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Busy-book pattern

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I must just be missing it, but the search function turned up nothing for me. Does anybody know of a pattern for a busy book or similar? It could be your basic snap/zip/tie kind of thing, or ones with a simple story/characters are great too. I could make a simple one out of felt myself, I guess, but I'd love to find a nice pattern or two as well. Thanks in advance!
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I would try ebay. I got a nice busy book pattern on ebay, it has an animal theme. it was made by vogue, but it is probably out of print.
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I just came across this one yesterday.

Martha Stewart Quiet Book
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I love that Martha project so cute! But, I can't help but think...with my toddler, that'd be more aptly titled an "EH! EH! EH!!!!! Book" because he'd be trying to get things on and then have me help.

VERY cute though!

To the OP - maybe you could use the Martha book for the basic idea, but add sewn-on zippers and such here and there?
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I agree! Buttons might not be the best fastener, depending on the age of the child. I bet you could use the same idea with velcro or snaps. I think that my biggest problem with it would be alllll those little pieces dropping and getting lost.. but I thought it might give some ideas, at least!

My girls have these:

and their favorite activity is a telephone. It has a dial that is attached in the center and spins, and a stuffed fabric telephone attached with a short cord. It would be super-easy to make!
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