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OK, totally stolen from other DDC's, but I thought it would be fun for us too!

Predict some details about the labor and birth, and then we can come back and compare how amazingly accurate our intuition was (or, as most likely in my case, laugh riotously at how far off we were.)

So how about:

Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S):
Due date:
Date baby born:
Length of labor:
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): I guess boy : because of some dreams, but I would be thrilled with either!
yep, boy!
Due date: March 1
Date baby born: March 5 (Just a feeling)
Feb 23rd, 3:59 a.m. -- about two weeks off, oops!
Where: In my house somewhere, not sure yet where
Length of labor: 45 minutes of "yes this is it!" labor (same as dd)
EXACTLY 45 minutes of "yes this is it" labor!
Weight: 8 lb 14 oz
9 lbs even -- only 2 ounces off
Length: 21"
way off here, 19"
Other: Surprise twins would be fun.. I've had dreams about that scenario too!
No twins Although I had plenty of "ooh, twins?" comments! He had a 14 1/4" head -- this babe didn't exactly fly out but it was a really nice quick labor He is a wonderful baby
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Sex of baby: I am also guessing BOY after a dream
Due date: 3/20
Date baby born: 3/30 - never been this late but it would be fine
Where: My bathtub
Length of labor: 6 hours - this is what I am hoping for, my last was 45 minutes and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
Weight: 9/12
Length: 21
Other: We have the same MW we had with our last two births but I am guessing she doesn't make it in time and I go unassisted. I agree that twins would be interesting but I think we would have figured that out before the day they were born

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Sex of baby: guessing a girl
Due date: 3/23
Date baby born: 3/17
Where: Roosevelt Birthing Center
Length of labor: 6 hours
Weight: 6 lb, 13 oz (6 oz bigger than DD#1)
Length: 20
Other: I will be able to BF this time!
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): Girl (guess from dreams)
Due date: 3/5
Date baby born: 3/3
Where: home - probably in family room
Length of labor: 3-4 hours active
Weight: 8lbs. 5oz.
Length: 20.5 inches
Other: The midwife will barely make it in time, but DH will be more confident this time because by then he would've gotten through the reading materials I gave him about homebirth. The birthing pool will have just been filled by the time I start pushing. DS will want to see the baby come out, but will get bored waiting, and go do something else. When we call for him, he'll be in the middle of his activity, will miss the birth, and we'll be dealing with a disappointed, crying 4 year old and a brand new baby at the same time. The dogs will look bored the whole time, except when the Mastiff barks at the Great Dane to move out of his way so he can get into a better protection-position on the floor. The cat will be wholly unaware of what's going on since he'll be asleep on the bed upstairs. He'll be greatly disturbed when he's kicked off the bed so we can snuggle down with the baby for a bit.
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S):Girl, I have had 5 dreams. But yesterday at my apt, the hb was like 143, both of my girls were in the 160s and I always heard that boys hung out in the 140s, but I still think girl
Due date:March 19
Date baby born:March 17
Where:In my dining room. It is pretty much the only space where we will be able to put the tub, I am planning on painting it the color that I see in my dreams, a light mossy color...the room that is, I am painting the room, not the tub
Length of labor:6 hours
Weight:If by going by the increase of weight last time...9/3, but I actually think smaller this time, so we will say 7/12
Other:This baby will come out and talk, she will say, My name is Gwendolyn Daddy, you should listen to mommy!!! Or at least those are the dreams, why doesn't he have these dreams????
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S):Girl, simply a guess based on the fact that I look like crap. It was the same way with my DD. With my DS I looked awesome!
Due date: March 16
Date baby born: March 25
Where: somewhere in my house
Length of labor: 6 hrs or less
Weight: 9lb 12 oz
Length: 21"
Other: Might be a surprise UC. lol.
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I'm gonna make two predictions, just because that's my mood right now! (gee, I hope it's not because I'm going to have twins!! Eeek!)

Sex of baby: girl It's a girl!
Due Date: March 28
Date born: March 25 March 27--only two days off!
Where: spare bedroom or a mattress on the floor of the living room (I HOPE! I really don't want a hospital birth!!) Wrote this prediction before I moved temporarily to Oklahoma, and before I decided to have a waterbirth, which is what i had
Length of Labor: contractions for 24 hours, then speed up all at once at the end, so active labor around one hour at most No easing into this labor! Water broke at 7:30 p.m., intermittent contractions (still thought they might be BH) starting around 10 pm, then jumped into strong and intense contractions within an hour and never let up! Sometimes no break between! 4.5 hours total!

Weight: 6 pounds EXACTLY!
Length: 19" EXACTLY!

Prediction #2
Sex: Boy
Due date: same as above
Date born: April 1st, as if there aren't enough April fools in our family! (4 in the immediate...2 on April 1st) Late because if it's a boy, I KNOW it'll take after his father and be late to everything!
Where: same as above
Length of Labor: 48 hours of contractions, then 8 hours of active labor--he'll put off being born as long as he possibly can!
Weight: 7 pounds
Length: 20"

Other: Pleeeeeze...no cleft palate! I want to breastfeed this baby! No cleft palate!
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): Boy, just a gut feeling Wrong about this... she's a girl!
Due date: Who knows? Anywhere from Feb 28th - March 17th
Date baby born: Good question... I'll go with March 11th March 9th
Where: My family room Birth center
Length of labor: I am hoping for six hours. Three was too fast. 12 hours
Weight: 9lbs 5oz 10lbs!
Length: 21-1/2" I was right about this.
Other:Labor will start in the early morning and baby will be born midday. And right about this too.
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): Boy. Currently a guess/gut instinct, but will update after our U/S. Dh says girl! Well, apparently dh was right.......it's a GIRL!!!
Due date: March 22
Date baby born: March 18March 10
Where: Washington Co. Hospital
Length of labor: 6-8 hours total Less than 3 hours
Weight: 8lbs 6oz 7lbs 6 oz
Length: 20"20"
Other: vbac and I will actually go into labor this time!Yay! I was right!!
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Sex of baby: Guess - girl (Nora)
Due date: March 26
Date baby born:March 30
Where:LDR room @ hospital (VBAC in a hospital that "doesn't do" them with the full support of my doctor who told me to just go in in labor and they can't MAKE me have another c-sec)
Length of labor: 6 hours once I get there in active labor
Length:20 inches
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): boy (according to U/S, but I still think girl--wishful thinking)
Due date: 8 March
Date baby born: 15 March (beware the ides of March!)
Where: in our bedroom
Length of labor: 8 hours, with a couple days of prodromal labor
Weight: 8lb, 4 oz
Length: 22 inches
Other: the midwife doesn't make it and we end up with a UP UC
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): Guessing it is a girl
Due date: End of March
Date baby born: Early April
Where: At home - I always picture my living room
Length of labor: Long enough to be manageble, but not the 60+ hour marathon I had last time. 8 hours?
Weight: Around 8 lbs
Length: 21 inches
Other: I always imagine delivering around 5 a.m. That's the most I've been able to really get into my thoughts about this birth... I'm a VBAC, so I have a lot of baggage to get through.
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Sex of baby: Boy (just a feeling)
Due date: March 11th
Date baby born: March 17
Where: In my house probably the living room
Length of labor: 2.5 hours from water breaking/beginning of labor to born.
Weight: 7lb 5oz
Length: 21"
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So last night I had a dream it was a girl instead, but when I looked at the calendar to see what day she was born, it said February 30th I guess that means I can't put much stock in my dreams!

I can have this thread made into a sticky so we can find it easily in March.

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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): guessing girl solely on intuition

Due date: 3/1
Date baby born: 3/12
Where: in my bedroom in the floor
Length of labor: 53hrs
Weight: 8lbs 10oz
Length: 20"
Other: I will catch my own baby.

These are not my wishes for this birth, just my predictions.
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): girl, my pg this time is totally different, so I think I might be right -- besides, it worked out the way I wanted the last two times, so maybe I'll be right again!
Due date: March 3rd
Date baby born: Febuary 27th
Where: In my bedroom, hands & knees
Length of labor: 43 hours
Weight: 7lbs 2oz
Length: 17 inches
Other: I will finally get my homebirth, but my mother will unexpectedly make me crazy during labor, my midwife will remind me of my grandmother (not really a good thing) but not bug me at all, and I will get to mediate between my family of origin & my dh, who is often annoyed by my sibs & mom.
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Sex of baby (and put if it's guess or U/S): I think it's a girl from the early ultrasound images, but I really have no idea. I wanted another boy but of course I will be happy with a baby girl too!
Due date: March 7th
Date baby born: February 14th
Where: Hospital, or possibly a UC if I decide not to tell anyone I'm in labor and have an "oops" in my tub.
Length of labor: Anything less than 51 hours is fine by me... Labor with DS took FOREVER!
Weight: 7lbs 5oz
Length: 21"
Other: I won't have preterm labor this time. :
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Here's my guesses:

Sex of baby: Girl
Due date: 3/7
Date baby born: 1 wk early or 1 wk late.
Where: Women's Health Pavillion.
Length of labor: 15+ hrs due to 1st baby or c-section due to weight. (I'm a plus sized mom and pre pregnancy was 254lbs and now I'm 253. If I reach 300lbs my Dr. says he will have to do a c-section. )
Weight. 8lbs14oz (according to my dream..LOL..)
Length: 22in.
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Sex: I guess BOY - dreams and whatnot
Due Date: March 7 by the calendar, March 14 by U/S
Date baby born: March 19 (DD was 2 weeks over, I was 2 weeks over)
Where: Shanghai United, the "least scary" hospital in terms of birth, attended by the awesome UK-trained midwife
Length of Labor: 14-17 hours (19 hours active labor with DD) - but I go into labor planning and assuming it will take over 24 hours in order to keep my energy up.
Weight: 8lb. 5oz.
Length: 21"
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