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Breast abscess, anyone?

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Hi! I'm a second time mom to a 6 week old. Unfortunately, I had a breast cancer scare right before he was born & I had to have a fine needle aspiration of my breast. Long story short...I developed an abscess where they did the procedure & I had to have it surgically drained. Currently, I'm dealing with milk leaking out of the incision site as well as milk fistulas where the abscess drained out of the skin on its own.

Hopefully this will heal soon w/o my needing to stop BF. Just wanted to know if any others have had experiences w/ breast abscesses & if they noticed that their milk supply was affected by it or if they were more prone to 'plugging' in that area afterwards. I'm sure that my breast will be pretty scarred up in the area of the abscess (a good 'pie' shaped area of my breast!) so I'm worried about what will happen if I do continue to breastfeed (the pain of the abscess was probably just as bad, if not worse, than the pain post-surgery!)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Val,

to you. I had an abscess when DD was 11 mos. I had an I&D. Its good for the milk to leak out the incision - it helps to keep it clean, even if it takes a bit longer for the incision to heal (than in a totally non-lactating, "dry" breast). I did not find that my supply was affected, other than temporarily due to general stress around the whole thing. Unless the abscess/incision is really close to the nipple or areola, you should be able to continue nursing. We just weaned at 4.5 years!

Here's more on my story. E-mail me if you want to chat:

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