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What are Your Symptoms?

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So, what changes are you guys going through?

I have to say that I have very few pregnancy symptoms here, and if I think about it too much I let it bother me- I know I should just be thrilled!

As of now at 9 1/2 almost 10 weeks!
1) Weight gain 5-6 lbs
2) A small but growing belly, and rapidly expanding thighs
3) Some nauseau, but that is normal for me if I don't eat often enough and especially enough protein
4) Heartburn- but only after eating tomato sauce type things- plain tomatoes seem ok, so I have only had it a handful of times

Last time I had many more symptoms
1) constant headaches
2) near constant heartburn and gas
3) extreme gag reflex, couldn't hardly brush my teeth
4) horrible circulation
5) very frequent nauseau and a few spells of vomiting
6) sore and ever expanding boobs
7) weight gain at least the same if not more, belly size probably close to the same
8) lots of fatigue and general crappiness
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Hmm. I hit 12 weeks today, and thank the Gods the morning sickness came to an abrupt stop on Wednesday! YAY!!!! Here's my list:

1. I've gained 3.75 lbs. .... FAR better than 1st pregnancy, where I gained at least 10 lbs. the 1st tri.
2. I'm already quite heavy (esp. in the belly area), so I'm not "showing." I can, however, feel the difference in my body, which is cool!
3. No more nausea, but I do get ravenously hungry at the drop of a hat and lightheaded & dizzy if my blood sugar drops. I get full REALLY quickly, though. Tiny, frequent meals.
4. Sore breasts, but no size change at all. Didn't with dd, either .... wore the same bras through the entire pregnancy.
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Well, I was feeling sick for a couple weeks but that's going away! Woohoo!

I get hungry really fast, no warning...and I can't just eat anything. I have to want it to eat it.

All of a sudden, yesterday, my nipples starting stinging or something. My boobs have been fine, and so were my nipples until yesterday.

I am tired, weepy, and grumpy.

I have ligament pain alot.

Bad circulation - my hands and feet tingle like crazy after being in a position where they are bent for any length of time.

A couple headaches. :

Oh, and I'm huge. It's not the baby yet...I can't even find my uterus, but my stomach is steadily growing. (Oh, and I don't have the whole gas problem....so what else can it be???)

And how could I forget the increase in nose power!?? Drives me crazy!
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I'm 10 wks 6 days today.
I felt really crappy from 6-9wks...fatiqued, moody, nauseaus, one day of extreme dizziness: and vomiting. I feel great now though! I had gained 8 lbs by 9 wks (so probably more now!) but I was underweight to begin with, my belly has definitely popped, I'm weepy and hungry all the time but can't decide what I want to eat ever! My nipples are a little tingly and my breasts have filled out a bit. I'm really bloated and gassy in the evening (poor dp!!)and up at least 3 times to pee in the night. I think that's it for now...oh wait, my sense of smell! I definitely hate this symptom the most, the heightened sense of smell! Everything stinks if you ask me...especially the kitchen!
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-I have felt tired, nauseaus since before the positive test.
-Gassy, bloat
-Have a hard time figuring out what to eat
-I have gained about 4lbs so far
-I have the gag reflex when brushing my teeth
-some ligament pain
-small belly pooch but nothing significant

I have felt better the last couple of days as far as the nausea goes. I am not sure about the tiredness because I have had a cold :

The increase sense of smell is not one of my favorite symptoms either because it seems like everything stinks including things that aren't supposed too.

eta: I am 9 weeks 2days
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* Bionic nose!
* After eating almost anything, I feel like a huge rock is stuck under my breastbone and I feel nausea and gnawing pain until I finally (sometimes 2-3 hours later) finish burping up whatever I ate.
* Sore breasts.
* I get up to pee one or two times in the night.
* A little acid reflux (this one just started a couple days ago.)
* A little bit of a pooch in my belly, though it seems to come and go depending on how bloated I am. Everything looks "rounded out" though.
* No weight gain yet (hope this isn't bad!)
* Constipation.
* Low blood pressure, some light-headedness if I get up quick.
* Food aversions and some loss of appetite due to nausea/constipation/gas - I have to force myself to eat (I hate this most of all! Food used to be tasty! /cry)
* A little bit of ligament pain in bikini area when getting out of bed.
* Sleeping more than usual.

BTW, I'm 11 weeks, 2 days.
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1. Constant nausea
2. Constant fatigue
3. Constant nausea
4. Constant fatigue
5. Constant fatigue
6. Constant nausea
7. Slight weight loss because of numbers 1, 3 and 6
8. Dark circles under my eys because of numbers 2, 4 and 5
9. Constant fatigue
10. Constant nausea

Oh, I do get up to pee once or twice at night, but it is usually overshadowed by the nausea and fatigue.
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Well, crap. Crap crap crap crap crap. Looks like the "end" of my m/s last Wednesday was just a brief reprieve, because it appears to be back with a vengence.

: and and and :Puke



Okay, I'm done with my Monday morning sicky rant.
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My symptoms are:

1. Frequent potty breaks
2. Round ligament pain while sneezing or standing up to fast
3. Food aversions and craving junk food lol(I do this while not pregnant too.)
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i'm about 11 weeks (just realized a few days ago i got ahead of myself by a week sometime recently, so disregard whatever i've said in the last couple weeks!)

-have had nausea on and off - also related to not getting enough protein.
-fatigue - any morning dh can, he lets me sleep in and i sleep another 2 hours!
-belly is expanding, but haven't gained weight... maybe 1lb.
-milk supply down somewhat, more nipple tenderness
-no real cravings or aversions - slight protein aversion. and general lack of interest in food, especially anything that would normally be a special treat... chocolate, ice cream, anything really fatty...
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Well I'm not weighing myself but I THINK I've gained about 5 pounds. My breasts have taken the bulk of that though... they're fabulous! My stomache is pooched out enough to make wearing my regular jeans buttoned up impossible. I am tired most of the time and from week 7 until the end of last week I was sick sick sick, but it seems to have pretty well passed now except for a little queasiness in the AM. My dreams are vivid like crazy too! I also have had a pretty intense appetite lately, which accounts for the weight gain I guess.
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I'm 12 weeks today!

Sypmtoms include:
-Awful m/s unless I take the Unisom/b6 combo
-Strange cravings and aversions
-Bodacious boobs with my nips getting larger and darker. DH digs this.:
-Fat belly! Talk about a spare tire.....
-Until this weekend, decreased libido
-Since this weekend, increased libido. Like, wow. I bet my hubby is glad to be at work where he is safe from me.
-I've almost gained back the pounds lost in the first tri.

Does totaly baby-on-the-brain, can't-get-off-MDC count as a symptom?

'Course, I had this problem 6 months before we got pregnant.....
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Originally Posted by heathenmom View Post
Well, crap. Crap crap crap crap crap. Looks like the "end" of my m/s last Wednesday was just a brief reprieve, because it appears to be back with a vengence.

: and and and :Puke



Okay, I'm done with my Monday morning sicky rant.
Don't worry, I read it can be triggered by stress-i.e. rushing for work. Like I did bc our dog peed alover the floor and DS messed himself as we were out the door!

2. Nausea-no puking as of late
3. snug pants
4. Everything STINKS
5. Very sensitive/irritated
7. At times, not too happy-a bit hopeless about feeling so yuck!

But it will get better in the 2nd tri-right??!?? I mean the nausea and blah feeling.
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I am a little over 10 weeks. I have been having nausea and pretty intense fatigue, but that has been fading for the past week or two. I do get heart burn alot more frequently and have some food aversions. I also have been ravenously hungry off and on and have gained 12 pounds. I was underweight to begin with, so it isn't a big deal. I can't wear regular pants now and so have to wear maternity, but they are still rather loose. I also have the round ligament pain alot, especially when coughing, sneezing and changing positions. I have been getting hot and cold spells frequently, which is a new one for me. I seem to be very sensitive to temperature and have to be at exactly the right temp or I get queezy. I also need to eat way more protein than usual and get very ill if I eat carbs instead. Anyway, I am really looking forward to feeling the baby move. I think I could feel it around twelve weeks with my last pregnancy, which is only a little less than two weeks away!
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Nausea, but no vomiting.
Fatigue, but the good kind. I can actually sleep/nap. I've had CFIDS and fibro for years, so restorative sleep is a novelty!
Lower back pain
low blood sugar
food aversions
moodiness of the crying jag type, not the angry type
lots of serenity, though. weirdly peaceful. i think my glands are producing lithium.
weight loss (16lbs in the last month)
some gut issues
peeing round the clock

Untreated allergy woes (there's only so much nasal irrigation can do).
Occasional heartburn from spicy foods, instead of just sugary/starchy foods. Easy enough to quell with a protein shake.

I'm not sure I'd recognize most ligament pain since I'm already hypermobile and do therapy exercises to prevent the worst of the joint issues from it.

I'm sleeping so well, though. It's really nice. And if I eat regularly to keep my blood sugar steady, the nausea is nagging and mild. If I don't eat, it gets worse. I'm also incredibly libidinous. rrrrrowr!

(Thank goodness my partner is turned on by that last one!)
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Jocelyn-Very interesting you feel serene and sobby? I feel more irritated. I am with you though on the libido front. Lots of delicious dreams! Only sad thing is DH sleeps downstairs w DS so I can get a good 10 hours and go teach all day. boo-hoo :
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I don't work. My husband telecommutes. I'm waking up with his alarm, which is a first, but I get plenty of sleep.

To be fair, we were on vacation for the first three weeks of this month, so there have been no liasons on company time lately.

I only sob and cry when reading or while watching TV or when looking at magazines. Commercials are the worst, of course. I'm very placid the rest of the time and even the crying jags are often very calm and peaceful.
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I feel so bloated all the time!

heart burn
tired, fatigued
starving every 90 minutes!
boobs feel like bricks!
crying alot
increased anxiety
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