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TTC for #1

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Hello all. I have noticed that there are a lot of people TTC there #2 or #3, so I wanted to start a special spot for those of us trying for #1.

I have been TTC for 2 months. I am days away from O and will then have the dreaded two weeks to wait and go crazy:

I am 26 and everyone around me is getting pregnant. My husband says to be patient, but since I have never had a child, I live with the fear that I will NEVER EVER experience the joy of motherhood. If I could only have one I would be SO happy (although I would love a very Large family), but the waiting game for number one seems so scary.

I am sure there are others in this boat. Care to share your stories or concerns?

for #1 (and ALL)
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Another Thing

During the TWW I get my self so worked up. My poor DH has to hear me go back and forth, saying "I am pregnant" and then "forget it, I'm not, I'm infertile." He gets so sad and asks me not to say that and cuddles/kisses me. The last few days are horrible, and then AF comes, and I cry and sleep. He always tries to make me feel better, and it is cute, but it doesnt ever seems to work.
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Aww!! Matey! I'm also TTC #1 and it's been interesting. This is my second month and my first month I just about drove DH crazy! I can understand wanting to get pregnant right away, but it does take time. It has only been two months. I know how it feels to want it RIGHT NOW and get upset when they aren't granted. I'm 30 and I have many girlfriends who were married years before I met DH and were starting their families and had their children come to my wedding (celebrating 1 year anniversary next weekend Yeah!! ). Now these same ladies have had their second or are pregnant with their second children. I have some who are getting ready to start their third pregnancy or have 3 children already. My younger sister is 28 and has three children. Yes, I understand where you're coming from. You WILL experience the joy of motherhood. It will happen for you. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have a friend who took about a year to conceive. Well she wasn't charting at first and then when she started charting it took them 3 months. Now she's due next month with her second baby. She didn't give up and I remember telling her not to give up. I'm telling you the same thing. Relax and know that there is a plan and a little baby that is waiting for things to be right for you and him/her. I wish I could give you a hug, but my pop up window isn't working so you'll just have to do with this. **HUGS**
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We are also just starting TTC for our 1st this month. I got AF mid Sept but I wasn't expecting anything to happen so quickly so I wasn't too disappointed. This new cycle I want to make it happen.

Last night I dreamt I was pregnant and I was so happy and so was DH.

I can relate to all the people around being on their 2nd child or more. My sister is younger than me and already has a beautiful son. Now they are thinking of their next one. So is my best friend. I'm 35 and it will be our first.... both of them think I'm funny for being so anxious.... haha...

Anyway I just keep reminding myself to trust my body, relax and enjoy myself. Trying is fun!
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Originally Posted by matey View Post
I am 26 and everyone around me is getting pregnant. My husband says to be patient, but since I have never had a child, I live with the fear that I will NEVER EVER experience the joy of motherhood.
Ah yes patience. That's a tough one. I am a HUGE planner. I'd been off bc and charting for a year before we could officially try, and somehow I just assumed we'd get pregnant right away! DH points out that having a child throws alot of 'plans' out the window so this is good practice. I'm 33 and everyone around me is getting pregnant too .

hang in there and post to mdc often when you need support! I actually kind of like the two week wait better than waiting to o.

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I'll be 26 next Thursday. I'm on my first cycle TTC#1 and have managed to confuse myself beyond all recognition. I suspect AF will show within the next few days, but I'm saying I'm in the TWW until then

I too am practicing driving my dh loopy.
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We also just started ttc #1. This is our 2nd cycle trying, and I'm in the 2ww right now, and also going ! I do the same thing to my dh, matey. He is being really good about it, and asking me to relax. I know he enjoys the trying part, it's the waiting that's hard!

We've been charting for several years to avoid, and I was one of those people who was so sure I'd get pg right away, b/c I was so confident with FAM. Now, in my moments of doubt, I am so afraid that maybe the real reason it's worked for us all this time is because we're infertile.: I am trying to fight that negativity, but it's hard! I was soo disappointed the first month we tried. Now, I'm 11dpo and having a really hard time trying to get through the next few days....:

ETA: oh, and I just turned 30 too!
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Hello! I am 35 and also trying to conceive #1. Since we started last September, this will make it month 13 for us. Ten cycles, had a few long ones.

I went through my teens, twenties and early thirties not wanting children. Right before I turned 34 something hit me and changed my mind. It's been nagging at me for the past 1.5 years. Maybe it's just the sound of my clock ticking, who knows? But now I can see myself with 4 or 5 kids, and I've been kicking myself for the late start. Now that it has been a year, it is hard to keep my chin up. Coming here has been very encouraging.

Last week just before ovulation I had a dream that I was sitting at my computer with a big pregnant belly. I hope it's a sign of things to come and not wishful thinking....
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kjd29- Thanks so much for the hugs and for the encouragement. I wish the best for you.
And for everyone. it is good to see everyone in the TTC #1 clan!

I agree about the 2WW being better than waiting for ovulation. I am always so jumpy waiting for o, like wondering if we should try today incase ovulation will be tomorrow, or should we conserve for o day, or what if it isnt tomorrow, and it is two days from know. What the little spermies are weak now because we didnt wait. The 2WW just means that-waiting. And as impatient as I am, at least it doesnt require me to be on my toes...Just obsessing about pg signs. --Which by the way, this Cycle I swear I will not over analyze every feeling I have...well , I will try anyway.
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I hear you, Matey about waiting for o. My cycles are not always regular and trying to figure out when I o'ed was driving me up a wall. There for awhile it seemed like DH wasn't able to bd when we needed to because of work schedules. Finally we started using OPK's, but they can get expensive on long cycles. TTC is so much work! Lol!
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I posted this elsewhere too, but the EPR and Mucinex has alreay improved my mucus and I am early in my mucus patch. I dont ever remember seeing EWCM like this!
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So, do you guys have secret stashes of baby clothes? I do. I buy them at garage sales, thrift stores, second hand shops, and have had them given to me by friends who know I am trying. I am also working on a baby quilt so that I have plenty of time to hand quilt it when pregnancy happens.

DH and I also recently purchased one of those carriers that hooks to a bike for pulling your little ones along with you. It was Brand new and at a goodwill store. We got a major discount on it and bought it for $25.00. Who could resist? My parents will be visiting next month (they live out of state). I hope to be saying to them that I am preggo and then the carrier will seem more acceptable. They dont know we're trying, and they may be a little surprised by it.
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I also fight the urge to buy cloth diapers. i love them and want to buy them. I continue to resist.
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Hello everyone! Dh and I are 25 and we are TTC#1. Right now it's the beginning of our 3rd cycle; and I am really hoping for a semi-normal cycle that is NOT 67 days long like last cycle.
I stopped taking the BC pill in the beginning of June. My first cycle was a little long, and I'm not sure if I even O'd. The second cycle was very long, but I'm pretty sure that I ovulated. So now I'm really looking forward to having an actual two week wait! Hopefully, I will ovulate in two weeks. Our plan for this cycle is just to BD every day from CD6 to ovulation. I am charting, but it seems that my temps are unreliable as I am a very light sleeper and wake up a lot at night. Plus, I'm not really relying on my CM either as the pill seems to have made it all screwy. :

I don't have a stash of baby clothes (I feel like it will jinx me ), but I do have a growing children's book collection! I only have a few so far, but I'm planning on buying a couple of books each month. I children's books! There are just so many that I want our kids to have. I feel like I'm not jinxing myself by buying books because we will adopt if we can't have our own; and it won't matter if they're newborn or 4 yo, they can still enjoy the books! But I am always tempted to buy clothes. I really like browsing at the baby stores, but it does make me : about not being pg yet.

to everyone here!
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I have a bunch of diapers another MDC mama gave me, a soaker and a pair of booties I knitted (felt like knitting and small projects are very satisfying), and a little overalls outfit my mother bought while she was at the thriftstore getting diaper materials for me. I also have a ton of diaper fabric. My thinking is cloth doesn't have an expiration date and I will have a baby eventually even if not nine months from right now.

In ascending order of aggravation:
Waiting to O
Waiting for AF
: Waiting for AF after AF was due but you took prog. cream to lengthen your LP and it worked, except it looks like you may not have ovulated at all and you have *no* idea when AF will/should show and you've had 3 BFNs when you'd been planning to wait much longer to test at all and yet you can't help but hope that you'd quote, show them all, end quote.

Or at least that has been my experience.

( rainbow smilies!!)
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Okay I hope you ladies won't mind me hanging around. I'm on my 12th cycle of TTC my first. :

I'm 25 and hubby is 31. First month I was excited yet nervous and expected it to happen quickly. My mother had told me as a teenager that she got pregnant as soon as she and my father tried so I should be careful about BC.

I know some of you saw my thread about my coworker who's pregnant so I definitely understand how it feels when everyone but you seems to be getting pregnant. (There's also another pregnant woman who works in my building but I mostly just see her and her gigantic baby belly in passing.)

I have some baby clothes and a good number of cloth diapers. I also have 3 pairs of booties and a little outift already knitted (*cough* and yarn for two blankets, two sweaters, a bolero and a bunch more booties *cough*). Sapphire, I read on a knitting board that it's supposed to be good luck to knit an entire outfit for your baby so the baby knows you're ready. Unfortunately it hasn't worked for me but did work for some other ladies.

I think the 2ww is the most nerve wracking time.
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I haven't knit *enough*. Bother, I've got 2 and 3/7ths sweaters to finish as gifts for my niece and the toddler cousins first. Yipes! Hmm, although it would be fun to take a break with newborn stuff. Although, what sort of stuff can you really knit for a summer outfit? Because of school it'll be awhile before we're trying for anything but summer babies. Hmm, maybe when I get my serger (my birthday's next week and my parents rock!) and have the ability to create a wrap and diaper in 2 minutes that'll count? Wait! Hat! Hats are always good, air conditioning is cold, babies need hats indoors in summer!
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Going off pill next cycle!

Hi ladies. I feel fortunate to have found people whom I have a lot in common with it seems.
I have been on birth control on and off since I was a teenager. My husband and I got married in June after being together for many, many years. We both are having baby urges but are trying to plan well as I am still in school for my masters. Since it is so hard to tell how long it could take, we have decided I will go off the pill next month and see what happens. I am 27. I have already started taking prenatal vitamens a few months ago.

I was wondering how hard it is to chart? I have a pretty hectic schedule (school, full time work) but also have endometriosis and my doctor would like me to be preg as soon as possible after going off the pill.

Thanks for all of your insightful advice and company! I don't feel alone beginning on this journey! Best wishes and lots of to all!!
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Yup, TTC #1, also. CD2...Saturday started the third cycle TTC. I'm almost 34 and DH is almost 29. Glad to see I'm not alone

I am usually posting on TWW, TTC#1 in September and One Thread and said three threads is my max, but just have to make an exception for this one

to all!!!
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AHHH : I just typed a big long thing and it disappeared! So I will try again.

Maela - Good luck on this month. 67 days would be extremely tough. I am so impatient with my cycle! I hope everything evens out this time. I too have a bunch of childrens books. I fotgot about those.

Sapphire - I would love to use cloth diapers. I have looked into it, but got confused. What fab do you use? Could you share with me a little bit on what you do?

AllisonRose - I remember reading about your co-worker. My preggo friend has been driving me up the wall. Everything she says has the word baby in it. I promise, crosss my heart, to be sesitive to others if/when I become pregnant.

Peaceful Breeze - Charting is easy. I am pretty busy myself, but it has never interferred. I do Natural Family Planning. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I will try and help any way I can.

Welcome to eveyone, I am so glad you are here!:

I cant put this into my sig, it only allows me 2 images, so I will put it here.
: : :
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