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Necessary to "confirm" pregnancy at doctor's office?

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I know I'm pregnant...I've taken about 15 HPTs and the line keeps getting darker! But I was wondering if it's necessary that I go to the doctor's office to get a blood pregnancy test to "confirm" the pregnancy. They won't check my beta levels unless there is a reason to, so all they would do is a serum HPT. So I'm thinking....why would I wanna pay $90 for another HPT when I've already gotten 15 positives at home!??
So you think it would be okay to just wait until my first prenatal at around 8 weeks?
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I think it's fine. I went to my doctor's office and she didn't check anything and wasn't even going to do a serum test. She was only going to do a urine test and by then I was too mad to pee in a cup.
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There is no reason to test at a doctors.
It only costs money.
It doesn't tell you anything. (even if it did there is nothing they can do)
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I'm not going to have my "confirmed" by a doc. I think it will probably depend on your care provider and what theey prefer.

on a side note- our signatures are VERY similar LOL
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I see no reason to have it confirmed at a Drs office.
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I only went and had a confirmation by the dr to get free prenatal vitamins. It worked. For me it is cheaper to get a prescription for the vitamins than just to buy them because of my insurance. But that is the only reason, I had the dr. confirm.
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I'm not having my pg confirmed with a test, although I am going for a dating ultrasound, because my cycles were so super irregular, and I have had three preterm births. So I guess the ultrasound will confirm
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this is my 4th and i have never had to have it confirmed! never any mention of it at all!! the birthcenter i went to with my last 3 did free urine test they where FREE! and the only time i was asked to take one was to make sure i wasn't pregnant before taking birth control.

I don't see why they would make you or could make you, i would just tell them its not nessasary and if they don't like that then i wouldn't want to use them for my pregnancy.
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I'm a visitor from the March DDC but wanted to let you know that I have not taken a single pregnancy test. Not one at home, not with the MW, no blood draw, nothing and my MW has no problem with it.
I had 16 days of high temps, obviously AF did not show and then the morning sickness started. What more proof did I need?

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I guess it varies. The OBGYN I went to in the past requires proof of pregnancy in order to set your first prenatal appt.. Do you have a family planning clinic near you? They tend to do them for free or real low cost.
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I don't go to the Dr. but I have to go to Planned Parenthood and have it confirmed for WIC.
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I don't see any reason to.

I went to the doctor really early, like 6 or 7 weeks, with my first pregnancy and they didn't do any tests. Just made an appointment for me at 10 or 11 weeks for my first prenatal appointment.

I'm 8 weeks now and I am still thinking about when/if I'm going to go to my doctor, or talk to midwives, or what. Eventually I need to talk to my husband about it. What I WANT to do is a UC...
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My dr has never confirmed my pregnancies with blood tests... this time I had some spotting so she sent me for some quantitative bloodwork (two tests, a week apart each), but that isn't her standard practice for everyone.

On another note... did you really take 15 HPTs? I think I took about 5 this time (because of the spotting) and my dh was rolling his eyes at me !
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heh, I avoid drs pretty much at all costs, so it didn't even enter my mind to get the pgncy "confirmed" until I read the title of this thread!

but then again I have no intention to see anyone but my friend who also happens to be a midwife/doula :grin
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