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Nora on D Housewives

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Anyone recognize her in your life?
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I was watching last night thinking how grateful I was that I DIDN'T recognize her as a person in my real life. I realized exactly how lucky I am that DH's X and I can get along and "share" her kids without animosity. Granted, the situation on the show is a heck of a lot different than my situation (since Kayla's dad wasn't around for 12 years, Nora got defensive, understandably!) but I know when we have birthday parties for our youngest two, DH's X won't have a problem with my DSDs coming to celebrate with their siblings, half or otherwise.

I know how lucky I am!!
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OMG, everytime she comes on tv my heart stops beating and I pray my DH's ex never turn into that. She really reminds me how lucky I have it. Mine could easily become like Nora. She's always trying to get us to go out to eat with her and hang out as one big happy family and we've had to tell her that NO, she cannot come have Thanksgiving or Christmas with my DH and his family. SHE filed for their divorce and now she thinks she can still be family?!? Get a clue! Its sad really, I wish I could help her out sometimes, but then I spend more than 5 minutes with her and all she does is complain she doesn't have enough money (despite her $1100 per month we give her in cs and her $85K salary) and then she tells me (for the umpteenth time) how she is best freinds with my DH (hello, he can't stand her) and how she can never let go of the love they shared in the 5 years they were married (woopty, five years of seperate bedrooms since they got pregnant on the first date and got married cuz of that, hmmm, lets think about this). : OK, now I have vented, sorry ya'll, I had to see her yesterday and though we really do get along extremely well and I thank G-d everyday for how great the relationship is, she still aggrevates the crap out of me.
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I recognize her lack of boundaries but what I really recognize is the dh.

Thank god that is in our past!
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Nora scares the tar out of me. (the Christmas photo...how INAPPROPRIATE was that??? Not so much that she was there, but her outfit and laying across the children like she was at a Frat party??? Ugh!)
My dh's ex always thought of dh as her property, even though they had not been in a relationship for a number of years when we got together (had not been a big part of dss life for that matter either), but when it looked like dh and I were serious she started requesting more visits and wanting dss on her own. She demanded that it was her turn to have dss for Christmas the first Christmas that we were together. DH told her that he had to do all the work, no way was she getting the fun. She could come see him over the holidays, but could not take him on her own (that's spelled out in the custody agreement now too).
THEN he looks at me and asks (not in front of her thank god) if it would be alright to invite to Christmas dinner to shut her up. I asked him if he was f$#%ing crazy. He looked at me for a second, then replied "When I asked that question, yes. Yes I was."
BTW she never did come see him over the holidays.
She could easily have become a "Nora" but we established our boundaries. Not so much because she was an interference, but more because her influence was not appropriate for our boy. But that's another story for another thread.
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