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Best board games for young children?

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DS (almost 3) is really into playing games. He takes out the monopoly game and tries to get me to play it with him. Okay, so we really need some games that he can play and understand!

Games we have that he loves:
Don't Break the Ice
Connect 4 (doesn't quite "get it" but he likes to take turns putting in the pieces)
Hungry, Hungry Hippos (which is great for his age)

Any suggestions for other board game type games would be great! Thanks!
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Oh! My brother's a game designer, so we have a lot of games! First of all, I strongly recommend any of the Cranium games. We have Balloon Lagoon -- for a two-year-old, you might want Cariboo (more board game) or Hullabaloo (more action-oriented -- you dance and move around) instead.

Mystery Garden might be good too -- it's kind of a boardgame version of 20 Questions, made to play with prereaders (it's all picture based). And of course, some version of Concentration.
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Chutes and Ladders
Kid's Monopoly
Cooties (our 4yo LOVES this game!)
Don't Wake Daddy

As you can see, family game night is very big here.
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It's not a board game, but my boys started playing UNO around that age. They would also sit and play chinese checkers with us.
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Definately Chinese Checkers and Dominoes!
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Sequence for Kids. That is seriously our favorite kid game so far. We're on our second one since our dog ate the cards. Simple, but it's got the perfect amount of strategy for that age, so its not just a mindless game.
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I second Sequence for Kids, though my older son just started getting it at 5.

It's not a board game, but Elefun is HUGE with my 3yo.

Also Hungry, Hungry Hippos.

Mostly he just likes to get out the pieces of any of my older son's games and "play" the game. It's an obsession around here...
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We got dd Caribou for her 3rd birthday and she loves it. We've also tried dominos but she hasn't quite gotten the swing of that yet. But Caribou has helped her learn to take turns.
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Ravensburger games - especially the first four board game set

Junior Labyrinth game

Family pasttimes cooperative games - some are for younger kids like Sleeping Grump http://www.familypastimes.com/
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We like Uno. I'm going to have to get Cariboo, it looks fun!
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I can't remember the name as we've long since tossed the box - but the tic tac toe game that kids throw the bean bags at to flip the squares over. We've had it ages & they still play with it quite a bit. Very easy for the younger ones, too.
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Hi Ho Cheerio
I second Hullaballoo
card games like War, Old Maid, (lol, I'm just now realizing these don't have very politically correct titles ) and Crazy Eights
Checkers - I've been surprised, my dd enjoyed playing this and was fairly good at it starting at 3.5 yo
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Hi Ho Cherry-o
I second the Ravensburger games...we love the Snail's Race one (forget the real name)
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Another vote for Cariboo....OMG....that game has been played more times than I can count. It's my official gift for all kids turning three now. It's such a great game. Dd who is 19 months can even play with us by opening up the boxes for my turn. This game rocks!
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My ds got a game called Zimbos for his birthday and we really like it.
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Those cranium games are awesome. Most of the older games like sorry, monopoly, clue and such have kid versions.
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Memory is great for any age! Very simple, but I love it myself!
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I agree - Cranium games are the best (and we are a test family for them, so we're biased - but they're always coming out with new and fun games). Also, Cooperative Pasttimes' Harvest Time we liked at that age. Mancala is fairly easy to figure out.
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I am somwhat biased cuz I own a toy store, but Ravensburger games are GREAT and there are a few that work well for that age - a vehicle mix and match or teddy bear mix and match. I am not a big fan of Cariboo, only b/c my daughter outgrew it very quickly and I thought the advanced side with the lower case letters could be confusing, but Cranium is very well known and lots of folks LOVE it. Orchard from Haba (they have a smaller Orchard jr. that is less expensive than the big one), Dominoes from Mudpuppy is nice because you can match the dots or the pictures and talk about the pictures etc. Also - eeboo has some nice puzzle/game sets for colors and number recogition - Alphabet puzzle pairs is a nice one. Also there is a nice scavenger hunt for little ones that is for pre-readers from Paazow? Sorry I can't remember the name right now. It is more activity based but you go search for common household stuff.

I would be happy to talk to you more off-line if you would like.
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