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2 yo is on napping strike - help!

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Until a week ago, my two year old (25 mo) son would take lovely two to three hour naps each afternoon between 12-4 (12 - 3 or 1-4). I am 36 weeks pregnant, and until now I have relished this time to lay down and restore some of my own waning energy in the afternoons.

Lately naps have become a battle. He used to go to sleep in the car around noon so that I could just carry him up to his bed. If that didn't work, I would rock him and tell him a story around noon - and he'd be out in no time. The last week nothing has worked. Even if he goes to sleep in the rocker or car, he wakes up and wants to play when I put him down. I have tried putting him in his room, in my room, laying down with him...everything. He cries and cries - throws tantrums, and might eventually go to sleep out of exhaustion from the tantrum, only so late that it throws off his night-time schedule.

If I put him in his room, he gets right back out again two minutes later and runs downstairs. I am desperate to find a solution. The new baby will be here in 4 weeks, and I was counting on afternoon nap-times to get me through the newborn stage. A couple of friends tell me that their 2 year-olds have "outgrown" naptime, but from what I read online, children need a quiet-time or nap-time until about 5 years old to recharge their energy. When DS doesn't get this, he is a bear all evening (and me too!).

What do I do? I tried putting a child safety lock on the inside of his door yesterday (so he couldn't get out), but I quickly took it off. Now I wonder if I shouldn't make a set time (say 1pm to 3pm) and keep his door closed/locked to enforce this quiet time and nap time. I hate locking it, but I want to establish some sort of quiet or nap time. How do I do it? Thanks for the help!
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I wish I had an answer. I can just say that my son (38 months old) has been weaning from his nap too. Some days, he'll nap no problem...like today, aahhh (although it's probably because we had a busy day yesterday with no nap). But these days, more often than not, he skips his nap altogether. I'm dead tired on days he doesn't nap...it's hard. I usually let him watch a dvd or two when I really need a break but it's not quite the same, kwim. And I really don't want him cutting out nap time right before his sister gets here...yikes...mommy needs a break. We'll see. :yawning:
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My DS has had nap issues the past few days too, but I think it's because he has a cold (which he of course gave to me ). Today, he actually slept. Thankfully, he just reads books and plays in his room if he doesn't want to sleep. He might fuss towards the end, just before he falls asleep, but it's not full out crying or anything.

He also figured out how to use the doorknob last week, so I put the child proof cover on it, and that worked like a charm. Phew! I had tried locking the door, but he figured out how to unlock it too.

Today, he just played/read books for about 20-30 minutes, then took a good 3 hour nap again. Oh it was heaven! Yesterday, he played for about 2 hours, and then I had to go get him as he was hitting the fussy stage, because I knew if he fell asleep at 4pm, he'd not wake up until 7pm, which is his bed time!

One thing that has helped is to get him down a little earlier. Not sure why, but he seems to be needing to nap earlier than he used to. Doesn't make any sense to me, but hey, they're toddlers! He's 27 months old, btw.
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Mine have all given up naps between ages 2 and 2.5. The good news is they go to bed earlier and then you will have more time with the baby in the evenings. I never minded too much when they gave up the naps, as their naps always seemed to interfere with something on the calendar. It is just an adjustment period for all involved.

We have never done the quiet time thing either. Although if they get edgy, I might suggest they go read a book or engage them in a mellow activity.
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