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I used to use emergen-C a lot when I was taking lots of c daily, but I decided it was too expensive, compared to crystals. Back then I was taking about 5 gm /day, that would be several packs if I recall. Crystals are way cheaper, per dose, and you can mix it into juice if you want. (I take it straight with water, I like it that way, I'm weird.)
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I am going to get some Emergen-c for my youngest as she has got some weird skin problem going on and and I can not for the life of my get SA down her in any type of juice.

I am hoping she'll like Emergen C.
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I LOVE it and drink it all the time. I had a packet every morning while teaching public school and never got sick.

My toddler will take sips of mine, but that's about it. She loves her chewable kid's vitamins though.
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My 17 year old daughter can go through more than a box a week.
she loves it and when she doesn't drink as much she always gets sick. She works with kids as a babysitter to many families and the public as a retail cashier ...so she is constantly bombarded with viruses and germs.
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Before you consume too much Emergen-C you might want to check out all those other ingredients. Cane sugar and fructose are first 2 listed ingredients. But the items most detrimental to good health are vegetable food color, slilica (a perservative), caramel coloring (one of the worst coloring (food colors are made from bad chemicals). I don't even know what the final items are. Refer to the book Rich Food Poor Food for information about the ingredients. In the meantime--eat an orange.

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