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wanderinggypsy: Right now, I'm mostly sitting on my butt. I've tried doing some stretches and very light arm workouts but everything seems to end up triggering muscle pain.

crunchy_mama: I just ordered a few prenatal yoga tapes. Maybe starting lightly at home will be a good start. Thanks for suggestion.

jocelyndale: The muscle pains I get started in college and have continued on and off for years. A doctor once told me I had Fibromyalgia, but I don't really think that I do -- with all the reading I've done, I think it is more likely CMP, since I just have trigger point pain. I have gotten really good at managing it to the point where it rarely bothers me by doing trigger point massage myself or getting hubby to do it. (I stumbled upon a good book called "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Claire Davies which has been awesome at helping me figure out what points were causing what muscles to hurt.) But... many of my chronic sore spots seem to have flared up a bit again over the past few days (after a few atttempts of light stretching and exercise.) So - mostly, I've figured out how to manage the pain when I'm sedentary but haven't figured out how to deal with it after exercise, or more importantly how to prevent it after exercise. I'm not sure if we have any warm water therapy pools in our area or not but I have used nice, long warm showers to some extent. Maybe even doing that after exercise might help.
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I was reallllly into my fitness routine before I got pregnant, and as much as I planned to keep it up, it has somehow fallen to the wayside and I am starting to feel a little rotten about the weight I am gaining.
Yeah that I got into the habit of feeling a bit crappy and really just not feeling like exercising (and unfortunately have stacked on the weight - no baby belly yet but I look like I might be carrying twins in my thighs :b). I'm going to start walking in the mornings, starting tomorrow. Luckily for me we're coming into summer over here so it's easy for me to get up at 6 before I need to get the kids ready for school etc and do it then.
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Mezzydotes= I have been exercising here- luckily feeling good- and I still look like I am carrying twins in my thighs, they are unreal

It sounds like you have a plan that is going to work for you! The thought of waking up at 6 sounds dreadful to me though-
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