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Give me some gift ideas

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hi mamas,
DD and I are going to be making all of our christmas gifts this year for our friends and family. Im so excited We want the gifts to be a little more creative than a shirt for grandma and a tie for dad ect.
Im thinking we should start our projects soon (we are new to sewing with a machine ) so that way it will give us time to make it great.
So... any gift ideas that we could make with our sewing machine? Any cool books or web sites that have cool patterns?

Thank You You are all so great:
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I am planning to make these storage pockets that go on you rbed. It is a long strip that has a pocket on both ends. I plan to make 2 pockets. The strip goes between your matress & box spring. Then the pockets hang down on each side of the bed. It gives you somewhere to put magazines, glasses, pen paper, etc, etc...... I don't have a pattern, I'm just going to wing it. It figure the strip needs to be about 3 feet longer than the width of the mattress. To give you 1.5 feet on each side. The first pocket will be about 12 inches deep and the second pocket will be sewed on top of that & about 6-8 inches deep. I think the strip will probably be about 12 inches wide also. What do you guys think? Would you enjoy this as a Christmas gift? I am giong to try to use up a lot of extra fabric I have laying around & try to either match everyone's room or go with simple muslin on some.
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that sounds like a great idea for the bed pockets, are you only wanting to sew stuff? I painted some cute snowman cookie jars out of terracotta pots last year and baked cookies to fill them, or you can always do the jar dry ingrediant things! also a nice quilt would be nice, i saw someone make one out of recycled jeans and flannel it was very nice!
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I made the snowman pots one year too. And I usually do the layered cookies in jar for my husband's co-workers. You can do the pots in Santa Claus too if you do Santa.
The great thing about the bed caddy is that all the seams will be straight. Pretty simple.
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We have just found a love for sewing so we are wanting to sew but other ideas would be great too

I like the bed pocket ideas. I think my parents and dh's parents would love something like that
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I did find this web site that has a super cute mouse pattern.I think im going to make it for ds and my nephew
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i love ottobre! i'm ordering some of my favorite issues this week so that i can get started on making both of my dd's christmas presents (clothes, toys, and doll clothing/accessories!)
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i don't usually buy sewing books, actually this is my second ever, but I like this one for picture, spiral bound,cause I'm too lazy to draft patterns myself, etc...

for ideas:
http://www.amybutlerdesign.com/inspiration/projects.php and the whole web site

and a whole bunch of blogs...
start with one blog then just click on on the links listed on the side.
Here are some to start...

and finally:
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I'm making blue jean rag quilts. I'm doing some cathedral window style and some just plain squares. They are easy, especially the square ones, because it's all straight lines and you don't have to quilt them.
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i'm making waldorf dolls for both of my dd's and their classmates, a rag quilt for dd's occupational therapist, and i'm trying to figure out the others. i know i'm wanting to make some outfits for my dd's from www.ottobredesign.com also
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oh! almost forgot! i have a neice that is going to be born right around Christmas as well so i'm making a big baby bag / bedding set for the new mama
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also check out this thread and

this thread

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We were a family of seven growing up and we were always broke; so during the holidays we always made things for our relatives. Some idea's I remember are:

Pot-Pourrit Baskets: get a bunch of shallow baskets without handles (breadbasket style) and check a dollar or discount store for a few bags of pot-pourrit. Also pick up the same amount of glass candle holders (the cup kind) as you have baskets, and a nice candle (the two inch high kind) to put into the cups. Get something to trim the baskets with (lace; or ribbon, or nature's decorations). Use a glue gun (you can get those at dollar stores too) and glue the glass cups to the baskets; then glue a candle into the holder to keep it in place. Then glue your trimmings to the rim of the basket. Fill around the candle holder with pot-pourrit. Done and done. Great project for kids as long as you're doing the gluing.

Picture Frames: this is pretty self-explanitory; just let your kids go imagination-crazy and then take a family photo and voila, you can give a nice gift to your family/friends that the kids put their "blood sweat and tears" into.

Stage/Age Photo: When my ex and I split, I still wanted to do something nice for my son to give him for father's day; but I was broke. This idea could be used for Christmas too. I went to the dollar store, bought a canvas, some white glue, some red paint finger paint and some red glitter. It all came to about $6 or $7 CDN. Then I sat with my then 1.5 yo and we practiced doing handprints on newspaper (he kept curling his fingers). Then, when he got it, I stamped his handprint onto the canvas. Then I stamped his footprint next to it and used a brush to write "Happy Father's Day" and put the date. After it dried (next day...?) I lined the edges with squiggle lines of glue and then glittered the glue and let it all dry. It was a very unique "remember how little I was!" gift....the SOB returned the favor by dragging me to court today : (that's another subject for another day though) I also did one for my OWN father, very similar except in place of baby's footprint was my handprint. My dad returned the favor by framing my work by hand and putting it up.

Drawing cards: two years ago, when my boy was starting to color on paper, I gave him a notebook and some crayons and he made lines all over every sheet. I took those sheets and one by one turned them into cards for family members and close friends. I included the date on them to mark his first drawings.

I have TONS more idea's; but I havn't slept in a long time, and my brain is dead I'll try again another day. Good luck!
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How about pillows? This is very easy project for beginner. One thing I like about pillows that you can make them out of anything. You can buy new fabric and trim. Or you can use your old things that you no longer wear that are made of good material. For example, I used my old cashemere sweaters to make few pillows for my son's room - they are so soft and cuddly! You can also use old silk skirts for more fancy ones. You can also use fur pieces (cuts from alteration, old fur hats etc) - whatever you have - you can use all these little things on a pillow. Same for costume jewerly that you no longer use - you can use that too.
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Aprons are back in style. About time we quit messing up our nice clothing. You could make a cobbler's type apron with kid hand prints on the pocket. That gives you sewing and some other things.

I think dads are so hard to make stuff for. At least my DH is hard. My husband likes having his own throw for the couch. Fleece is easy to sew. A pocket for the couch arm for the remote.

Check out the pattern books at the fabric store. You don't have to buy one, but they will give you lots of ideas and then you could come home and search the Internet.

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