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If you eat eggs, you could hard boil (we like free-range, organic) them and take them in a small cooler with you too. My girls like those for a change of pace. Whole grain bread or crackers and fruit would make that a filling lunch. We also like frozen peas (even if they thaw, my kids like them as finger food snacks) and raw corn on the cob (very yummy, especially when nice and sweet). If you're planning ahead, don't forget a thermos full of soup on occasion for a nice hot treat. Or how about oatmeal? On a cold day, drizzled with maple syrup and a little sea salt is a favorite indoor meal; it would be perfect, filling, and warming on-the-go.

My children aren't really into sandwich wraps yet, but I sure am! The filling ideas are endless and SO easy to whip together. They can be wrapped in wax paper or put into any used bread bag to catch any pieces that may fall out.

Incidentally, we RARELY do fast food. Taco Bell is about the only thing my girls will eat - cheesaritos, plain! Cheese on a tortilla! It's cheap, but it's still way cheaper from home and I use ww tortillas at home. We have also gotten fries in emergencies: i.e. evening ride home from holiday at G & G's, but it's pitch black at 5:30... girls are falling asleep and if they do that on the hour and a half ride, they'll be "bright-eyed and bushy tailed" for the rest of the night when we do make it home! THAT'S an emergency in my book and fries keep them awake and entertained for the duration... we stop half way - half way they stay awake waiting for them, half way they stay awake eating!

I like the idea of the cereal bars in the car; that would have worked for us in that pinch too I think!
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We almost never do fast food unless we are traveling, although I do order pizza once in a great while.

The key for me is having a freezer. I'm a WOHM and if I didn't have a freezer I'd be getting ff at least three times a week.

When I do cook, I make at least a double batch and freeze half. On the weekends, if I'm going to be around I make a huge vat of soup, stew, chili, etc., and freeze in meal-sized portions.

With the freezer, I can come home and get a reasonably good meal on the table in 15 minutes. I also save a fair amount of money because I am still able to be doing most of my cooking from scratch (and freezing it) and I can buy things in bulk when they are on sale. I also like having things like an extra loaf of bread or two already on hand. It saves so many last minute, unplanned trips to the market.
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When we're in a hurry, we tend to swing by a gourmet grocery store, or Whole Foods, or even smaller health food stores, and pick up something from their deli or frozen section. We often get a roast chicken from Whole Foods for $7 that feeds all three of us, plus some left over for lunch the next day. Of course, in our area, these kinds of stores are everywhere. Trader Joes is good for this kind of stuff too. A few yummy side salads, some sliced cheese and bread, sliced meat, hummus, etc., all this adds up to one yummy, quick on the go meal.

Pizza or take out burritos are another thing we often do. We have a favorite local burrito place, and we call ahead and swing in and pick it up. Oh, and we also have a local, non-chain burger place that we really like. We keep the menu in our car, and sometimes call ahead. It's not health food by any stretch, but at least it's not Burger King.
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OK, last night was my big challenge. We had a house showing from 6 -7 and my dd1 had dance class until 5:15. No time to cook dinner in between. So, I made them dinner at 4:00. Then when dh came home we ran up to Panera and got them each a bagel for a snack and us a bowl of soup (dh has to eat at certain times as he has type 1 diabetes). So, I know it's still a large chain but better than fast food, right? Thanks for all of the great ideas!!!
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There are some excellent ideas here. I wanted to add that my dh works nights as I have repeatedly posted. Dd and I frequently spend the first half of our day out and about so he can sleep. I find I can pack egg sandwiches and fruit quite easily. If I know I will still be out at lunch time I try to bring leftovers from the previous night's supper or portable snacks like cheese and crackers, whole grain muffins (dd likes mini-muffins), hummus and veggies, almond butter and rice cakes or just sandwiches. We carry bottled water with us and never leave the house without a meal in tow. If you need some help menu planning, we have a thread started in this forum. Please join us. I needed a little encouragement in this area as well. We rarely eat fast food, but have gotten in the trap of being too tired to cook and dining out. We have also found that it isn't really more expensive to eat in a restaurant depending on the restaurant. There is a great Vietnamese place by us that has excellent food. The three of us can eat and get full for about $15 including a decent tip. The only problem is that we won't have any leftovers for the next day's lunch. I prefer to cook in if possible.
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