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broken/dislocated toe?

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about 4 wks ago I really smashed my right middle toe. it instantly was black/blue, cut, swollen, and looked really odd shaped. me worried about getting xrays and what can they do for a toe anyway didn't go to the dr. it felt really weird like it need to pop into place and i actually had dh pull it quickly and it did pop and i felt relief for about 2 minutes from that feeling but then it was back to the, omgosh this must really be broken feeling.

now, it is still the same way, minus the black/blue color finally. but i don't have the same feeling, ability to bend it at all, in it like my other toes. it is still swollen thick and the kids have nick named it sausage toe anyway has anyone ever experienced anything like this and what would you do? dh was thinking it might be/have been broke at several places and maybe this is why?

i am really nervous about going to the dr because i was in the hospital last spring when preg, had to have a ct, then miscarried. just wondering if any mamas here might have any ideas?
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I don't have any wise words, but just to let you knwo I'm going through the same this with my littlest toe.. urg its been 4 weeks and still so painful..

take care
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Sorry you are going through this. I have broken my toe so many times. Have you taped it? Take some medical tape and tape it to the two toes next to it, as straight as you can. When I've done it, it's taken me at least a month to get out of the tape, and then another month or two before it feels normal. And yes, unless it is your big toe, there isn't much else they can do. Feel better soon!
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jessma, thanks for the input on taping it. i will have to try that.
corri, sorry to hear you are going through the same thing. toes sure can be painful!
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Wow, I just did the SAME thing! Must be the pregnancy clumsiness!!! I've broken several toes in the past, too. And taping it is all you can do, unfortunately. I'd just tape it to the bigger one next to it for stability. Hang in there mama, it will heal eventually.
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how odd - I fell down the steps carrying my toddler this AM & did the same thing to my big toe! ouch! very imbalanced here! thanks for the tape idea!
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ouch! i don't have any advice for anybody, just sympathy... your poor toes!!
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I broke my big toe the day after DS first birthday a few years ago. For the smaller toes all that really can be done is taping them to imobalize them and let them heal up. I had the joy of a foot cast velcro Frankenstein thing. Anyhow, it took 6 weeks or so for the break to heal and another many months (6?) for the toe to feel right again.

A smaller toe should heal up faster. Keeping it taped with help.
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I broke my toe while pregnant a couple months ago. It is SO painful. I don't necessarily recommend taping though. See a dr. They couldn't do x-rays due to my pregnancy and it's hard to tell if it was the toe, 2 toes or the metatarsal bone so they put me in a cast to my knee which made it possible to walk (idea of crutches while pregnant AND chasing a toddler was too much!)

Good luck. Man- it's amazing how much it hurts- eh?
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