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Cloudy urine?

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I have been noticing my urine always looks really cloudy lately. I think I heard somewhere that it may be protein in the urine, which is cause for alarm. I searched around the Internet a little and didn't really find anything indicating that, and I plan on asking my midwife at our appointment tomorrow. I just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this.
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Yes, cloudy urine is a sign of protein in the urine. You can get protein test strips over the counter at the drug store I think.... diabetics often use them. I'm not sure if they are expensive or not.
On the other hand, cloudy urine can probably be a sign of a number of other things, including UTIs. Best to have it checked if you are concerned.
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It certainly wouldn't hurt to have it checked to be sure. Cloudy urine *can* be a sign of problems.

However, I've had this symptom too, and while I plan to mention it to my midwife when I see her for the first time this week, I don't think (for me anyway) that it is anything to worry about. My urine is cloudly almost exclusively when I get up in the morning. From the research I've done, this isn't all that unusual. Vaginal secretions (which can increase when pregnant) can accumulate overnight and make urine appear cloudy when you urninate in the morning.

Have you been drinking enough water or do you have any other symptoms?

I also bought some over-the-counter urine test strips that detect all sorts of things. The things you'd probably be interested in checking are protein, nitrates and leukocytes. If these tests were positive it could indicate infection or be a warning sign for pre-eclampsia (protein.)

Here are a couple related queries I found on the net:

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