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Heard the heartbeat!!

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10 weeks 1 day, baby was moving and hb was 171! Baby was perfect in size and right on target.
I feel much better now, feeling a little more like this baby is going to stick around.

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Yay for you!
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I can relate... I heard the heartbeat last week... 174 at about 8 weeks. It was lovely! Congrats!
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I love, love, love hearing my baby's heartbeat. It makes the little person so real!

Good thing I don't have my own doppler!
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YAY! i go a week from today, iwill be 9w 6d so hopefully i will hear mine next week!
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Yay! I hope to hear my baby's soon too.
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Yay for getting to hear that heartbeat! That is so wonderful. I am so glad that everything is on track. Hopefully that helps to put your mind at ease so you can just sit back and enjoy your pregnancy.
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I am so glad you got to hear the heartbeat and everything in on track. That is great !!!!
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yay! hearing the heartbeat is so wonderful and reassuring.
i heard the heartbeat yesterday, for the first time. i started to cry! it was the neatest little 'woosh woosh' noise, and you can just tell it's a sound that's not being made by your body... but by someone else's. how cool is that!!
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how neat! I am a bit excited to hear our little one as well, don't have an appt for 3 weeks or so.
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I heard ours today, too! I'm at 10w, so it was pretty cool.

Better yet, the OB pointed out that once they know there's a beating heart, the chance of miscarriage drops from 1:4 to 1:100. YAY!

My husband couldn't hear it. I've had multiple echocardiograms (previous heart ailment), so I know what to listen for. I could pick out my own heartbeat easily, so all I had to do was listen for the rapid-fire ammo of the wee one!

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I'm a little nervous.. I have my first prenatal appointment on Wednesday. According to my charts and calculations, I will be 11 weeks, 5 days. I don't know if the midwife will try to hear the heartbeat or not. It would make me feel good to hear it though!
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O Rachel that is SO wonderful! Congrats to the other mamas too! I haven't heard ours yet... And Rachel thank you for the Safety Resources. Do you have some of those books I could borrow? I also have those mat. jeans for you.
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Hey! We need to get together again- that was fun. Maybe you & Rob can come over for dinner... (just realized I would need to cook... hmm)

The only book I have is The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin
I have read a couple of others.
I have Sheila Kitzinger's The Complete Book of Pregnancy & Childbirth (very good!) and Ida May's Guide to Childbirth Which I think would be another good one, because she is generally very respected in the medical community.
You can come and see what I have-
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