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I voted. It's at 57% NO right now.
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I Voted!! 34% yes 66% no......WOOO HOOOOO!!!
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I voted!

Lets keep voting!!! Its still no at 66%!!!
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No at 67%
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68% now
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Yay! When I voted, it was up to 70% no!
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66% No.
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I voted NO!

rioght now it;s 30% yes, and 70% NO.
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28 yes, 72 no

Dh voted too he says it's a stupid poll because this question shouldn't even be asked!

love and peace.
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As a weird though, they way they posed the question was different than other polls I have seen.

The question was "should boys be circumcised?"

In the past I have seen a lot of polls with "will you be circumcising your son?"

I have to point out that I know quite a few women out there who do not believe boys should be circumcised, however go on to circumcise their own son due to pressure from their DH on it. My own SIL thought the whole practice was ridiculous, but still did it as my brother (who was cut by mistake at birth BTW, our father was intact and proud of it) insisted.
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25% yes. I voted NO (obviously)!! :nocirc:
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75% NO!!!
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76% NO!
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I voted

We're up to 78%!
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80%-20% in our favour!
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Still at 80% yes... yay!
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80% intact

i will vote four times for my four intact boys
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81% NO!

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my vote kept it at 81% :
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This poll kinda sucks tho because one computer can vote multiple times. I mean, its definitely good for the results and if people dont notice that, but try to show it to someone who knows a thing about computers / cookies and what not and they will tell you the "crazy anti circ agenda" spammed the results.


Its still cool to see tho, I bet there are some non computer savvy women out there taking note. hehe.
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