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What kidn of mixer do you have??

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I'm very proud of myself...I made my first loaves of bread! they were very easy to do and hardly any time at all.

My problem is my mixer. It can't handle it. It was slowing it to a stop. I eventually had to stop the mixer and put the rest of the flour in by hand...which I guess is how it was "in the olden days".

My dh HATES Kitchenaide mixers....my mom's doesn't do bread well either.

What brand do you use?
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I use my grandma's old Mixmaster. I sometimes use it for bread, but usually only the intial mixing and for small batches.

I think that kneading bread by hand does good for your body and your soul!
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I have a Cuisanart Food Processor and I use it for mixing everything- cake, cookies, muffins etc. It came with a special plastic blade for mixing bread dough and it works great. I only make whole grain bread though so it only handles one loaf at a time. White bread can be made two loaves at a time.
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I don't have a mixer- mix or knead by hand. Kitchen is too small for a big mixer.
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why does your dh hate kitchenaid, did one run amuck and maim a family member?:

not to be a smartass, sorry, i'm really wondering; mine has finished its task between the time i read this thread and started writing, and before i read this i was literally about to start a thread saying 'my kitchenaid rocks!'

(i just made a butter cake with white chocolate, buttermilk, good italian apricot preserves, and almond paste- let's just say it had the potential to turn out quite heavy, kwim? but it made that rich batter light as air, and i wish i'd used my angel food cake pan instead of a bundt, it's gonna rise way too high!)

i got it for bread (and what a boon that dough hook has turned out to be, particularly for stiff, sticky sourdough rye doughs that would've been nearly impossible to work by hand), but i use it for everything, now. it is one of my few indispensible tools.

onetrickpony, finishing the loaves by hand is quite enough of a workout for my tendinitus; between the garden and the two babies, my hands get plenty of exercise (and i'd rather wear myself out gardening- and tending babies, natch) than in kitchen drudgery, anyday.)

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My Moms had her Kitchen Aid for about 27 years, never a problem.Many loaves of bread and other yuumy stuff has been made with it. I have one but it is a little smaller and cant handle the loads my Mom mixer can but I still love it.

Kithen Aids really are a great mixer, so I wonder why your dh doesnt like them??:
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I just looked over and asked dh why he doesn't like kitchenaide. He said, "The bowl is stationary. And the bowl is dead center. It isn't offset so you can get a spatual inside the bowl." He said its a nice mixer he just doesn't like how the bowl is.

I like making the bread by hand. I guess its a good thing! Our mixer is a mountable hand mixer. I like it but doesn't have the strength for bread.

My mom's kitchenaide won't do bread.....I wonder why?
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ahhh... it's pretty good at scraping its own sides, and not needing a spatula (that's supposedly one of the features) but i see his point. don't know of a mixer that'll have the 'oomph' to tackle bread dough w/out that design, tho'.

does your mom use a dough hook? you definately need that... it could be a smaller model, mine is a big one with the badass motor (my dh LIKES kitchenaid, hehe; it's the best christmas present i ever got. i waited 24 years for one! good thing he did so well last year, this year sucked so much he had to coast on the strength of the year before- he got me a faster cdrw drive! oh please! : )

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OT comments coming up!

Suseyblue, I got your point! Maybe I could have written, "working by hand [gardening, raising children, etc.] is good for the body and the soul..."

I think that it is wonderful that we have all these appliances that can help us out with everything we choose to do. I guess I just worry sometimes that as a society we are doing less and less "by hand." However, this is not the place where that comment would be applicable!!

OK, I think I'm just rambling, but thanks for your contribution to my thoughts today.

Love, Alexandra
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good point, alexandra- sorry if i sounded defensive
i admit, it can be a pleasant task to knead bread- sun shining in the windows, tra la la etc. it can also be nice to weed- there's only a few weeds in a good crumbly tilth, it's rained, they're coming right up and it's 75 with a cool breeze and you've no place to go...

but making lots of bread on a regular basis is more comparable (to me) to digging the bermuda grass out of rock hard clay soil when i have little time and toddler going haywire, kwim?

i understand what you meant- i am sewing hand-dyed wool diaper covers 'for fun' right now, but a wahm who does it regularly because that's what she *does* has got to be looking at me saying, "OMG! Why doesn't she get a sewing machine- what drudgery!", lol.

whoops, babies cryin', gotta go- suse
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I have a professional model Kitchenaid, and I LOVE the thing! I do agree with the spatula thing, but I don't have to scrape the sides as much with this mixer. I had to learn to be a little patient and let the mixer have some time to clean the sides. Still, sometimes I turn the thing off and scarpe down the bowl.

Mine has the lever the raises and lowers the bowl. It makes two ro three loaves of bread at a time, I think the motor is 750 watts. I love my Kitchenaid food processor, too.

I bought both refurbished, which lowered the cost significantly.
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I have a kitchenaid, also w/ the lever that raises/lowers the bowl. I've never found there to be any problem regarding using the spatula. You just lower the bowl and scrape, but I hardly ever need to do that--in fact, when I'm making bread in it I never bother scraping it as it cleans itself as it mixes.

My dh bought the kitchenaid as a surprise for me. We needed a new mixer, but I am the original cheapskate and would never have spent that kind of money on a mixer in a million years. He was right and I was wrong. It is absolutely the best and worth every cent.
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My mom bought me a KitchenAid for Christmas this year!! I love it.....it was used from a friend, so it didn't cost her alot (thankfully)....she said she's lucky I got it, as she was going to keep it for herself (if she had somewhere to live....but that's another story: )
I can't remember the model # and dd is sleeping on my lap....but it has the lever to raise the bowl too, and so far I've only made cinnamon buns, but the dough hook cleans the sides off perfectly...One thing I don't like is adding ingredients to the bowl, have to use the plastic thing and that is just something else to wash....:

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http://www.gordonfamily.com/Recipes/cinnabon.htm if like me, you suddenly got a craving for cinnamon rolls, lol (altho' i usually just make this a batch of this, and use half for bread, half for rolls: http://bread.allrecipes.com/AZ/WhitYstLvs.asp and follow the cinnamon filling and icing directions- that's close enough for me.)

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Sorry for the cravings....
I actually just ate the last one last night so I'll have to make more....
Made pizza dough today for supper and may just make cookies in the mixer and see how they turn out....
I should add that even though I got the mixer for Christmas....we didn't have room in the car to bring it (and other things: ) home, so I just got it back in the middle of March....
I've been making way too many cinnamon buns!
Thanks for the recipes!!
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I love my Kitchen Aid! I have the big 6 quart poffesional one. It handles 2-3 loves of whole wheat bread no problem. Sometimes I do scrap down the side, but, usually it cleans itself as it mixes. I also have all sorts of attachments for it. I am really impressed with this mixer
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Kitchaide mixers will o it but you need a bigger model. I know mine will handle bread but some of the lower rpm ones won't
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I love my kitchen aid. i did burn the engine out of one (In one years time - slid in right under the warrenty cut off ) by making bread. now i mix until the dough is stiff and knead by hand. it is good for the soul. My friend says you have got to be in touch with your bread. It makes it taste better.
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