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I will find out soon. I originally started seeing an OB for my prenatal care this pregnancy. Then I shopped around and found out my insurance (tricare) covered the Midwife program at UNMC (Omaha Ne). They are the best! They have an eighty five percent success rate with VBACS which is better than some hospitals natural birth rate. Their "birth plan" that they hand out to let patients know what will happen unless the patients birth plan differs is a dream. Delayed cord clamping, no pitocin, baby checked while mama holds, delay/denial of vit k-eyegoop-hep b is fine you may need to fill out a form, no unrequested vag exams, just everything I would put in my plan they already do as standard practice.

Ne still has it illegal for attended homebirths, or I might have gone that route. But shop around, you may be happily surprised to find something supportive of your needs!

(I'll let you know within two weeks how it went!)
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Yes, doing a VBAC at a hospital is do-able!!! Finding a willing dr is the hardest part. Get a knowlegable doula, arm yourself with information, BE PREPARED, BE CONFIDENT.....and let nature take it's course. My last VBAC attempt the dr said he would let me try....when I got to the hospital, they advised me against it. I had to sign some papers saying the VBAC was my idea and I didn't hold them liable.... : So then I labored beautifully within the hospital setting. I had the greatest doula , the most encouraging hubby, and best supportive l&d nurse. I was able to get off the monitors, walk, take a shower.... (BTW, it was a VBA2C) So yes, it IS possible. But you may have to stand your ground.

BTW, I just attended a successful VBAC in a hospital 9 days ago. (I'm a student doula)

Good luck!!!
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YES, it is possible! I posted my awesome vbac story a week or so ago. If I could get the birth I wanted with my host of circumstances (preemie, PPROM with delayed labor - my water was broke for over 4 days before birth, in a vbac hostile hospital and Philly is the most litigious city for malpractice.) If I can do it, you can too!!!
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You know, the studies on VBAC success are done in hospitals ftmp, and I have never seen one with a less than 50% rate of vaginal birth. So I'd have to say that it is both possible and probable, based on the numbers. Assuming you get to the point of going to the hospital in labor planning to deliver vaginally.
It may be *more* probable, or more comfortable, in another location, no dispute. But of course it is possible to have a vbac in the hospital. Most vbacs do happen in the hospital.
Now I know in some places, finding a willing doctor and hospital are more difficult than others. I'm planning a vba2c in hospital at the moment...possibly open to changing plans, but that's where we're at.
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yes, a hospital vbac IS possible - i've had 2. my first one w/ a CNM and my 2nd w/ *gasp* an OB . (my mw left her practice and so i went to the ob she recommended). i don't feel that i had to battle too much w/ my ob, she was pretty laid back. it was her 3 partners that i was concerned about. i even spent a night in the hospital and the dr on-call tried to scare me into a c/s, he offered to break my water. however, i didn't want to be on anyone's clock but my baby's so i went home. my ds was born 10 days over.
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Yes! I had a drug-free hospital VBAC, attended by a CNM, several months ago. It was a great experience. We worked with a doula, and that was a huge help.
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