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itchy ears/roof of mouth

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Anyone know what this is?

Since this summer--my ears itch DEEP inside. The dr looked and didn't see any inflamation/wax/nothing.

Then I've been sneezing and the roof of my mouth itches after I sneeze.

I've never had allergies before. Obviously I could now but I'm wondering if anyone has had this? or what to do?

I looked up in my HP book and couldn't quite find what I needed to treat it.
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I would try and find a good chiropracter. I had very similar symptoms and my chiro did some adjustments and pressure points and it was gone.
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I get the exact same thing when I eat many raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables. It started with one or two foods when I was in highschool, and is now up to probably 10 or so, and I'm 29. I've always presumed it was allergies.
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This is exactly how my allergies feel.
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that is how I feel when my hayfever type allergies act up.

you might have "oral allergy syndrome" Google it and see what you think. The inside of my mouth and gums get sore, itchy, and swollen when I eat many fruits, and some veggies...and that is what I believe I may have.
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Oh.... this is what I get in the summer with brutal hayfever... it is maddening!!! A herbalist friend made us up a plantain tincture which seems to help with inflammation and is soothing internally. The ear itch is awful though and it goes almost along my jawline and under my chin sometimes.... arrrgghhh! Usually I just have to ride it out.
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I feel like that when my seasonal allergies flare up, but I have other symptoms like runny nose too.
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I have same thing w/ seasonal allergies. Especially the roof of my mouth, it drives me :
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ok thanks.
I've NEVER had allergies before so I don't know what it is? Some new pollen?
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argh! i get the inner ear itch sometimes and it is MADDENING!! i try to itch it with the back of my tongue (does that make sense??) , but i can never quite get it. it never occured to me that it could be allergies.
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It could be both seasonal and food allergies.
However, I have these sometinmes and they are clearly connected to yeast flare-ups or die-offs.
I have no seasonal allergies only some food sensitivities due to candida.
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