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What sort of birth are you planning?

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I'm just curious! There is such a wonderful variety here at MDC.

hospital? with a Dr? Midwife? Homebirth? Doula? Unassisted? Lotus? Water?

You get the idea!

We're planning a homebirth (waterbirth) with a midwife this time around. We had just moved before our daughter was born and I wasn't able to find a midwife for that birth. I did have a fairly positive hospital bith experiance with DD, luckily. I *finally* found a wonderful gentle midwife, through word of mouth and I'm very grateful since she's the only one within 5 hours of our hometown. Every visit is at my home which is an hour from hers! She's so wonderful with our 2 year old daughter and is hopeful that DD will attend the birth as well.

I'm also seeing our family Dr. who is a wonderful mama to a daughter the same age as mine (she is soooo wanting another, the baby lust is evident!). She's been very supportive of all our choices so far and has even offered to check out our babe at home after the birth if either the midwife or I have any concerns. I thought that was sweet since she knows I don't want to take a newborn into a hospital/clinic environment at the height of flu season.

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Working on our 2nd UP/UC here! The only difference between this one and my last will hopefully be that the kids will be involved instead of sleeping. I think we will have ds1 cut the cord too.
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Definitely a waterbirth, my other 2 were both waterbirths and I can't imagine giving birth anywhere else. I live about a block away from my birth center my midwife has told me I can either come there or stay home, doesn't matter to her since I live so close. I love having the flexibility to do what I feel when the time comes.
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I am planning a homebirth. My first was a c-section for breech presentation so I am excited to have a totally opposite experience this time. My midwife is letting me borrow her tub so I will likely labor and maybe birth in there. I am interested in a lotus birth but since I experienced PPD with my last baby, the midwife will cut the cord at 12-14 hours. She can make some pills using the placenta should I start to go into PPD again.
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We'll be having this baby at a free-standing birth center with a midwife. I'd have a homebirth but we live about 30 minutes away from the hospital and that makes hubby nervous. The fsbc is about 2 minutes away from the hospital.
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We're having DS#2 at a birthing center with a doctor delivery. I'm planning to go completely natural and hope to discuss the possibility of a water birth. I really wanted a MW homebirth, but our state doesn't allow that and the nearest hospital birthing MW is over an hour away.
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I'm going to the hospital but I'm starting Bradley classes in November. So hopefully I'll be able to labor at home as long as possible, then go in, and be out as soon as possible! Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have the BP issues I had with my last one...

My doctor is great and does an excellent delivery... takes her time, no cutting, I can position myself however I want to be most effective, etc. She's an osteopath too... that rocks!
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We're planning a homebirth, UC-style. We had a midwife-attended homebirth with #3, and the best part about it was that I labored alone with DH right up to the end, baby came about an hour after mw arrived. So this time we're just going to do it alone. We live only about 5min. from the nearest hospital, we also know several doulas and an apprentice mw that we can call if need be, so I feel very good about the plan.
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We just moved to a part of northern NJ where there seem to be no midwives, so we're using an OB and probably a doula in a hospital - the OB's philosophy is very close to a MW (rec'd by my prenatal yoga instructor, who is also a doula), and the hospital comes highly recommended. Hoping for a drug-free water birth.
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I am planning my 1st UC waterbirth with my 4th baby. I've had one hospital birth with an OB, one hospital birth with a CNM and one home waterbirth with a midwife so this will definitely be different from my first birth!
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Home, for sure. I keep going back and forth between midwife and UC. I'm in one of those illegal states (ugh). Right now I think I'm leaning towards a midwife, especially since the one I'm most likely to use comes with such great recommendations. I've been getting prenatal up till now through a CNM but I think today will be the LAST appointment (thats another post). As for water or not.. I'm not holding expectations, really. This is my first so I don't know what labor will be like for me. If the water feels good, I'll stay in it, if it doesn't, I'll get out.
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I'm planning a hospital birth with a CNM. I really wanted a homebirth, but dh just is not comfortable, so I'm not gonna force the issue. However, I am going to read up on UC, just in case , since dd came fast and the hospital is about 30 min. away. I will not get in the car if I think the baby will come before we get there. With that said, dd was born with a CNM in the hospital. It was an awesome first birth. Labor was short, and uncomplicated, which helped, but it was a totally unmedicated birth...I didn't have an IV, dd nursed right away, and never left my side. So, if we do make it to the hospital I'll be fine with that, and I'll just hope for an uncomplicated delivery so we can get out of there ASAP.
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We had a hospital birth with a CNM & a doula for our first; still a little too medicalized for me now, but not then.
For this baby we are homebirthing & maybe waterbirthing (we'll see how I feel) with a CPM and I will definitely have my doula with me.
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We're having a birthing center birth with my CNM delivering if everything goes as planned. I'm thinking about finding a doula too.
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We're having a hospital birthing center birth with whomever is on call. I hope it's the CNM and not the OB I've been seeing (his bedside manner leaves me feeling weird, but he's the only one allowed to prescribe the progesterone injections, unfortunately). I want to labor at home as long as possible, but I know as soon as my water breaks DH is going to want to get me to the hospital. There aren't any birthing tubs, but I know they "let" mamas labor in the shower, on birthing balls, birthing stools, etc. I want to go totally med/intervention free, including refusing the completely : pitocin drip they put me on to deliver the placenta with DD. :
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We are planning an underwater delivery at home with a midwife My hope is that my oldest son will help catch her with DH's assistance
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I'm planning an HBAC w/ traditional midwife ie: almost no technology aside from her little doppler. I had a c/s for failure to wait and lied about fetal distress first time in a hospital with ob. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
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HBAC w/ a midwife.
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Homebirth with midwife. Pretty excited about it too. It seems really amazing to me that we're lucky enough to have found out about our options before experiencing the whatever would've happened at the very c/s happy hospitals around here.

I know something could still land me there, but my midwife and DH will advocate appropriately for me, so yay.
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Hospital birth with an OB and a doula (if we can find one soon). Wanted a water birth but the hospital doesnt offer it and there is only one birthing centre in our area (which is always full)
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