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i can not buy- he cut his penis on a can thing and needed to be circumsized?
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Originally Posted by Revamp View Post
I have already sent an email to Michael Moore concerning Sicko and circumcision.
Michael Moore is from what i consider to be my own home town of Flint Michigan(I lived there for the first 11 years of my life). Unfortunately Michigan has one of the highest circumcision rates in the U.S. so he is most likely circumcised. But then again, he has a tendency not to care what the mainstream has to say, so maybe he would do it. I believe one of his first films was Roger and Me which is a story about the city of Flint and how General Motors essentially owned (ruled) flint and how he, and many other people blame GM for destroying flint. I was actually thinking of watching that movie again since i recently moved back to Michigan from Florida.
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Go, Ben!
Originally Posted by kldliam View Post
Granted, i have not seen the clip yet...but it is a comedy show. If JS was involved in it, it was obviously in the context of comedy. Circumcision is not comedy--and it makes me uncomfortable to think that it was used in such a light.
JS takes on a lot of deadly serious topics and definitely uses his show as a political tool. His brand of humor is not yuk-yuk Man Show booby-fart-poop jokes and it's not America's Funniest Home Videos bloopery humor, it's more biting, sarcastic humor that's intended to make people think. I think there's a place for that, even in circumcision activism.
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Originally Posted by InDaPhunk View Post
That stuff about the accident sounds like bullcaca to me. The odds of that happening would be incredible, and for him to not find an alternative to foreskin amputation would be highly unlikely. I'm sure he'd say "over my dead body" as most guys would if someone suggested cutting off a hunk of their penis. If he's circumcised he probably just found out the real deal like many of us did through research etc, and now he's pissed that he's missing his foreskin. If he's intact, it's obvious why he's against it.
I would almost agree but since most men who are intact have no idea what the foreskin does and what happens when it is gone he may have just went with the flow. As a new member we have here who was circed and had no idea what he was getting himself into. And I doubt very seriously if it happened in the USA that any Dr. said "Lets try to save that foreskin" just not enough money in it to stitch it up. :
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Originally Posted by ramlita View Post
I looked around for more details, but this is all I could find about the accident:
You'd think with all the press the man has gotten over the past decade, there'd be more out there about something actually sort of newsworthy.
This is an April first, 2002 report here.
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I'm a bit skeptical since crazy news stories are a longstanding April Fools Day joke.

Maybe check snopes to see if they have the scoop.

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Boy, this is a tricky topic to research!
Here's the latest thing I found:


Was it one of US who asked the question? It's from two days ago.

Not terribly illuminating...
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Nothing on Snopes, btw.
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Oh yeah- I meant to say Good Idea! about Snopes.
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I have not read all through this thread, but I had to say that years ago my brother was working as a bartender and he DID get Ben Affleck drunk!!! And he got kind of nasty too... there was a beer bottle thrown close to my brother's head if I remember correctly...
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now that I think of it, didn't Ben do a stint in rehab for alcohol? maybe we should stick to the frappaccinos.
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I was thinking that too, but didn't want to be the buzzkiller

In the course of looking for a new online source for P&T's Circ episode, and just found this:

It paints a less appealing picture of Jon Stewart regarding circumcision, but it opened my eyes to
the wonderful outspokenness of Alan Cumming.
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This Alan Cumming? :


That's my dh on the right. He saw him in The Threepenny Opera in NYC. His pic with Anna Gasteyer didn't turn out.
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Someone on one of my lists did the searching to find where to see this episode:

To watch video repeats of the Daily Show, go to comedycentral.com
and follow the links to daily show, then search video clips for Ben
Affleck this year, and click on Ben Affleck Pt. 2. If you can link
directly, the interview w/ Ben is here http://www.comedycentral.com/
sitewide/media_player/play.jhtml?itemId=75644 . The interview
focused on the paparazzi hounding Ben for years, camping out in his
front lawn, and ultimately causing the breakup of his engagement to
Jennifer Lopez.

Here's the joke:

It is the "Seat of Heat" segment.

John: "Fill in this tabloid headline... "BLANK-fueled Affleck goes
on anti-BLANK rant".

Ben : Um . Boy---uh --

John: I have the answer.

Ben: You do? Thank God, Because I was struggling --

John: I had a satellite truck on your lawn. Do you wanna know the

Ben: Sure, hit me.

John, showing a fake NYP front page: "Frappuccino-fueled Affleck
goes on anti-circumcision rant". (Audience roars w/ laughter.
Because circ is funny? Or because they agree?)

Ben, laughing: I hate the circumcisions. I really do. If I get a few
in me, I'll tell you about how much I hate them.

John: I understand if you get a few in you, you'll just get in your
car and go and whoever happens to get in your way you'll just go:
"Don't do it"

Ben: Keep that in mind.
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I see. So it wasn't really something he said... the joke was presented to him and he ran with it. Oh well.

How I do love Alan Cumming! He's insanely, hilariously adorable.

"S.P.U.N.K.- The Society for Penises Under No Knives!"
I think that's US!
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I saw it. I was wondering if there was a particular reason... If he got a late in life circ, that makes sense...
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