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How are your emotions?

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Last night we went to Subway while the kids were at their AWANA club (kids club @ church)...
$$ has been tight, (normally we split a meal: 12" sub, pop & chips/cookie) so I tell DH- we don't need to buy cookies. He says "oh, you want chips, huh?"
"No- I'm not wanting chips either."
But he still orders a meal-- which comes with either chips or cookies. So I say "ok- go ahead and get your cookies" (I want neither)
He says "I'll go pick out my chips since I'm not allowed to have cookies."
Now, I have to tell you- he was amused at the whole exchange, so not being mean about it at all.
So what do I do? Sit there and bawl! It took me some time to compose myself.
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I was crying last night, too. Um, but now I forget why...
Actually first I was quite mean, then I cried. :
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I am having a SUPER hard time not losing my patience with my 3.5 year old. Not so bad with my 2 year old. I wonder why that is?
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Yeah, yesterday was a crying day for me too. I cried at a stupid OnStar commercial on the radio, but that was after being near tears at work for hours and barely holding it in. Then I picked up the skids from school and then DH and we went out for dinner because I refused to cook. THEN I broke down when we got home. After a better nights sleep I feel much better today.
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Yeah, crying like crazy here!
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I think I am fairly rational here, although I am probably not the most subjective person. I did have to fight back the tears when I saw Steve Irwin's little girl give a tribute to him. I have been terribly impatient today, but that directly correlates to the entire lack of sleep I have gotten the past few days.
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Me too! DH walked in last night and I just started bawling. He of course wanted to know what was wrong...more tears. Its nice to be reminded that this is normal.

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Oh, the joy of pregnancy hormones! I cried at work for the first time. My currrent case is very disturbing (murder of 4-year-old and infant) but I normally am able to control my emotions. This one just hit too close to home and I sobbed at work!

I also get extremely moved every time I hear certain music, like Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely/Beautiful (not sure of exact title). And I am struggling not to be annoyed with things like spilled juice, a screaching 2-year-old, etc.
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hahaha.... I heard REM's 'Night Swimming' for the first time in a while today and I bawled like a baby.

No offense to my fellow expectants, but seriously, we suck.
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I cried at a soccer commercial today. That is the first commercial I have ever cried over
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I'm normally an easy crier anyway, so pregnancy isn't that much different for me. I've always been the type to get teary eyed during a commercial or song.

But, man, am I a royal rip now! Sometimes, in my job, I have to make some very......assertive phone calls to get people to do what they need to do to keep the wheels rolling and lets just say, you'd betta get busy or face the wrath of this pregnant mama!

I feel bad about one incident, though. I called a cell phone number that is exclusively for company use and the wrong person answered the phone. We had at least a two minute conversation of me badgering this person about the phone they were on and where the person responsible was until I recognized the voice on the other line. I had dialed the wrong number! I was so embarrassed!

I still feel like a donkey butt over that.
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I am not crying a lot, which is wierd because I usually am a crier (but more at commercials and stuff LOL). But I am totally bitchy and pissy. I have a SUPER hard time not getting annoyed with my kids all the time. I suck.
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I wish I were just crying. My emotions have been all over the map...literally. I've always had a hot temper, but have usually been able to control it pretty well. Now I have absolutely no control. Example: usually I just get annoyed or a little upset at my neighbor that insists on keeping speakers on his front porch and playing his music so loudly I can hear it inside my house with all the doors and windows shut (he lives three doors down and across the street from us!). Well, last week I went over to his house and pounded on the door to give him a piece of my mind...of course, he didn't answer. So, I yanked the cables out of the speakers (no, I didn't damage his property, only stopped the music). I'm not really that bold, but lately I've been ready to fight just about anyone who p***es me off, and they are p***ing me off much more frequently. Part of me likes this new boldness, but most of me is scared s**tless by it. I don't want to be angry all the time!
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i was really hot tempered (more than usual) which was one of the worst things about my last pregnancy. my midwife suggested a magnesium/zinc supplement and it's like night and day around here.

i'm weepy but not sad weepy, just over emotional, but it just makes me catch up to my always weepy husband
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