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recovering from long term sleep deprivation

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Besides the obvious (get more sleep!), what has helped others in getting your health back after dealing with long term sleep deprivation?

I feel like I basically haven't slept in three years, since my non-sleeping twins were born and have realized that my health has seriously deteriorated to the point where I really need to take some serious action.

Anyone have any pointers?
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When I was in college, I pushed myself really hard and had an incredibly demanding schedule. It was pretty typical for me to get 30 hrs of sleep/wk. During finals and crunch times, it was less. I didn't get sick and thought everything would be fine when I got caught up on my sleep. One day my body just totally crashed. As it turns out, all the phys and mental stress had caused a severe case of adrenal exhaustion. Hopefully that's not what you're dealing with. If sleep doesn't help, you may want to look into it to see whether it makes sense for you.
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Umm, actually, adrenal exhaustion is what's in the back of my mind from the reading I've been doing lately. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, but I'm kinda unclear how it's treated and if it's even considered a "real" diagnosis.
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If you're seeing an allopathic physician, they don't recognize adrenal fatigue until it reaches the point of Addison's which is a life-threatening condition where the adrenals basically shut down. I guess it's the only body part that either works perfectly or not at all. (Forgive the sarcasm, but I've seen too many drs uneducated about this disorder and it's very frustrating!) Many naturopaths have more knowledge. Geography makes a difference as well since it seems to be easier to find a practitioner out west. Where are you located? If it looks bleak, try calling compounding pharmacists and asking who they recommend for adrenal issues. After 5 yrs of searching, probably 100 phone calls, and scouring the internet for I-don't-know-how-many-hrs, I actually found someone in OH to treat me. It's a 3 hr drive round trip, but I didn't think there was anyone here so I'm thrilled. If you live somewhere with more medical options open to you, you may not have to search long at all.
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Real true sleep deprivation has less to do with # of hours but more the quality of sleep you are getting. With children waking up the chances for quality restoritive sleep go way way down!

Get a book on good sleep hygiene - naps, sleeping in don't bank sleep in the sleep bank. its getting the best night time sleep possible. Look at your sleep environment and how to make it better for you (temp, light, matresses snoring partners

Ask for a sleep assessment referral as well as a blood workup (something like anemia could really mess with energy levels), they can be done at home you just wear the machines home very sexy! It might not be your lifestyle but your sleep itself that is compounding your issues - I have narcolepsy myself I wasn't dx until after dd was born as I found a way to manage before children but with children messing with my sleep I could not I have met many people with apnea, insomnia who didn't realise it until they had kids how much bad sleep was giving them what they call EDS excessive daytime sleepiness.

most people allow their sleep to suffer and try to plug through the day sleep is very important to health. There are many natural ways to manipulate the quality of sleep as a narc I have to go the opposite I have to keep my sleep light as I dream more than I should and am in deep sleep far too long so stimulating things help me (radio on, lights on, cold rooms, full bladders etc). Most peole need the opposite dark, quiet as they are trying to promote more deep sleep not less.

Also remember its not the hours of sleep but quality to say I only got 4 hours of sleep doesn't mean much you can sleep for 9 hours but if the four hours was better quality not interuppted.....I digress I ban clocks from my bedroom as well as I find if I have to get up at 2am I feel more tired if I know the time
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Drinking plenty of water and getting adequate vitamins and minerals, esp. iron and magnesium, can help you feel less tired. Also, I feel more energetic when I eat fruit or tomatoes at every meal, but maybe that's just me.

I hope your doctor visit was helpful!
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My doc/ob was not helpful. I went to her b/c I thought it was hormonal related, maybe adrenal. Explained my symptoms and she suggested Prozac. :

Okay, I've already been through that (Zoloft actually) with severe PPD and don't feel like that is my problem right now and am not planning to drugs like that again ever anyway (if I can help it.) Basically, I left with a prescription for Yasmin (birth control pill) b/c she thought that would help with my PMS (which is becoming more pronounced every month).

I thought she would be more open-minded than my endocronologist, but I am not pleased. Hmm. I just want to figure out what the heck is going on with me.
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Believe me, I've been there. I went to an endorcrinologist who told me to see a shrink. Later testing (the tests I had requested!!) showed a severe case of adrenal fatigue. If you suspect any hormone problem, I strongly recommend working with a compounding pharmacist who uses bio-identical hormones. Here's a good place to start: http://www.iacprx.org/site/PageServe...=lookup_survey. I researched each one close to be by looking up their websites, calling and discussing my issues with them (none of the 12 I talked to made me feel like they were too busy to talk to me), asking what practitioner they would recommend, and then finding out more info on the practitioner. If you can get someone who is knowledgable about adrenals to run some tests, you'll know whether that's what you're dealing with or not and start moving forward with your health. HTH!
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how do you find one of those pharmacists?
I have narcolepsy which is an endocrine disorder as well....

I hate it when doctors first line of treatment for women is either anxiety medication if you are up or antidepressants if you are down.... but its a sure sign to get another doctor!
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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post
how do you find one of those pharmacists?
If you follow the link in the previous post, you should be able to input your ZIP code and do a search for pharmacists near you. HTH!
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lol of course after I replied to it I had the link open...right there on the page
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