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Originally Posted by PatchChild View Post
I'm finding the whole name thing daunting. I've been teaching for long enough that my list of names I will NEVER give a child has grown extensive. For some reason, all of the kids named __________ or __________ (can't bring myself to name them, I'm sure someone will have an angel with that name and I don't want to start the debate) always seem to be off the walls or more of a challenge than I can picture myself raising. But then, if I have one like me, I'll be challenged enough...

Anyone else have name avoidance issues?
I have an issue with naming my children common names. I just can't bring myself to it.
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I very much feel ...and think this is a boy ... who's first name will be Aden - after my brother...my half brother that i never met and now never will meet because he was murdered. I'm going between Edward ( which is dh & fathers middle name and deceased fil first name) & Francis ( the male version of frances which was my grandmothers name....she just passed away in June)

I have some crazy things come to mind for girls names .... not sure and hopefully won't need one.
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Originally Posted by darsmama View Post
Also, I forgot which mama it was...I'll check after this post goes through but -I had an aunt named Celeste. She was beautiful, and kind as could be
I love that name, such fond memories

That would be me with the Celeste name. That was our second name for Allissa. It was either Allissa Valentine, or Celeste Brianne, and now I don't like the Brianne part. *sigh*
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Tron's a movie..ok - I'll check it out on Netflix Jess

Patch, I totally have avoidance issues with names! I won't name them here either, but certain names remind me of certian people and EEEEEK! Even though they are lovely names by themselves.
Lizzo, totally with you on the common names. Like, I know Darlene/Daphne/Dorothy aren't UNCOMMON but they aren't like - everyone on the block has it. Any of you go to school in the late 80's? How many Amy, Katie, and Megan's were there? I swear that was our whole female class.
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I have to choose a couple "A" middle names now...
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Hmm, I was thinking Kaitrah would be pronounced Kay-tra. I hadn't thought of pronouncing it Kate-ruh. :
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Originally Posted by darsmama View Post
No on Twins!!!! My family is all excited that this may be twins. I'm like are ya'll efing nuts!?!?! I really want to keep a LITTLE bit of sanity.

Jill, sorry how do you prononce Kaitrah? Like Kate-raw? or Katraw? Sorry to be an el idiotia!
yeah, i thought twins would be sooo cool my first pregnancy. and there is still a smidge of me that thinks it would be cool, then I remember what the newborn stage is like with *1* baby and I'm totally cool with this being a singleton!
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Well we have already started the naming debate. My husband is really good about nay saying names. Our first he had not choice I said Johnny was going to be Johnny and when we were carrying our first we agreed on a girls name and came up with a name for our second boy James. When we had our 3rd I really liked Luke but dh said no because everyone in our family knew how much I loved Star wars and they would think we named him Luke after Star wars which was not true. Anyway by the second trimester I liked Levi and dh would not agree to it so when I went to Labor and was driving us to the hospital yes I was driving (do not ask) I pulled off the freeway and said what is it going to be and dh could not make up his mind. The older boys were in the back screaming Levi and then I had a big contraction, which scared dh so he just agreed so we could get the hospital. So then 5 months later I am pregnant with number 4 and I tell dh pick 3 boys names and I will choice one of the 3 or else I get my choice of Liam. As we are driving to go have number 4 dh had not bothered to pick any names so Liam it was. Now dh loves the boys names and cannot imagine them named anything different. Oh by the way after Liam was born Star Wars had come out and everyone asked me if I named him after Liam Neson. :
We have started early with trying to name this baby. As I said before the girls name has been picked out now for almost 17 years and we are sticking with it but dh and I cannot agree on a boys name at all. Of course he says nah to everything. I really like Anakin but of course dh is back on the Star Wars thing yet again. I also like Avery, Levon and Rhyss which dh says NO and some other words. So I have been threaten him with Smooley, telling him Smooley has a nice ring for it. Go outside and call Smooley in see what I mean and when you are upset with Smooley, say Smooley Smooley Smooley. It really goes.
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My DH rejects every name I think of. I have no idea how we got a name for DD#1, but it wasn't for a few days after the birth- that I remember. He puts each name through the 'How can this name be made fun of by 5th graders' test. Ridiculous. Esp. since every name can be made fun of in some way. He is OK with a girl having an unusual name, but not a boy. Sexist, eh?

I have had a unusual name all my life (!) and I have a real aversion to common names. Why is everyone named the same thing? There were two girls in my class in school with the EXACT same name- Christina Michelle Smith. How awful for them! And I grew up in the era of Michelles. Tonnes of them.

I like Savanna & Delia. But I don't even try with boys names.

DH likes the name he had before he was formally adopted: Shawn. Not sure if it came from his biological mom or the agency he was in for 4 months. Its common but he's got me on the sentimentality factor. I'd love to think having a baby was helping him heal from all that.
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Originally Posted by mamaberd View Post

DH likes the name he had before he was formally adopted: Shawn. Not sure if it came from his biological mom or the agency he was in for 4 months. Its common but he's got me on the sentimentality factor. I'd love to think having a baby was helping him heal from all that.
This is a really neat idea. I think it could bring healing and closure.
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Jessitron - we just sold our Tron standup arcade game! I think it'd be an awesome middle name for a boy.

We have been thinking about names. We have our boy name leftover from pregnancy #1. We have an idea for a first name for a girl, and the middle name will be Jean after both our moms' middle names. We can't decide on a middle name for a boy.

I am one of four girls and we have 3 girl cousins on my dad's side, so our last name is dying with this generation. My older sister and I both gave our maiden name as a middle name for our firstborn. I kind of want to also use it this time if we have a boy, but it would be H alliteration with the first name - not great.

We are keeping names private this time. Last time people ragged on our girl name and now they have to live knowing WE know they didn't like the name. GRRR. We get compliments on Delia's name constantly. And even if we didn't, I wouldn't care. This time we figure let's not tell names until we have a cute irresistible baby to go along with it - then no one has anything to complain about.
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I don't like common names either, but I tend towards not-made-up names too. So our pool of names is usually unusual (sometimes older / old-fashioned) ones.

I know someone with daughters named Jane and Helen. Names people would call "plain" these days, but actually quite UNcommon.

I plan on looking at my family tree for some name ideas.
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Just a lurker...

Hii! I'm a lurker here in the May ddc. Hopefully I'll be able to join you ladies as AF has not showed up, yet...

We already have names picked out.

Girl - We are either using Aaralyn Kenadie or Jordan Kenadie
Boy- we have Carter Joseph.

Hope I get to join you guys (I'm on cd 31 lol)
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Two girl names I like are

Indigo Sky and
Violet Rain
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My dh actually brought up the topic of names last night, although we've promised not to stress about it. So far though, all we've come up with is what we're not going to do.

No names after family or friends
No names that are words (mine is and I got so tired of all the jokes, even though I like my name)
Nothing spelled oddly (Elyzabeth)
Nothing starting with J (a long family tradition on my side of the family that I am determined to END!)

Geez, with all of those restrictions, how am I ever going to find interesting, unique names?
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My husband is Portuguese, so I would like to next our next child a Portuguese as we did with our first (Diogo). I'm trying to balance naming our child something to honor my husbands families heritage while ensuring us Americans can still pronouce it. I need to dig out my name book, but so far I like.


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I loove unusual names too. i lean towards gaelic/irish names, must be my heritage coming out. I am espeically excited b/c DH and his bro and sisters had unusual scandinavian names and no one thought to make fun of their weird last name.. I'm thinking

boy or girl dacey

girl merryn

boy quinby

I also have a few family names but am too scared to post in case they become too popular and every kid is named that before mine gets here.
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Originally Posted by EarthyMamaofDaisy View Post
Two girl names I like are

Indigo Sky and
Violet Rain

I like those! We were thinking of Trinity Rayne at one point....
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Originally Posted by PatchChild View Post

Anyone else have name avoidance issues?
I could see that! I definitely have problems naming my child a name which is the same as anyone I've ever known. Luckily I am not a teacher! Although DD is named after an aunt, she died before I was born, so I've only known her in story. DS's name is one I'd heard before in movies, but never known anyone with that name.

I definitely can't see myself naming the third one the same (I don't want to say after) as anyone I've known either.

The problem I found naming DS was that while I like the idea of an unusual name, I couldn't feel like any of the unusual boys names were boyish enough - unique names tend to sound more female to me, at least all the ones I like
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We always pick out names before we start TTC, then we ask the ancestors for a child, and then we go off BC - so we have full names already choosen but I am kinda secretive about it!
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