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Welcome to the June DDC! I've already had my June baby - a total shock - but it's nice to see some new June babies coming along!
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Hi, I'm Holly. We're expecting our first in the middle of June - a little boy. A little background on us: I have PCOS and had a miscarriage last July. We conceived this baby on our first round of treatment which entailed Clomid, Follistim injections and IUI. In hindsight, we feel like we were rushed through the infertility wringer, but obviously we can't regret this miracle and are so grateful it worked the first try. We'll be more patient next time around, but frustration and loss makes you a little impulsive I guess!

Anyway, I have a master's in biology and teach a few courses at the community college. I also work as an actor in a program that uses theater to educate kids about bullying and healthy relationships - my BA is in theater!! So both my jobs are part time - I'm taking time off now and for the rest of the summer but will go back a little bit in the fall - an evening class and maybe 1 or 2 bullying shows a week - so I will basically be home full time with the baby.

Baby-wise, we are planning a home birth, BF, co-sleeping, not circing, cloth diapering, etc, etc, etc. I decided to finally join up on MDC because I've heard so much about it being a great resource - and I love the magazine - my sister got me a subscription for Christmas! So nice to meet you all and looking forward to getting to know you!
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Greetings, or I should say Grüße!

I'm Marijke (say: Mar-EYE-kuh), I'm 27 years old now, and am an American who expatriated to Germany in the end of January 2005. I've been married to my German husband, Rofu, since Feb 2006. We have one daughter who was born in March 1st, 2006; and we are now expecting our second surprise on June 15th. I'm a stay-at-home-mom who breastfeeds (well, did, until my daughter weaned herself at 9 months due to my second pregnancy).

Well, my husband expects our surprise to come on his birthday, May 29th; and I expect our surprise to come somewhere around June 20th (my daughter was 5 days "late").

My daughter was born via unwanted emergency caesarian section due to breech presentation ("Beckenendlage" - and it is not medically considered an automatic indicator for C/S in Germany, as some doctors and many midwives ARE trained to help a mother vaginally deliver a breech baby.. however, I was unfortunate enough to end up with a doctor and hospital that apparently does NOT like to have breech vaginal deliveries). I have been suffering from both PPD and PTSD, and it has been a huge struggle (I will say that I have been struggling along without medication or counseling, though many people online have advised me to look into counseling at least). I am extremely lucky to have a supportive husband who understands what a nightmare the whole thing, epidural, c-section and recovery was for me.

Anyway, onto happier news, I am trying for a VBAC in a birth center with this baby. My doctor and the midwives have all been very supportive. My doctor is certain I can do it - which I find unusual from a doctor. (VBAC's are, apparently, not uncommon here like they are getting to be in America.)

Hmm, not sure what else to add, honestly. I guess if anyone has any questions, they can send me a message.
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Hey there all! My name is Trinity, and I'm 28 years old, with a whole new life beginning just recently! I got married last summer, moved with my DH to Germany this past Feb. so he could get his PhD, and our first child is due June 23!!! It's been a pretty busy year! I am also fairly new to this board, having only recently learned about AP. It is exactly everything I planned on doing anyway, it is just so wonderful to know that I'm not alone. Because of my late arrival to Germany (not to mention snooty landlords) I was unable to get a midwife for a homebirth...however, the hospital I chose is similar to most US birthing centers, and it is the closest thing I could find. I plan on having a waterbirth with my DD, and I absolutely can't wait!!
That is about it for me, write if you have any questions. Good luck expectant mommies!!!
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hi! i'm 28, and due 6/30/07 to have a big boy named jack. we couldn't be more excited. i am no longer working (yay!) and am waiting to start school in the fall to become an RN and possibly going on to become a midwife. i am really looking forward to cloth diapering and all of that crunchy stuff, so any info or help would be appreciated.
i'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hear your pregnancy and birth stories!
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Hi Mamas!

I haven't posted here in ages, and have finally found my way back.
After lurking about for a while today, it is great to see some old familiar faces, and lots of new ones of course!

I am the proud Mama to 3 little girls, ages 6, 4 & 2, birth Mother to a 22 year old somewhere out in the world, and I am currently a gestational surrogate, pregnant with twins for a wonderful couple.

I am almost 35 weeks, and starting to feel some angst about the upcoming birth. I am "officially due July 2nd, but likely won't make it out of June- so here I am!
My first 2 births were C-sections, the third a Midwife supported VBA2C's, and the fourth a HBA2C's.
The intended parents were not open at all to a homebirth this time, so a hospital birth it is.
I have done my preparations, I have a Doula, my Best friend will be attending as well, I have a super liberal supportive OB, I have been using Hypnobirthing again, I have been eating well and other than being terminally huge, I'm in great health.
I plan on laboring at home as long as sensible-my last birth was 2.5 hours, and live about 2 mins from the hospital. OH and both babies are vertex!!!

I am sort of talking this all out here, and really feel that I have done everything possible to best my odds at having an uncomplicated vaginal birth, I just have some anxiety and fears that are niggling at me about having to deliver in the OR as per hospital policy.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear any positive twin birth stories, or recommended readings and get my mind back on the right track.

(It feels good to be back! )
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