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Who else is waddling?

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I feel like the world's largest, pregnant duck...seriously! My last trip to the hospital for pre-term labor they told me the baby's head was a +3 station so perhaps that's it??? Who else is waddling right along with me?
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My pubic bone hurts.

And this is all worse when I have to pee, which I do most of the time.

I feel idiotic
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Yep, fellow duck here!
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I don't waddle thank you! I lumber, like a big clumsy bear lurching from side to side. Sounds graceful, doesn't it?
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Isn't waddling fun!
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Quack, Quack, Quack!!!
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Oh, I've been waddling for a couple months now.
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I am not even as far along (33 weeks tomorrow), but I have been waddling for about a month now... it is amusing in public because I will get up from sitting and start out trying to walk normally only to immediately find that my legs just don't move forward like that! so off I go... slowly waddling... and I am really not even that big so it feels much stranger than it did with my dd, when I had gained a lot of weight by now!
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<-------- for sure

this baby needs to engage already. it is sitting on my pubic bone and making walking/sleeping/sitting/etc rather difficult!
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Present! Definately waddling right along with ya!
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This is the only baby that I have gotten any kind of waddle with. I think it's mostly when my feet are swelled up like balloons cause I don't even have any pelvis pressure yet.
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Waddle waddle quack quack.
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Me! Dh has been teasing me for weeks now...

We need a waddling smiley.
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