer, alzheimers, or something else!
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Thanks for all the replies, ladies! I think I will ask over in the vax forum too just to cover all my bases.
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I personally would avoid a TB test, especially while pregnant.
This is a link to the package insert of the most commonly used TB test. There is quite a bit of verbage that indicates that although it's considered generally safe in pregnancy/otherwise, quite a bit of testing has not been done and precaution should still be used when administering the antigens :

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I had one last week and I didn't like having it done. I am still worried about it.
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