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Possible Pre-e, What's Next

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I went into the hospital today for my routine NST, and the nurse, "didn't like my BP". It was high for me, but not outrageous. I did all my usual tests, confirmed the boys are pactice breathing and checked fluid and baby position. Both boys are now footling breech. They took my BP again and it had not gone down. Then they did the NST and I drank lots of water, and 30 minutes later it was still high. So I got blood drawn and they just called to tell me my Kidneys aren't looking so hot. (sigh) What next? I feel fine, but I have to do a 24 hour urine on Sunday and go back for another NST on Monday. I suppose I should feel lucky they didn't keep me. However, if I haven't improved by Monday I am facing the dreaded c/s. There is little hope the boys will turn based on their size and position, and I may be out of time. The good news is they are large for 36 week twins and they are showing that they are ready to breathe on their own. And at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm not being forced into the c/s just because I successfully reached 36 weeks. I really feel like I could go 2 more weeks, but I am already doing everything on the pre-e prevention checklist so I will just do more of it and hope I get a little more time.
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I don't have any advice but didn't want to read and not post. Good luck!! At least you know they are nice and big and most likely ready to breath on their own!!! My ds was a 36+ weeker and he was very healthy and came home with me the next day!!
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One good thing about PE (the only one that comes to mind now) is that it stresses the babies,, which makes them mature faster. You should be in good shape with 36 weekers!
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From one previous preeclampsia sufferer to (potentially) another, I just wanted to send you hugs.

Are you familiar with Dr. Brewer's work? http://www.blueribbonbaby.com

I sincerely hope this turns out to be a scare and nothing more. Either way, please keep us posted!
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Sorry to hear about the possible pre-e...I had really high bp with my first, but never any other symptoms..so here's hoping the high bp is just body stress. I think my body would be stressed if I had two in there!!

Glad to hear they are growing so well--I think you twin (& more) mamas are amazing!
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Thanks ladies. I guess what bugs me so much is that the docs PREDICTED this would all go down at 36 weeks, "because that's what happens with twins". I really just want to prove them wrong. Instead I find myself mentally preparing for a c/s. I refuse to do it tomorrow though! That would just make the insane scalpel doctor too right for me (she wanted me to schedule a c/s for tomorrow). My BP is still not critically high, but since I am already pushing fluids (at least a gallon a day) and I am already on the supplements that are recommended, and I already eat a high protein diet, what else is there to do? The boyos are having a field day right now. I think I am carrying Monkey children at this point. How funny that they are so happy with where they are, and they may be evicted very soon. At least I shouldn't have to worry about NICU time for them. They are bigger than some of the babies that have been delivered to singleton moms here, and we have seen them breathing well on the u/s. Ack, must go put my feet up. Later.
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OH Jody,

I hope your blood pressure goes down and they can stay and have fun a little longer in you

Is it possible you could be eating to much protein for your kidneys?

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I don't have much to say because I'm not in your position but I'm sending you good vibes!
I hope that following your list means that you can keep those babies in for another two weeks!

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Honey! I can't imagine being in your shoes. I hope that whether you go into spontaneous labor in two weeks or end up with a Csection in two days that your birth will be beautiful. I can't wait to "meet" your gorgeous, healthy boys!!!! Try and get some rest and enjoy your weekend!
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Sorry don't really know much about pre-e just wanted to send some *Big hugs* your way
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Feeling for you right now! I really really hope things go your way, bp goes down and babies flip and cook longer! I know what you mean about wanting to prove them wrong. I can't stand it when people say that stuff about twins, although it gives me more umph and motivation to go the distance. Look how far you've made it and be proud. You're doing great momma!!! It is almost October, can't hardly believe it myself. Best wishes and keep us posted. Positive thoughts coming your way. Paige
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