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just subbing and saying hey

I had an "early" m/c last cycle (somewhere around the 5-6 week mark), and my pregnancy with dd was more or less 8 months of "threatened miscarriage" so right now I'm a bit emotional and stressed out.

I'm thrilled to be pregnant, but I almost don't want to admit to myself that I am...just in case. I was going to go to the doctor this morning to set up an appointment (I live 3 blocks from their office) and I just couldn't go in. DD and I stood in the parking lot for about 5 minutes and then I just kept walking. I had a positive test this morning, I'm getting morning sickness (well, evening sickness), and everything...but part of me feels like if I let myself "be" pregnant then it's just going to hurt more when it ends.

Which is silly...but there it is.

I'm keeping fingers crossed for all of us that this time round we have happy, healthy, full term pregnancies with beautiful healthy babies at the end!
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My bloodwork came back, I went from 112 hCG to 574 in 72 hours, which looks decent.

I feel like I can start actually believing that I'm pregnant now. Of course, I'm still scared. I'll never relax like I did with my first pregnancy. But at least I've had that one good sign.

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I lost my baby early in pg. I was aprox 6 weeks along and was devastated. Not only that, my male basset hound of 11 years passed away 1 week later of lymphoma. It was a very sad time for all of us. My dh had a vasectomy 6 weeks ago and now I am pg with #4. I believe that this is meant to be and I will enjoy every minute of this special time. Hope everyone and their babies stay healthy and happy.
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Well, maybe those evaporation lines were really just eeeeaaaaarly positives. I tested again this a.m. and it was postive within the right time frame!
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Judi - YYYYYYYEeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssss!


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I've lost two babies, one at 14 weeks in 1995 and one last march at 12 weeks. We were planning on more kids, but weren't planning this current pregnancy. It's a nice surprise and blessing. DH is still really scared and doesn't want to tell anyone we're preggo. I suggested we wait until Christmas. I don't think anyone will notice by Thanksgiving. My previous pregnancies, I didn't show for a long time. It's hard to feel joyous while burdened with anxiety and fear.
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So I'm scared...I woke up spotting this morning and...well...this is what happened last cycle.

Now I did spot/bled more or less the first 6 months with dd and she went past dates. But last cycle I started spotting and then bleeding and that was that.

I'm trying to stay very "what happens happens" but I can tell today is going to be a tough day at work.
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Scary. I hope that your day is as peaceful as possible, under the circumstances.
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wombatclay -

Keep us posted and take gentle care of yourself. I'm thinking of you . . .

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: Clay!
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Thanks all...since my bladder is still itty bitty I've been hitting the toilet between every desk shift (I'm a reference librarian, on desk for two hours, off desk for half and hour, back on for two, etc). I've been spotting each time...not heavy enough to stain, just pink toilet paper.

Sigh...with my first dd this spotting lasted nine months and dd was perfectly fine. Last cycle the spotting turned into a mc. I'm trying to stay really calm and accepting and going with the "I am a leaf on the wind" mantra. But it's hard.

Especailly telling dh about it this morning. He took our mc really hard and the look in his eyes this morning was tough.

We shall see...I am a leaf on the wind! See how I soar...
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Disappearing positive here. Went to double check it this a.m., but the line is even more faint, and I have spotting. So, I guess the little fertilized egg just couldn't find anywhere to grab on.

I'm fine, it'll be good to have a cycle again so I can start charting for real ... I assume it will be to avoid.

Good luck to all of you mamas!
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Just checking in to see how everyone is doing. I lost my baby at 7 weeks last time so I'm getting nervous about the upcoming week which will be 7 weeks for me. I feel good about this pregnancy but that darn gnawing fear of loss is always there. How is everyone else doing?
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I hope you are all well. I unfortunately have suffered from another loss. At 6 weeks, I started bleeding. U/s confirmed an "empty" uterus. I have an appt with an RE in a couple of weeks.

The very, very best to all of you.
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tls- I have a 7 week loss as well so I'm getting nervous as well. Especially since I still have occassional spotting. I think having a toddler about the house is making a lot of difference since she keeps me distracted, but still...

I have a doct appointment on Wednesday (with a new care provider) and I don't know if they'll offer an early u/s (which I would accept) or if they'll want to take a more wait and see approach. But oh, I wish I had a magic ball to see what would happen!
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I'm so sorry ncastro.
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Hi all - I have had 5 early miscarriages. All before the 6 week mark. A bunch of those I would get a positive test, go in for blood work, and be miscarrying before I could go back for the 2nd test. So, as hard as it is - I'm not going in for at least another two weeks. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow.
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Ncastro, I am so sorry for your loss.
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New here!

I have had several early m/c, all before DS, except for one last mothers day. Finally figured out that my prog level is too low to support a pg, so this is my second month on prog suppos...last night I had the faintest , and I did a beta (I work in a lab, super convienent!!) and it was 11 - I was 14 DPO - which has me a bit worried as it is so low - hopefully that is just how I grow them (last mc beta at 19 dpo was 111.)

Im so hoping for a . Im honestly not sure I can do this again.

Best wishes to you all!! all round!
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