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Heroes?? - Page 59

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I have to admit, I'm still confused as to why Mama Petrelli was shoplifting socks in the first episode.
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New graphic novel about the Hatian..... that is if you can wait between every fraking page while they play an ad for silver Surfer :
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I use adobe to read the graphic novel for that reason. No ads.
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I have never gotten an ad in the graphic novels..... maybe its my adblocker on firefox?
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anyone reading the graphic novels? So Candice was a Betty. Interesting.
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I'm not reading the graphic novels! Tell me, whats a Betty? I have to know!!!!
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This one (its a 4 parter) deals with the origins of Candice. Her name is really Betty.
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Oh, I'd totally forgotten about the graphic novels! I didn't even realize they'd continued with them, so thanks for reminding me! I'm caught up now - I knew there was something about her true appearance!
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mark your calendars:

Heroes' second season kicks off Sept. 24 at 9 p.m.
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August 28: Heroes The first season DVD
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