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Okay so I think I'm approaching the big O.... and I'm wondering how to keep from going insane? I am so aware of my cycle that when me and DH start BD my head goes off to wonder if this will be it....

Anyway, I haven't allowed myself to buy any baby clothes since my DH already thinks I'm off my rocker with this whole baby making business.
But I do know that I will use CD since my sister did and it's been very good for my nephew, no diaper rash at all! And she rarely used any salve on him. And now he's already potty trained and he's just 18 months! T
Oh I'm 35 and my DH is 32 - yaaahooo for younger men!!
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My husband and I are TTC #1 as well. This is our first month of "unofficially" trying. I'm not charting or temping, but we're also not preventing. I'm trying not to obsess over it, but it's hard. It seems like before, my cycles were fast and now I'm on Day 15 and it seems like FOREVER before I can POAS or AF shows. My husband won't admit to anyone that we are TTC, though. He just gets this boyish grin on his face.

I bought a CD off the Trading Post last weekend and my husband thinks I'm totally nuts. So do my friends-they don't seem to "get" cloth diapering. Oh well.

We said we wouldn't stress over TTC, but I so badly want to make the annoucement over the holidays when we're back to see family and friends. I can hope, can't I?
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matey - the experience really has shown me that it's not nice to boast. I also cross my heart that I will keep baby talk to a minimum when I am pregnant.

peacefulbreeze - I agree with matey that charting isn't too difficult. I did it for 10 months. One problem you might encounter is if you don't wake up around the same time everyday.
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We're TTC#1! We just started trying this cycle and it's CD8, so I haven't O'ed yet. We're both 22 and still in college. I'll graduate before the baby is born, though, no matter when we get pg. I keep thinking I'll get pg right away because my mom always did, but I guess that's not really an indicator. I've been charting since we got married last Dec. It's very easy peacefulbreeze. We have crazy schedules, too, and it's never been bothersome.

I have the opposite problem than most of you. We have zero married friends, and most of our friends still think it's crazy to have kids. It used to bug me a little, but I've gotten over it. I think it is pretty normal to have your first in your late twenties-early thirties. We have friends who have been dating longer than we have been together, and I can't see them getting married and having kids any time in the next five or so years. Where we go to school, people feel like a Master's degree is a prereq for engagement.
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I'm 25 and I get people telling me, "Wow you're young to want kids already!" I don't think 25 is all that young. People really do seem to expect you to have at least a BA and a few years of your "career" established before having kids. I know so many people who don't plan on having a baby until they are at least 30. Which is fine, but why does everyone have to wait that long?

Okay, so you know how I said that I don't buy baby clothes because I'm afraid I'll jinx myself? Well, Dh and I were at Target the other day (looking at the baby stuff ) and I saw a little T-shirt with The Beatles on it! Dh and I love The Beatles and so I just had to buy it. The only size they had was 24 mos., so we won't be using it for at least a couple of years, but what if I never found something like that again? :
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I guess we all have to deal with some sort of pressure. When I turned 30 everyone in my family started harrassing me about having children.... I wasn't even with my DH yet. It was difficult to deal with because I really felt like maybe I was running out of time! Haha!! So I tried to ignore them as much as possible. Since I've been with DH it's been turned up a notch, I'm 35 and they are on me all the time about having kids... so now that we have decided to TTC I haven't told anyone except my sisters because I just don't want to deal with everyone's opinion about my life. UGH!

Having said that I am so excited about trying that I'm on this forum constantly! I expecially love hearing about BFP! I've got babies on the brain... my DH can only hack so much talk about babies, conceiving, evening primrose and such. Last night I was on MDC having a look and he peeked at what I was reading and had a huge chuckle! He says people have been doing this for forever and we (me and him) should just trust that it will happen. Did I mention that we are complete opposites, I fret about everything, he just goes with the flow....

sapphire chan - i've got my fingers crossed for you this cycle! Maybe now that you and hubby have made this decision the pressure will be off to do it within a certain time line and will just happen. You know how that happens?! I'm praying it will!!!!

And CONGRATS to all the BFP this weekend! Your good news is contagious!
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HI there!
I'm new too around here but have been lurking n and off all summer. I started posted yesterday TTW and the One Thread. I was debating about where to put myself on the One Thread. Like Nicole!, we are unofficially trying. But I bucked up and didn't put myself on the fence
I'm 36 and DH is 32. On my birthday in May this year, he asked me if I thought we should start TTC. I was surprised and nervous about the idea. However, I am older and we don't know if it will be difficult.

I did attempt to chart back in June and drove myself absolutly crazy: !
My AF was close to 2 weeks late and took many tests that all turned out to be
It was too maddning. I put the charts away. I have a good handle on my cycle. July and Aug. were so busy for us, we weren't even around each other during O. (BTW: DH isn't paying attention to my cycle, he's a bit clueless, hence the unofficial TTC#1) I thought the same thing was going to happen this month but somehow it all worked out

So here I am, in the 2nd week of the TTW. AF is due Sat. I'm having cramping, some soreness in the chest but not the usual during PMS, dry lips and cotton mouth. Oh, as I mentioned in another thread, I see pregnant women EVERYWHERE! Trying not to get too : this time. I have some pretty long work days ahead and I hope that helps. And having you wonderful women here too! Thanks matey for starting this thread. Thanks for listening.

Remembering to Breath.
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Well basically I'm cheap and lazy. So flatfold diapers appealed to me the most. They have the sharpest learning curve of all the cloth options. Many people on the cloth diapering forum have said they wish they'd tried prefolds and covers sooner. Flats are like prefolds with more versatility that you have to fold more yourself before using. I'm not at home where I have the links, but I'll try to remember to post them, probably tomorrow as today is my late day.

Okay so cheap, flats are the cheapest diapers on the market short of being given diapers. Just use any sort of soft absorbent cloth, flannel, t-shirt jersey--100% cotton, cut out a big square and finish the edges. If using organic cloth is important to you then you can still get flats very cheaply, usually about 12 for the price of one fitted diaper. The real advantages to making your own are having more color/design choices and being able to create a diaper exactly the size for your baby at a moment's notice (well moment's once I get a serger, although unfinished edges probably don't hurt diaper performance they would cause the diaper to disintegrate in the wash)

Lazy: have you read the instructions people have for washing diapers? There are about a billion things that might cause an all-in-one diaper to start leaking there are rinse cycles and "stripping detergent" and all sorts of things. With flats you just wash them like a t-shirt and only have a special wash if a cover actually gets soiled.

I'm planning to EC with the cooperation of my future little one, so I won't use covers 100% of the time.

The diapers I have already are fitteds, which will be nice for visiting friends and family who aren't familiar with cloth at all--well except the grandmamas who actually owned and used plastic pants

I'm also interested in "tie-on nappies" and I'll need to order a few snappies, but I'm not spending money on baby stuff just yet.
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What is EC? I always get tripped up on abbreviations. I dont plan on using fitted because they are too pricey. I have planned on the prefolds, but I know both myself and my DH would like homemade the best. I dont know what to do about covers. We try to avoid plastic materials, but we may have no choice when it comes to covers. I would love to find wooden diaper pins. I dont have a serger. Can I finish the edges by just stitching on the edge?
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Yep. Actually, when I get those links up, there's one that shows how to make prefolds. Also how to do covers out of old sweaters. Sergers just make things faster. Keep in mind that a cover can be used several times before washing so they are a good investment if you are going to purchase anything diaper-wise get a couple really cute covers from a WAHM.

EC is elimination communication. There's a forum here or check out www.diaperfreebaby.org.
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We're also TTC #1! My husband is 26 and I will be 26 a week from today. I've been off the BCP since January but we didn't want to start trying until summer; however, due to our hectic summer schedules we were never together when I O'd. Grrrr. This month we will both actually be home for my entire cycle so I'm much more hopeful!

I haven't bought any clothes, but I have been making things. A good friend taught me how to make CD and I'm hooked! They are fun and easy-though most of our friends don't understand why we want to CD. I've also been knitting lots of goodies-longies, wool covers, and two cute cardigans. I should probably wait to make anything else but it is rather fun and addictive! Plus it gives me other things to think about to keep my mind off of the TWW.

Since we've started trying I notice every pregnant woman and baby everywhere I go-part of it is wonderful to think we will be there soon but it is also hard since I am so impatient!
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TTC #1 here as well..... This is our 4th month going and trying to conceive. I am 22 and my FDH is 30 he has a child from a previous marriage that I love to death both of them....they are MY guys. Anyway I will not or have not been temping anything though I have kept track of my ovulation days and AF. We have an all clear from our physicians and attempting to not go too herbal or get too worked up abou tit. I conceived once before but m/c at 4 months and haven't been able to since. We are also avoiding fertility drugs. I have been also journaling my TTC journey here http://www.thelaboroflove.com/pregna...rue&category=8 girls feel free to read my journal and anyone elses heck even join.....its a good way to relieve the stress
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And My hubby and I are also TTC #1. We have just started. I cant wait!!! I have been a nanny for 9 years and am so ready to finally have my own. I have been told i have PCOS so that could delay things but im in the process of getting that confirmed and finding things to help if thats the case. just thought i would share that i have a HUGE collection of baby stuff. CANT WAIT
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I need to learn how to knit. The only person I know who knits is the preggo friend.

I thought I might have ovulated yesterday, but I dont think I did. My cm has gotten kind of funny. There was a lot, then a little, and still havent o. I dont get it.

I guess soon we will be in tww...I hate it, but am excited for it too, becuase at least you dont have to think about anything.

I would love to get your links sapphire, I look forward to you posting them.


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I'm now home and a friend said that I should take up some hobbies.... I was taught some rudimentry knitting as a kid by my Granny but I think I may look at buying some knitting needles and see what I come up with! HAHA!

So if you want Matey we can share our horror stories about the interesting garments we produce!
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I promise I'll post tonight. Actually, I've got a whole folder of baby/parenting links gathered

Meanwhile, check out www.knittinghelp.com for, obviously, knitting help. The videos on there are superb. If you've never knit, I recommend learning the continental style (the videos are labeled).
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We're ttc #1. I'm 35 and turtle's 29--we've tried three times with frozen swimmers ourselves, and this cycle we're moving to IUI with a midwife for one of our insems. I'll carry the tadpole.

We have a 55 gallon bin stacked full of prefolds, and another full of AIOs, pockets, stuffers and covers. We've got bins of baby clothes that are full through 12 month, and partial bins to 4T (though our 2T bin is on loan to some friends who are fostering). I've got a bin full of maternity clothes.

Clearly, we're big believers in feather the nest, then lay the eggs.

We're also finalizing our application to foster children.
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sign me on! dh and i were trying in spring, then took a break over the summer season (stress and some attempt at family planning).

i see thousands of pregnant women at every farmers market i go to. it seems like every other woman i see is pregnant (serious baby boom of late, eh?) also, i have multiple friends who have all been pregnant by "oops" scenarios. how easy that must be. i get so anxious about the whole thing! then dtd isn't as much fun, because after trying now for a few months, all i can think of is, "will this be the time?"

i have clothes, a car seat, a swing, and cds stuffed in the spare bedroom (under the bed so people don't start asking too many questions), all donated by a friend who plans to have no more children (she has 4 amazing and wonderful oopses). We also went to goodwill to get dishtowels to use as rags, and stuffed in the middle of the bag were a dozen cloth diapers. my dh keeps wondering why i don't want to use them as rags. "they're so absorbent," he says. "they are great for towels." or diapers, duh. aren't we trying to conceive??
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I'm another wanna-be knitter. I can crochet pretty well, but I think you can do so much more with knitting, I just find it to be harder and slower than crochet.

I haven't gotten anything for our future baby yet. I don't know if it's superstition (although I like the idea that you should have some things ready so the baby knows your ready for her. awwww. , and I think dh would get freaked out if I bought/borrowed anything yet.

But I have been crocheting things for other people's babes. A couple of blankets and some ponchos (for toddlers). I just now bought some yarn to crochet a little sweater for my coworkers newborn daughter. One of these days I'll start making things for our own child. But the practice doesn't hurt.
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Hi. We just started TTC and we're not telling anyone (already too many questions about when we will make our parents into grandparents) so I had to find a way to say it somewhere!
I'm ridiculously excited! We've been talking about this since we got engaged two years ago and were just waiting for things to settle down with jobs etc...

Originally Posted by Maela View Post
I'm 25 and I get people telling me, "Wow you're young to want kids already!" I don't think 25 is all that young. People really do seem to expect you to have at least a BA and a few years of your "career" established before having kids.
If it makes you feel any better I'm 23 and DH is 22 and we get two extreems...our families are amazed we're not already pregnant and are worried something is wrong (we havn't even been married a year yet!) and our friends go crosseyed and back away if we say the word "kids"...I figure there will never be a right time as far as everyone else is concerned so nuts to them all!
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