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Originally Posted by turtle81 View Post
Thanks, Jillian! Everyone seems to love him.

Is anyone else in a bit of a pickle over their due date? Mine is June 8; my sister's wedding is June 9 in another country. I'm supposed to be the maid of honour... but now I don't think I'll be able to go! And we haven't told anyone IRL yet; we're waiting until Nov. Anyhoo... still keeping it on the QT for now...
Turtle we're in a similar boat! My sister's wedding is mid July and I'm supposed to be the maid of honor too! Of course the new babe will be 6 weeks old (more or less) by then, and the wedding is only a few hours away. I'm sorry you might have to miss the wedding, but what a reason to miss it for eh?
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Hello Mamas! I'm janie (35), married to the most wonderful man (27), with a DD (almost 5) from my first marriage. I just got two pink lines this morning! I'll be a little cautious with this one as we m/c'd at the beginning of this year at 9 wks.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Welcome, mamamerle! And congrats!

Check out the PAL thread - there are lots of us here who've experienced a loss - plenty of shoulders available for use.

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Hi Everyone!
I just POAS yesterday, 15 DPO, but I had a feeling I was PG before that. This was our first cycle TTC #2, and we conceived on our first cycle with DS, too! We were charting both times...I love charting! Like a PP, my DH is a teacher, and I work in education too, part-time, so both pregnancies were planned around the academic calendar. DS was a mid-May baby and my new due date is June 8.

DS is 28 mos. and still nursing a lot. I'm hoping there won't be major issues with supply and whatnot; we'll see. Also DS is a somewhat high-needs child. Very healthy and generally happy, but high-energy and somewhat demanding. We'll see how this all goes!! :

I had a great pregnancy with DS, only a teeny tiny bit of nausea, only gained 19 lbs and felt great basically the whole 9 mos. : We had a hospital birth and I was in labor only 5 hrs. I did have a bit more intervention than I wanted, having an IV due to GBS+ and pit for a short time due to ruptured membranes and no labor. Overall though delivery was as easy as it could be, and pain-med-free, and no episiotomy, yeah! We plan a hospital birth again but I'm hoping to have a MW this time - I have to check insurance; they wouldn't cover the MW last time even though she's in our network!

Umm, I guess that's it for now. Looking forward to learning and growing (literally) with all of you! Oh, BTW, another Midwesterner here...was it Christine who asked?
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Hi I am Sally (29) married with one dd who is just turned 2. We fell pregnant on our first try again! Dh works away on an oil rig a lot so it was just luck her was home for O this time.

I only tested today due 15 June. Had to email dh a pic of the pregancy test as we have no other communication.

had a homewater birth with dd and plan on the same, maybe even UC.
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Hi Everyone!
My name is Domenica (28), I am married with one DD who is 30 months now! I still can't believe that I am pregnant! It is still surreal! DH is still letting it soak in he was kinda surprised to hear the news so soon!

I have had nausea for almost a last week and have had some cramping. DD still nurses frequently so maybe that is the cause? :

Looking forward to getting to know everyone!!!
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Hi...joining all of you

I am 37 married to dh for 8 years. We have dd who will be 7 soon and ds who just turned 6. Had really smoothe pregnancies with them both. Had a m/c at about 7 weeks earlier this year.

I homeschool and work p/t. My due date is 6/5 but I probably will deliver in May. Chronic hypertension hasn't allowed me to go anywhere near term yet but all was well and they were healthy and at home the next day. I am stressing right now and hope to be more excited once we hear the hb with the doppler. I want 4 though so I am very excited...just apprehensive.

Congrats all!!!
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to all the new mamas! H&H9 to you and yours!

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Hello all. I am joining in, even though I can hardly believe that I am pregnant. My name is Iris (29), and my husband (36) and I had a positive test on Friday, 9/29. I received Methotrexate for an ectopic pregnancy on June 1, so we mananged to just get through the 3 month wait until we could try again. We weren't really planning to start trying again until later this year, but we're thrilled that it happened again so quickly. My temps were a little wacky this cycle, so I am not sure exactly how far along I am--probably close to 5 weeks.

I had an HCG quant on Monday which looked good and another today. I should hear the results tomorrow and will have an early ultrasound to confirm intrauterine pregnancy as soon as the numbers are high enough. I am terrified of another loss, but also so very very excited.

This will be our first baby.
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Hi! I am Sondra 26, due June 1st with 3rd baby, 1st dd 7/11/04, 2nd dd 9/02/05, so I will have three babes 3 and under. dh is 35, we've been married for 1 yr on 11/11/06. Am hoping for another natural birth, but recently moved from fl to wa and wa strongly objects to vbacs. 1st dd was an emergency c-sec, but was able to talk doc into letting me have 2nd dd natural. It was the same doc that did the c-sec so she was conifdent of her skills enough to trust her incision for the vbac. My doc up here in wa might not trust the fl doc though, i hope i can convince her to let me try. 2nd dd was almost 9lbs and I have had longer to heal this time around.
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Hi everyone!

I'm Becky, 31, married to Jon, 27. We've been married for one year, together for 9. This was our first cycle TTC! And it's our first! WooHooooo! I got three BFNs before I got my BFP, yesterday at 19DPO! I've got my first u/s in a few weeks and my first appointment with my midwife at the beginning of November.

I'm not having many symptoms yet, but I'm only at about 5 weeks, so I'm hoping that's ok. I'm feeling a little wishy washy about telling people yet... I've told a few close friends who knew we were trying, but my family did not know we were TTC. I'm seeing my family this weekend, so I'll see how I feel about dropping the bomb!
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Hi all! From NJ, expecting our second baby early - mid June 2007! With our first, I had a midwife, was 45 minutes from the hospital, planned on a water birth & no meds... DD had other plans! My water broke (no more water birth - darn!), and DD decided she just wasn't ready to come out, so 31 hours of back labor later (ouch!), she was born beatiful & healthy by C-section!

This time around we're 5 minutes from a hospital (wow!) and I'm going to try again for a natural birth (VBAC) in a hospital, with a DO this time!
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I'll catch up as I can....but I still can't believe I'm here!

My name is Clay...DH and I have a wonderful dd who is 18mo old. So she'll be, what? Just over 2 when the new little one arrives? Yoicks!

I haven't told DH yet (I'm gonna surprise him tonight I think)...I tested Monday and got a very faint line but thought it could have been hormones left from my m/c last month. But I tested again this morning and hot mama the lines were bright and appeared almost instantly! So I'm ~5 weeks along right now, meaning I got pregnant on DH's birthday. How cool is that?

I had a c/s when dd was born (loooooong story but similar to KS Mama...we did everything "right", medication free/doula/awesome family practice doc who is totally hands off/delivering at a hospital where mama/baby needs come first/in and out of the tub/on and off the birth ball/etc... but my membranes ruptured on their own before labor began and after 19 hours of active labor...32 hours after my water broke...I wasn't dilating past 7cm and I was getting feverish. Turns out dd had turned her head to an odd angle and wasn't pressing evenly on the cervix so it couldn't dilate evenly...she had the funniest off-center unicorn horn molding going on!) so I'm planning a VBAC. We have one really vbac supportive OB team here and the hospital is also very pro-vbac. Which is good since most of the midwives and all the family practice docs who catch babies wont take VBACs. And the closest birth center is over an hour away and they don't do VBACs either.

Ah well...warning fair, I'll probably be "position obsessed" this time around! Yay for spinning babies!

Ummmm...I'm a reserach librarian/anthropologist, DH is a bio-med researcher at Cornell (his current research is on horses since that's where the grant money is, but it will eventually be applied to human joint disorders like RA and joint replacement). We're in the SCA, we're pagan, we love to cook and enjoy the outdoors, and well...I look forward to getting to know everyone!
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Wombatclay!!!!! I remember you from The One Thread!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, CONGRATS, mama!!! I'm so, so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

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First, congratulations to us all may we all have a happy 9 mos pregnancy.

I am Elly. I Just found out I was pregnant 2 days ago. This is my second. I have a 3yo daughter. We'd been ttc for about 7 mos, it took quite a while, but I am glad it's here :. DD was unexpected, so I didn't realize how long it could take to get pregnant .
My OB appointment is not until late this month, they start seeing patient who is 8wks pregnant. But, based on my calculation it's gonna be in mid June.

I am a wahm, I have an online children boutique, selling children clothes and shoes. So, life is pretty busy around here, well, when has that never been true??

I am looking forward to getting to know you all.
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ChristineIndy- Thanks! Congrats to you too...I really can't believe I'm here!

Now that I've read through the list..

Jilian- I lived in Stoughton for a year before DH and I moved into JP (a much shorter commute and I loved Jamaica Plains...would love to move back some day). We're in upstate NY now (where I grew up). Did you go to the IKEA when you were home last? We took dd to the grand opening and it was surreal. They're really old, but there are pics of the Stoughton IKEA on Laia's website at http://www.notfarfromthetree.com/laiaontheroad.html

I'm 31 but will be 32 in November. We combine my b-day (20th) with Turkey Day and have lots of family from all over the country so that's when we'll share the news with the world. Right now I'm just so nervous...with a m/c last month I honestly can't wrap my head around the fact that I'm pregnant again (after trying for 8 months). Almost like telling would be tempting fate, you know?

DH turned 31 last month, and since it was a busy month with only 2 BD attempts...I can date dd's conception pretty accurately to his birthday. So maybe I'll tell him tonight with a b-day card? Hmmmm.

Be happy all!
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Welcome to all the June '07 new mamas! This is just wonderful to have such a nice group of mamas to share this experience with!

Wombatclay, I've noticed your siggy a number of times in the past...I like it! It just gives a neat mental image. BTW, what's SCA?
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thanks rosie...I like the mental image too. It's from a longer poem:

The Great Way has no gate.
Clear water has no taste.
The tongue has no bone.
In complete stillness, a stone girl is dancing.
The SCA is the "Society for Creative Anachronism" (http://www.sca.org/)...a medieval recreation group that has members all over the world. While a Ren-Faire is aimed at a sort of "silly/fun" version of the Middle Ages and is intended to entertain and amuse, the SCA is closer to a Civil War reenactment group (though not as detail oriented as Civil War reenactors...the SCA encourages people to be as accurate as they can in their clothing and manners, but doesn't expect people to be "fussy" about it...so Ren-Faires reinterpret, Civil War buffs reenact, and the SCA re-creates...subtle difference, but there you have it!).

It's a lot of fun...Dh and I have both been members since we were kids, and dd has been to several events...including one a few weeks ago and I need to get those pictures online soon.
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Hi everyone! As you can see, I've been a member at MDC for quite some time but I've got a serious lurking addiction with very few posts. Hoping that this new pregnancy and becoming part of a DDC will bring me out of lurkdom!

I'm 33 years old and mama to one dd who is 2 and a half. We just POAS yesterday, and although we were TTC, the idea that there is a new little person in there hasn't really sunk in yet. Due date as I calculate it is June 16 though I went 11 days over with dd, so we shall see! Looking forward to getting to know all you pregnant mamas!
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I'm due June 10 and am very excited to be here! I miscarried at 7 weeks back in August, this was our first cycle to try again.

Our family so far is DH (38), me (36), and DD (25 mos). I have been hanging around MDC for a while and I really enjoy the Parenting, Toddler, and Gentle Discipline forums.

I'm also in Massachusetts -- the metrowest area.

Looking forward to sharing our pregnancies!!!!!!
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