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Post something unusual about yourself

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I'm feeling chatty.

I can pop all the joints in my body except my sternum and shoulders. I LOVE the feeling of release when they pop. Being pregnant all those relaxing hormones are helping too.

Am I a weirdo? lol!
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I used to be able to turn my feet around backwards. It was mostly at the hips, and now that I'm older and not so flexible it's harder to do. great party trick though. my cousin can do the same thing with her arms, it's freaky.
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My first brownie troop number was 666. When we bridged to Junior Girl Scouts, they retired our old number and gave us 668.
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I lived in Japan 2 years ago for a year and we taught English to Japanese kids. I didn't know much Japanese when we started but left nearly fluent. We lived near Mt. Fuji in a teeny town. LOVED it! Want to go back someday. I know I saw a mama from Japan posting in our DDC hope she reads this.

I also taught Eng. in India, Thailand and Nepal. Volunteer basis-and I climbed alot in the Himalayas and Thailand. All those adventures are now blissful memories (sigh) Anyone else travel much in Asia? Did you see how they carried their babies everywhere? I loved to watch how they cared for their little ones.
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I speak Norwegian!
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I am a painter (artist) and I live in our hand-built strawbale house (off grid too) with my hubby, son and dog and cat!

No strange bodily confessions here, lol!
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Cool, Queen! We have completed house drawings for our dream straw bale home, but will have to wait to build it (too expensive where we live now, but we're moving in less than a year...)

My DH and I don't own a cell phone and we don't want one! (funny how that's "unusual" now-a-days...)
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We are planning on building a strawbale and living off grid in the next 2-3 years.
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I was in the Peace Corps from 1997-1999 where I taught English at a teaching college in China.
My Chinese is laughably bad now.
I also know the TV themesong to damn near every bad sitcom that was on in the 80s...
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Merhaba (Hello)! I was a exchange student for a summer in Samsun, Turkey (1983). Merhaba is about all of the Turkish language I remember...After high school I got a job with a major airline, traveled the world and lived in 16 states. Met hubby in 2000, traveled a bit more, we were full time RV'ers. Had our son in 2002, we finally settled down last year in my homestate of Colorado!
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I was in a car that was hit by a freight train when I was 15. I spent 4 months in the hospital, had 12 orthopedic surgeries, and had to relearn how to walk. I still sometimes use a cane to get around.
When I was 24, I was in a cab that was rear-ended and instead of whiplash, I snapped all the spinal connectors in my neck. Luckily, I was able to recover without surgery.

I have a button that says "The Universe Is Trying To Kill Me!" for the reasons above.
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I've been kissed by wayne newton, tony orlando & tom jones
my mom was way into these guys when I was little and she would take me to the shows and send me up to the stage with a rose for them and for each of them I got to go up on the stage and they all kissed me
My moms favorite was when Tony Orlando said "have you ever been kissed by a man with a moustache before"
and I said "yes"
he said "oh who your daddy?"
I said "No, wayne newton"

thats my moms favorite story!
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Too cute, Starbound!

I think I must be boring.

1) I almost died of spinal meningitis when I was two. I remember learning how to walk because of this.

2) I can't wear shoes/socks/slippers/anything on my feet when I vacuum or mop.

3) I used to be a homeless street musician.
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Man, I really must have led a boring life. I only have like one thing that is somewhat unusual.

I have been to all but 3 states west of the Mississippi river. I haven't been to North Dakota, Louisiana, or Alaska. Though I hope to change that sometime in the next 2-3 years.

In my last pg I ate a whole jar of pickles every day for like a month!

Ok, that is all I can think of atm.
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Here are my nifty tidbits:

~I have 8 cats, but now live in a condo ~35 miles away from them and go everyday on my way home form work to feed/clean/take care of them while I look for homes for them (anyone want cats? they come in pairs)

~I went to Hawaii this summer on my honeymoon. This was my 47th state visited for me and 49th for DH!

~I can fit my whole fist in my mouth. It is of no use and I usually get laughed at after I show people when they say they don't believe me

~I can cross both of my eyes, and then move one but not the other. Seriously, it took me a while to learn when I was a kid

I can't think of more now but I will check back in if I do think of more.
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I can fit my whole fist in my mouth too, arismomkoofie!
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arismomkoofie made me feel better- I wasn't thinking there was anything unusual about myself...

But I can cross my eyes and then move one around in a circle and then the other in a circle.

Also-- I won shooting competitions in high school and still own more guns than my dh he he. And I hunt.

I'm a gamer (Final Fantasy, etc).
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my family grows legal marijuana.
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I am a construction engineer trained in explosives (for roadway construction) and the "boss" in an office full of burly construction guys. I am NOT a traditional feminist - I simply don't take any crap from the guys. I also paint my nail and wear jewelry almost every day.

Not my weirdness, but still - My hubby is a SAHD who spends his extra time volunteering as a firefighter and search and rescuer.

When I was a kid I liked to eat rocks.

Okay, that my weirdness.
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