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I haven't read all the responses, so I hope I am not repeating what has been said.As far as advertising, there are now full blown commercials on PBS. For sugary cereal no less!! I was irritated enough with Barnes and Noble and Juicy Juice, but at leawst it was stuff that was good for the kids. Also, so many of the shows are basically one big ad for characters based products.
But, on Nick Jr, in between shows, they have comemrcials for really violent movies, so I guess it is better then that.

I do like some things on PBS. I love Reading rainbow and Mr ROgers. I occasionally tolerate Caillou and George Shrinks. I cant stand Clifford, Bernenstein, Dragon tales, Arthur. Caillou and George Shrinks fall in the same category, but we dont wastch them that often. IMO, it is what Charlotte Mason refers to as twaddle. I like the premise of LIberty's Kids, but its violence was upsetting to ds. I like the stuff they do on ZOom, but the set is too busy visually.
TLC now has Magic School bus on in the mornings.
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Mostly, if we watch anything on PBS, it's for entertainment, not education. We don't get cable, and while I don't love all the shows on PBS, the few we watch (Sesame Street, Sagwa and Clifford) are much better than anything on the commercial networks.

Our favorite, however, is Between the Lions, and that one is educational, in addition to being hilarious. My dd was reading at 4, in large part because this show really helped her learn about short vowel sounds, which are one of the harder concepts for little ones to grasp when learning to read. http://www.carnegie.org/reporter/01/between_lions/

Anybody else walk around humming "Grubby Pup" all day? I think I'd watch it even if my kids didn't like it.
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Originally posted by chellemarie
Ah...i can only sigh reading all of this. My husband announced last night that we ARE going to get Direct TV. They're the only television service that has ALL the NFL games.
That is true, but the NFL Sunday Ticket package is an additional subscription cost in addition to what you are paying for monthly DirecTV service. It's about $200 which can be paid in 4 installments, but it is still kind of pricey, if you ask me, although my husband gets it so he can watch his Miami Dolphins, and I can watch my team as well. But then I feel like we have to sit home on Sundays and watch football because we've paid so much money to have access to these games. Although last year we tried TiVoing them--I just watched them on fast forward.

We don't get PBS because Reno local channels are not offered. We get LA locals, but for some reason the satellite for PBS is just not strong enough for us to get it all the way up here. So we haven't been able to watch PBS for awhile. I don't mind a lot of the programming on the other channels we get. HBO Family has some good shows, and there is a lot on Noggin that she likes. I even like some of the Nick Jr. programming, although I hate Rugrats which is my daughter's fave. I think that show is educational in a bad way, and I'd love to cut her off from it. And I do hate, hate, hate those darn toy commercials, but I can fast forward through them, thankfully.

Gullah Gullah Island is still on Noggin, from what I can tell since I just saw it the other day.
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amywillo...oh, I know it's extra. He's acting like he won't get it. I know better. I also know the day is coming when I refuse to work to support these bad habits.

I'm evil. Muuuahhahhahahahahahaaaaaa.

I hate my tv. My kids are forbidden to watch tv at home this week. Had an argument while playing sega and violence ensued. So none this week. And next is turn off your tv week. Ahhh...peace and quiet.
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