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my dc DIDNT have an adverse reaction and i don't vax! weigh in! - Page 4

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No vaxs = no reactions here....

However, I did have reactions as a child which did influence my decision at first.
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I'm pg w/ our first so no vax and no reaction yet.

But I don't know if I quite fit. My little brother became Type 1 diabetic not long after he got talked into a HepB shot by the doc and I ran across a stat on the link between T1 diabetes and HepB about the same time my mare foaled and discussed vaxing baby for West Nile Virus and he told me don't worry about it-it won't do any good until he's 6 mos old anyway, and by then it'll be winter and no risk so wait till next spring. Then it was mentioned that my sisters Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis came on just shortly after she was vaxed. And my aunt became very very ill after getting a flu shot. And our good friend had their baby vaxed at the typical times-which made me wonder why a horses immune system wouldn't accept a vax at such a tender age when they mature so much faster than people, but a people-baby was a prime candidate. Things added up to more than I could shake off so I started reading.

So, I guess, my decision to research vax was spurred by family members reactions, but my decision to not vax was made in light of my research. Does that make sense? (It's almost lunchtime and I'm huuuuuunnnggry)
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2 vaxs and no reactions..just did my research and will probably not do anymore.

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My oldest was uptodate and on schedule by 2 yrs. but then they gave him the chicken pox shot when I had told them no.I didn't think chicken pox was anything to be shaking in my boots about.I don't know if he had any reactions but I do know my other son who only had the atbirth Hep B shot(yet again given agasinst my signed wishes: ) does not have the family eczema problem as severly as my older son does and my DD has shown no signs of it and she hopefully will never be jabbed.
After heraing some of the family horror stories about my babyhood,I think may have had really adverse reactions.Fevers, turning blue ect...I usually tell people that I'm just being careful.
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ds was vaxed until after his 6mth appt, but he did have some minor reactions (fever, fussiness, swelling in the injection site), so once I learnt enough to know better, I wouldnt risk giving him any more vaxes on my life, since the reactions can get worse with every vax. Bue his reactions arn't what made me question vaxes in the first place. It just didnt feel right in my heart to do it even when we were.
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No reactions in dd, who had the first shots (against my will, I was told that I would be turned in to CSD if I didn't get her vaccinated and at 18, I didn't know any better ) but my family has a history of adverse reactions - I ran a 104 degree fever which led my mother to delay until late elementary school for me, and my sister had a grand mal seziure (which thank God didn't cause any long term damage) with her 6month ones (I believe, can't remember) after which she didn't receive the rest of them.
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Originally Posted by dani76 View Post
I don't vax my DD, and I don't have a child that had an adverse reaction. Is that what you are looking for? I just did some research and trusted my intuition.
Me too. I'm still debating this. I think we're going to wait till he's 2.
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i do know what you mean...i see this all the time..not just on this board, but others, ESPECIALLY on the homebirth boards...it seems like the vast majority of women seeking homebirth are doing so because they had a bad hospital experience.

Personally, nature/god/whatever decided to "bless" us with 4 years of infertility before we got preggo..during which time i read, researched and learned everything i possibly could about fertility, health, wellness, pregnancy, labor, delivery..etc......so we came to our conclusions...(UC, no-vax, ext BF, co-sleep, AP, etc.....) well before we even got preggo.

Had i gotten preggo when we first started trying...i would have likely carted myself off to an OB and gone the "normal" route....
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