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Avoiding Fast Food Restaurants

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I HATE fast food. It tastes bad, it's bad for you, I hate everything it stands for. Anyway, how do you all avoid going to fast food restaurants. We go maybe once/month but that's still too much. Sometimes we're running late or something and I feel like it can't be avoided. Please tell me it can!
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If by fast food you mean McDonalds/Wendys stuff, try Subway or get pizza. I don't think either of those are remotely close to McDs.
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We're trying to avoid fast food as well. I think that planning ahead is really the best way. Keep some snacks in the car, and try not to be out at meal times. Use a crock pot if your day will be hectic, so that dinner is already made. Those are the things I am trying to do, anyway.
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We avoid fast food, because its so expensive (and i hate hamburgers anyway, but do ocassionally indulge at Taco Bell). We are a family of 5, so for about 5 dollars more, we can go to Golden Corral, a buffett place. not so bad.

we also get pizza, about twice a month. we have Papa Murphy's, which is take and bake. gourmet garlic chicken, yummy. and it only costs $11, and feeds all 5 of us.
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I definately need to plan ahead. I try to have snacks with me so I don't get sucked into those places. I guess I just hate all "eating out" stuff. It's so expensive! We're selling our house right now and when we have showings we have to leave. That makes meal times tough. I can pack sandwiches for the kids and I but dh is way more picky. I hate that!
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We live 40 minutes from town so if I go out with the kids in the morning, I always pack sandwiches that way if we don't make it back for lunch (and we usually don't) I'm not stuck. I would never go to a burger type fast food place but have gone to Subway on occasion when I didn't plan ahead.

ps you might be interested in the book Fast Food Nation.
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We haven't been to fast food in years- we do get tak-out pizza when I need a break from cooking. Otherwise, it's sandwiches or snacks.
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I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now. It's just made me feel stronger about this plight.
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We run by the grocery store for fruit, bread or crackers, cheese, nuts, etc. (and maybe a little sweet surprise), then head to a park. Or in the evening, park someplace with a nice view of a lake or stars, keep the stereo on, and eat in the car.

Grocery store delis also have precooked chickens, salads, hard-boiled eggs, etc. Better than fast food!
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The grocery store!Why didn't I ever think of that?There's this bizarre mentality that shopping would take too long,but now that you mentioned it running in for some fruit,etc would be just as fast as waiting for drive thru,or pretty close. We americans are just programmed for laziness.I'm trying to break this too.
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Yes, the grocery store is an awesome idea! Thanks!
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I have to agree, plan ahead!
there are always things in our house to take granola bars, homemade muffins, sanwiches, we carry bottled water eveywhere we go... I prefer the taste of these things waaay better than fastfood, and its a lot more cost effective.

but there are occasions when I'm out longer than planned, and the kids and I get hungry so we stop at the co op and grab something or run in the store, I do like subway and schlotskys.

Try it for one month of not buying fast food you'd be surprised on how much money your saving, I was when I stopped.

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We don't eat fast food. If we haven't planned ahead to bring something with us, we'll stop in a grocery store and there's always healthier options there.

baby carrots are one of our favorites. There should always be some pre-made dips. Add in some cheese and grapes and you've got something to hold you over.

I know that feeling of being out and so hungry, though.

One of my nicest road trip memories was taking a trip to the Adirondacks with a friend and her family. Her mom packed up sandwiches and a blanket and we ate at a rest stop. Whereas my family would always stop off in the closest fast food stop. I liked the picnic much better!
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when we traveled from MD to MI we packed a cooler of water/juice and a cooler of sandwiches, fruits, veggies, granola bars, and some sweet items. no stopping for sodas or junk for us! just stopped to use the bathroom! it was wonderful..
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Kids usually LOVE to choose picnic stuff off the shelves at the store. If you stop at a health food store or even Trader Joe, you can be sure they're getting a healthy meal, and you'll probably have enough extra for next time
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Even the smallest improvements are improvements:

Tyson frozen chicken bits = better than McNuggets
Instant mashed potatoes = better than fries
Juice-based soda or Blue Sky = better than Sprite
Simply Organics mac'n'cheese = better than Kraft (and my kids can't tell the difference)
Lays Natural Ruffles = better than regular chips (and made with Sea Salt and expeller-pressed non-hydroginated oil)

has anyone noticed the Pringles (yes Pringles) is no longer using shortening? The label says "vegetable oil". Is that for real?
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The closest thing I've had to fast food for years is Subway (once last week, several times last year, but otherwise virtually never). Fast food is disgusting and horrifying (Subway is bad enough, IMO; we were out of leftovers at home and I needed lunch at work and Subway was the only option without getting in the car).

Cook more food than you need for dinner and eat it for lunch the next day. Cook food for lunch for the week on weekends. Get cold cuts and good bread and veggies and pack your own sandwiches.
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I rarely eat fast food, and wehn I do, it's only because my that's *all* my parents will eat!! I am vegetarian too, so it's really hard to find a decent place to get a great veggie meal.

ITA with all the mamas who have said planning is key. It really is. I always have healthful cereal bars in the car so if dd starts to get hungry while out and about, it will tide her over.

Sometimes avoiding fast food means eating early or late too. If we have errands, we'll either eat before going (like 11:00 or so) or at say 2:00 when we get back.

I thought Fast Food Nation was a great, enlightening book!
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I make bags of food after I grocery shop. A few small bags of carrots and cucumbers, Grapes cut in half and strawberries or cantaloupe. I keep these in the crisper and just grab a bag before we head out. Also I Mkae a couple of extra Peanut butter sandwhiches during the week for the weekend, I bought cookie cutters and cut their sandwhiches into shapes they think it is fun. Weekends were our weakness so I plan meals on thursady and friday that would make good fast leftovers, like tacos and then I make taco salad or nachos for lunch instaed of running to the border I buy string cheese and freeze the tubed yogurt, by the time my kids are ready for a snack it is defrosted but cold( that is my biggest pre-packaged purchase) Planning ahead is a big helper, it was our gaol to cut out completely fast food and now the thoguht of itgrosses me out I have not taste for it left and I hate the idea of spending the money on it.
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These ideas are so awesome everyone! Thanks so much! Simple things that can save time and money! I just love it here!
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