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Thank you so much for the kind words of support! I'm way overboard obsessing about this right now. I managed to not sneak off for a beta blood test this afternoon, so I will have to hold out likely until Tuesday before I can escape and test again.

the weirdest thing about it all is that when I was pg recently, DD talked a lot about having a baby (I had not told her I was pg yet), after the m/c she stopped (I had never told her any of it). Now she is talking about having a baby again.

Oh, I don't know whether what I saw was an evap line or a really early positive. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for your sweet reply
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Judi, I remember you from the TTC forum I hope you get the answer you want on your next test. Try not to worry too much, whats done is done. But it would be great to have you in our DDC (if you wanna be here).
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Originally Posted by twilight girl View Post
I had a VERY faint line this a.m. I don't even know how many DPO I might be, because I never got a post-loss AF.
Did you ever get your levels checked post-m/c? Sometimes it takes longer for af to come back and for your numbers to get to zero. It's horrible to think that you might be still living your loss, but I know it's possible. There is a girl on another board of mine who had a bfp 1 month later only to find out it was the same loss. It took her almost 3 months to get af (and needed provera to do it). My only point is that without af, it can be hard to know. I think maybe I would get some bloodwork done and plan to go back for MORE to see if it's going up or down.

What ever the case, I hope you get the outcome that is best for you. I am sorry for your loss.

Good luck and keep us posted,
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I got a negative HPT on 9/22. I didn't overanalyze it or dig it back out of the trash to double check or anything, but it was negative.

Then this lastest one on 9/29 was either faintly positive or an evaporation line.

I won't be able to test again with FMU until Tuesday (kind of doing this without informing DH until I actually know if there is something to have to tell him). If there's a line and if it's darker, then I will go for bloodwork.

Thanks Christine, Jillian, Natalie for being supportive, even if I don't know if I belong here or not!

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Twilight_girl - It's so stressful to wonder, isn't it?

Test on Tuesday, and if you get a BFP, DO get in for bloodwork right away - have them do a progesterone level, an HcG, and then go back in a few days for a follow-up to make sure the HcG is doubling like it should.

That's what I did, and it made me feel a LOT better.

PM me if you need to talk . . . .

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Hi Ladies,

Christine, I think I missed that you got the 2nd hcg test back! Looks like it all went well?? YEAH!

Twilight girl, now that makes it a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME, doesn't it?!?! I know how you feel... all this not knowing, not sure. We are here for you.

Hope you're all well,
Take care,
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I just wanted to wish you all the best. Looks like I will not be joining you after all. AF arrived today, four days late with a vengence. Despite testing with FMU approx every other day for almost a wk, I never got even a faint second line. So, I guess it was just all in my head. I'm hoping you all have nice, BORING pregnancies, resulting in beautiful babies in your arms!
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Hi mamas... such a bittersweet thread. I'm sorry for all of your losses.

I had a m/c in August (at 7 weeks). It's been a little over 8 weeks since the D&C. I've had one cycle since and then I missed AF this weekend so I took a HPT and got a positive. My first concern was that it was a false positive (old hCG from the previous concern). I *think* I'm pregnant again, but it's hard to get excited yet.

Like others have said, I'm really hoping for m/s. I didn't have ANY with the last pregnancy, in fact that's what clued me into the fact that it ended in a loss.

Good luck and sticky pregnancies to all of you!!!!!!!
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I'm sorry for your loss. But don't fret about the lack of m/s, even though doctors continue to say "it's a sign of a healthy pregnancy." I didn't even have a flicker of nausea when I was pregnant with dd. My mother said she never had any either with any of the 4 of us.

wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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It's so comforting to find a thread like this. I had a m/c earlier this year and my sister just had one a few weeks ago so the fear is really strong. I'm so sorry that this has happened to all of you and it sucks that pregnancy can never be what it first was.

I think I will be fine once I get past the first trimester but I have anxiety attacks everytime I pee and wipe. I totally handled the m/c fine and never imagined I would be this freaked out once I got pg again. The thing is that the few people I have told don't or can't understand the fear. They brush it off and in the meantime I am a ball of nerves. I guess I just have to believe it was a one-time thing since my 1st 2 pregnancies were fine. Ignorance certainly was bliss back then
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Okay, well, I just wanted to stop in and say thanks to you all for being so nice and welcoming to me, even though I was dealing with a hallucination line. It seems it was a bona fide EVAP line. I tested again this a.m. with FMU, and its a big NADA, not even a hallucination or evap, just plain old negative. That's fine. I figure I must have figured things wrong, and perhaps I only just now O'd around Wed. last week.

I might still end up in this group, but I'll have to get back to you in another week and a half or so.

Wishing you all the very best outcomes with your pregnancies,
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Judi -

I'm sorry it was negative. I'll have : for you in the next week and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by ChristineIndy View Post
Judi -

I'm sorry it was negative. I'll have : for you in the next week and a half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Christine! Actually, after an hour or so, an evap line showed up, leading me to believe that is what I saw the other day anyway. Thanks, and maybe I'll see you back soon!
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As someone else said, this thead is comforting. My last pregnancy was ectopic (although it couldn't be confirmed by ultrasound, but the HCG numbers were very low and trickling up slowly, and nothing was visible in my uterus). I had Methotrexate before any pain or rupture and for that I am grateful. But, this time around, the anxiety is torturing me. I am waiting for a second HCG level tomorrow and then an ultrasound within the next week. I think I'll be a lot calmer then, if everything seems to be where it should be. The ectopic was my first pregnancy, so I am starting this journey with a lot of fear. It's nice to know I am not alone in checking the TP and stressing out about every cramp and twinge.

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I have been wondering about the correlation between miscarriages and early pregnancy signs. I know there are many women who have no signs at all and have healthy pregnancies and babies. However, I am wondering for those of us who had a miscarriage were there pregnancy signs at all? For myself I had very slight signs of pregnancy, my breasts were a little sore for just a few days and I had to use the bathroom a lot. Aside from that I had no other “symptoms” and the symptoms I did have were gone around 2 weeks before the miscarriage about the time I believe the baby died. What experiences have others had? This time around I am experiencing all the usual early pregnancy signs so I’m hoping everything is going well.
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Well, my experience was a little weird. I had mild symptoms: my nipples were sore and darker, I felt a little bit sick a few times. It was very similar to when I was pregnant with my son.

I was 10 weeks when we lost the baby, but the doctor said the baby died around 4-5 weeks. I had a midwife appointment 2 days before the miscarriage and my uterus was a normal 10 week size - I hadn't gained much weight, but I had expanded enough in my thighs and lower abdomen that I couldn't wear my pants. When I actually had the miscarriage (I bled lightly for a few days first) there was a *lot* of tissue. Oh, and my hormone levels took 3 1/2 weeks to get back to normal. So, apparently my body still thought it was pregnant for a while after the baby died. I don't know for sure, but I *felt* and *looked* pregnant until the day after the miscarriage when I deflated.
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ok ladies I already need some encouragement

I have chronic hypertension and needed to get on the right medicine right away. Unfortunately I have to go through the health department once again...which really sucks.

So at least they got me in today. I took at pregnancy test at 4w3d and got a faint positive. Never rechecked because I was late and it was positive. They tell me today their test is not showing positive. They did do a blood test which I have to wait on but you know I went out and bought a few different kinds of tests on my way home and you know the second I walked in the door I took them. Anyway how can I get positives on every single one and they be that incompetant to not be able to get a positive?? They weren't even faint lines...they were darker than the control line.

My encouragement comes in that I saw just a teeny bit of blood mixed in with my mucus. With my m/c last time it started with smears on the tp when I wiped so I am starting to freak out. I know many many women bleed during their pg but I don't recall that happening with my 1st 2 only with the m/c. I know that whatever will be will be but it doesn't make it any easier and to boot I can't even apply for medicaid since they don't have a positive pg test yet should something happen. Although I have to imagine the bloodwork will show that I am since my home test showed up within 20 seconds. I just want to cry
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Well, I had a blood test and my hCG levels were 112 (16/17 dpo), so I definitely got pregnant. That's the good news. I'm going back for another one 72 hours later to see the levels are rising fast enough.

I swear, I can't even really think about being pregnant until after that test.

The not so great news -- I'm not really having a lot of symptoms right now. I'm only in the fourth week, so I guess M/S hasn't kicked in... but I haven't been peeing a lot more than ususal and my breasts haven't felt too different either. I'm a little tired and thirsty but that's it.

I am starting to freak out that this is going to be another miscarriage, although I'm mostly just putting it out of my mind until Friday when I can get my test results.

This sucks, I vastly prefer the ignorant bliss of my first pregnancy!!!
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Please don't let the lack of symptoms stress you out. My first pregnancy with DD was absolutely symptomless, and absolutely the healthiest pregnancy you could ever want. I didn't have anything, not even peeing in the middle of the night until about 8 weeks. Never had m/s, never had food aversions, I felt the best I ever felt.

Hang in there,

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Thanks for the encouraging words, twilight girl! I hope things work out for you, too.

em&namama -- sending good vibes your way. Keep us posted!!!!
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