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Shooting pain down legs ARGHH!

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Has anybody been given any advice about how to lessen this? It must be due to baby's position as it more commonly my left leg, and it happens every few steps (when I'm walking).
It's really embarrassing when I'm out in public but it's funny when it happens in the shopping centre - I'll be walking along calmly then lose my footing and say "ouch!", before you know it everyone seems to have disappeared like they all expected a baby to fall out or something!
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Oh, I feel for you! My advice, being a chiro and all, would be to see a local chiropractor to make sure you're aligned properly.


1. Does the pain shoot down the front, side, or back of your legs?

2. Does it go past your knee or stay in the groin/thigh area?

The reason I ask, is that as women get larger throughout pregnancy, the increased weight can put undue stress on the nerves in the groin and low back area. These nerves go down the legs in different locations and dependant on where you are getting the pain can determine which area is being affected by your increased belly weight.

I've been adjusted throughout my pregnancy and I've managed to escape this common woe, thankfully. And when I do have pregnant mamas who come in to my office with this complaint, usually an adjustment can help! It is perfectly safe to start chiro care at any point during your pregnancy - just make sure that they won't take x-rays (obviously) - and if they do suggest them, find a different chiropractor!

Just some thoughts....
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Thanks Andrea

The pain starts at my inner thigh, groin area and seems to 'twang' , the best way to describe the sensation would be a more intense pain but similar to knocking your funny bone (elbow) really hard.

I know it's impossible to diagnose without seeing me but what's your best guess?
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Oh and when I'm getting dressed it's much harder to get my left leg in my pants, shoes etc than my right. That's why I assumed that the baby must be on a nerve or something.
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See it ALL the time in my office. Also, men who gain a lot of weight around the middle or someone who works in a profession that requires them to wear a tool belt or heavy object around their waist (police officer, construction worker, etc.).

If (and a big IF b/c obviously I'm not physically seeing you in person) it is what I think it might be, its called meralgia peresthetica. It can present as pain in that area or numbness. In your case, its pain and I know exactly what you mean about the "twang" feeling!

Again, I would suggest a chiropractor. There obviously isn't much you can do about your expanding belly (or at least not until the baby comes). When someone comes into the office who can change either their weight or their occupational hazard, I'll bring it up (tactfully - its hard to tell someone they are in pain b/c they gained too much weight!) but with pregnant women it can be helped with regular adjustments OR you'll just have to wait it out. Stretching might help but again, its a nerve that is being affected so most likely, it will continue until the weight comes off post-baby.

If I can be of any more help, let me know. I don't know many chiropractors down under (although they do exist) but if you'd like I can try to do a search for a respectable one.

Good luck with the dressing thing, that's got to be tough. I can only imagine how much fun it must be to try to shave your legs in the shower right now! LOL....

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i just wanted to say, I have suffered with this on and off thru both of my pregnancies and it was the chiro and also accupuncture that helped!

it definitely always felt nerve related to me too. i know exactly what you mean about taking a step and all of a sudden, "twang", and I'd feel like my hip was going to give out or I'd freeze for a second out of pain.

I hope you find some relief soon mama!
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I think it is called siatica? I could be wrong though. It has something to do with the baby laying on your siatic nerve. It happened all the time in my first pregnancy. Not so much in 2 and 3 but this one WOWZA!!!
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I had the siatic (sp?) nerve problem with #2. It would wake me up in the middle of the night or if I moved positions like from laying to sitting or sitting to standing. It hurt so bad...I haven't had it yet with this one or with #1. My midwife told me that it was b/c the baby was on top of the nerve (or pushing the nerve). I don't know what you can do about it though. The midwife didn't make any suggestions back then so I don't know if it's just one of those things that you have to put up with....hang in there!
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