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second midwife appt.

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Baby still happily cooking, very low and ready to go. I went to the hospital today and had a NST as he hasn't been moving very much and he looked great on the monitors. He is free to bake happily and come out when he is ready. Good job, Boston. We are getting enormous amounts of positive feedback from his name choice from everyone we have told. I go back next week for another check... hopefully I won't put on so much flippin' weight this time. 7 pounds in 2 weeks? Are you serious?

And if you were wondering, I won my battle and was allowed to perform the GBS test on myself as opposed to our midwife. What a demeaning test. No thank you very much. Compromise is such a beautiful thing, isn't it?

I'm 37.5 weeks.
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Sounds great!

I'm glad you did what felt right for you!
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Sounds like a good appt! Can't wait to " meet" Boston!
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