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Pics of the diapers I've made from free patterns

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All of them are pictured on my 18 pound 8 month old.

The first one (white with blue stars) is a flannle fitted I made from the mamabird pattern. It's one of my first fitteds ever. It's a size large and it fits him on the smallest setting. It's a good basic fitted, but it's a little bulky through the crotch. I also think the wings need to be a smidge longer. This is the first and last diaper I made with an internal soaker. I hate how long it takes to dry. It's turned and topstitched.

The second one is a fitted from the Wee Weka S-M front snap pocket/fitted pattern. It's on the tightest setting. I added a second row of snaps where they tell you to put aplix. I made it from blue ginghamn woven on the outside and flannel inside with a snap-in soaker. I really like this diaper! It's nice and trim through the crotch and I feel like this could fit him a long time. It's serged.

The last is a PUL/suedecloth pocket from the Wee Weka side snap pattern. It's a S-M and fits him on the tightest setting. I love this pattern too. It fits him great and is nice and trim. I think he will outgrow the rise in not too long though. The one pictured is stitched and turned, but I made another with FOE and it has a bigger rise. It will probably fit him longer. It's stuffed with a microfiber towel.

Hope this gives you guys some ideas of how the different free patterns turn out! I hope to make some more and post more pictures in the coming weeks. It's fun to try out all these patterns for free.
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Looks great!
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Great looking diapers!!
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they look super cute, good job. Thanks for sharing. What a little cutie you have.
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So which pattern did you like better? Wee Weka or mamabird. I have made the mamabird, but I think I'm going to tweak it in the crotch. I just printed out the wee weka to try, but am waiting on more fabric first.
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Adorable diapers, mama! I love the look of pockets - it's such a neat concept. Your DS is a total cutie-pie!
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Adorable diapers!
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Great job and what a cute baby!
I need these home made dipe pictures to motivate me...
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so cute! i thin k im going to try the wee weka too!
i made a few honeyboy aios in the beginning and they take forever to dry, i think youre right about the pockets.
great job!
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What great diapers - and what a cute baby!

Thanks for posting the reviews and pictures - it's always great to see how the free patterns end up.
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Those look great! Good job!
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great diapers. thanks for sharing. you have motivated me to try the wee waka pattern.
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Sweet! Great job on both the babe and the diapers!
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Your pictures are really helpful! I want to CD my second babe, and am having a hard time trying to find out where to start: so many patterns and great tutorials online :
Your darling boy sure looks good in those!
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I really like the blue ginghamn one! It's so cute.
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THey look great!

Your son is super cute!
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