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Ok...so Emergen-C, good or bad?

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I've done some of the reading on here regarding Vitamin C and I know that sodium abscorbate is the way to go as far as supplements, but in the meantime (read: when I get my butt around to getting some), what is the consensus on Emergen-C? Would any of you give this to your dc? What age would you start? I guess I'm asking b/c those little packets seem so convenient to give to my husband who won't take vitamins and my dc.


Oh, I just wanted to mention that my ds has had about 3 colds in the last month! He is only 7 mo and did have his 2 and 4 month vaxs. He is EBF....I just feel so sorry for him and want to know what I can do to help his immune system.
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Neither of my older kids will take SA, so Emergen-C is our life saver. I'm a big fan.

I didn't find it till ds was 3 and dd was 2, so that's when they started drinking it, if they started getting congested or a little husky sounding.

I don't think I'd give it to kids every day, or to someone under a year. But for colds, or coughs, it does seem to work, well. And, Country Life and Herbs for Kids both have liquid C that you can give infants up to 12mo.

As you're bf'ing, you could drink EC, and then your ds would get it that way.
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Here's some info on passing Vit. C through breastmilk. http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vi...-vitamins.html

You may be able to increase the ammount of Vit. C in your milk somewhat by increasing your intake of it but your body will cut it off at a certain point in order to reduce the risk of overdosing baby. Not sure if it will increase enough to make a huge difference. It's not really a good idea to take something that you don't need in the hopes it may pass through your milk to baby. Quite often that's not the case or if it is it's usually not enough to have a noticable effect on baby.
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We love emergen-c in this house! I will mix it up with a few extra grams of SA so I get lots of C and the added bonus of the other stuff.
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We're big Emergen C fans as well. I don't take it on a regular basis but I will do a packet whenever I am feeling run down or need some energy.
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dh wasn't feeling well last week so i made him a drink with a packet of emergen-c and also an extra gram of sodium ascorbate powder. he drank it right down and i think it helped.

i also put in a dropperful of echinacea tincture for extra immune boosting.

as for giving it to a little one, i didn't feel comfortable giving emergen-c to dd when she was sick 2 weeks ago because of the sugar, but she drank some water with a pinch of sa dissolved in it no problem. i either gave it to her in a glass or through a medicine syringe.
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We like it.
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both of my kids drink it, 4 and 7. DS(7) came home from school last year talking about it....."please buy it mom, all the kids have it" He likes to take it in his lunch to mix at school, he doesn't take it everyday.
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I use the version that doesn't have sugar--one packet every morning instead of coffee (which I loathe). It gives me enough boost to get started on my day.

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Love it! I have all kinds of flavors, and my kids just pick which one they want. I don't give it all the time, mainly once a week or so, and when the sniffles, or sore throat crop up. It always works wonders. Even my littlest one will drink it in his sippy cup (make sure all the fizz is gone before putting the cap on! ), and hes 2 1/2. He even tells people its his "Vii CEEE!!!!" So funny to hear!

Anyway, I dunno about a 7 mo old. That may be a bit young, but I could be wrong. Maybe mix some SA up in a cup, and give a dropper full once a day???
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I drink these all the time. I've wanted to give them to the kids, especially when a cold is comming on, but they do not recommend them for children under 12? I think. For now I give them 1/2 tablet of Airborne (which works well too). They have a kid version of Emergen-C, but it only comes in strawberry. are you mamas using the adult versions for your kids? are the doses safe? The ones I get don't have iron in them but I don't know enough about the other vits, besides C, to determine if they are kid safe, anyone?

The label reads as follows: C - 1000mg, B1 - .38mg, B2 - .43 mg, B3 - 5mg, B6 - 10mg, Folic Acid 12.5mcg, B12 - 25mcg, Pantothenic Acid - 2.5mg, Potassium - 200mg, Magnesium - 60mg, Calcium - 50mg, Zinc - 2mg, Manganese - 1mg, Chromium - 10mcg, and Alpha-Lipoic Acid - 1mg.
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I used to have it on hand all the time, until they decided to stop importing it
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I drink it all the time. Love the stuff! I give my son half a dose.
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All the kinds I've seen have wheat/gluten in them, which we can't have; and it angers me that they even put it in there!
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FWIW, here is what the website (http://www.alacer.com/faq.asp) says about ages and gluten in their FAQ:

What are the age recommendations for Emergency-C?

Kid's Multivitamin (formerly Strawberry for Kids) is for children 8-12 years old. All other flavors of Emergen-C are for ages 15 and above.

Are your products gluten-free?

The Raspberry and Mixed Berry high calcium Emergen-C are the only two products that were found to have traces of wheat. All other Alacer products are free of wheat/gluten traces; however, they are prepared in the same facility as the Raspberry and Mixed Berry high calcium Emergen-C.
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Originally Posted by LianneM View Post
We love emergen-c in this house! I will mix it up with a few extra grams of SA so I get lots of C and the added bonus of the other stuff.
that's what i do for my son. can't even notice the SA.
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My concern is the 1mg of Alpha lipoic Acid (ALA) in the emergen-C. On the Cutler protocol for chelation, ALA is a powerful chelator in the body, only given at three hour intervals, in low doses, over 3 days on with four days off.

We are supposed to avoid taking ALA except in a round during chelation.

On the other hand, I really need to give dd C right now....so I am torn. She doesn't like the taste of sodium ascorbate, and Mt said to try liposomal vit c because it is more palatable. But I have a cabinet full of emergenC going unused right now. I might ask around about this in my chelation circles, but I really am concerned about the ALA in emergen'c.

Also, if dd is on a no sugar diet, doesn't emergenC have fructose in it? And is emergenC allowed on a no sugar diet?

My son used to drink 4 or 5 of emergen-C adult a day, but now he takes 10 grams of sodium ascorbate a day in capsules.
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Originally Posted by Momtezuma Tuatara View Post
I used to have it on hand all the time, until they decided to stop importing it
I'll send you some MT! Pm me your addy.

We love emergen-c and I keep at least 3 boxes in the house at all times.
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I used to love Emergen-C. But since my surgery to remove my colon I am supposed to avoid carbonation.

Is there anything like this that isn't carbonated? I have that scratchy throat feeling that makes me wonder if I am on my way to getting a cold. I was looking at Airborne in the store today, and it is effervescent also. I didn't know that. Not to mention the fact that it has splenda (sucralose) in it. :

I am also supposed to avoid pills right now (other than chewables) also since I have a shortened GI tract, as they may not dissolve fully before they make their exit.

any good recommendations?
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