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October Declutter 500 items Challenge

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Anyone interested??

It will officially start on Oct 1, but just getting ready! I need to get the house into the new season- Get ready for winter etc. Also clear things out before the holiday, change the clothes over so many things! Also my dh has to tackle the garage after the summer.

I plan to do 500 items but anyone is welcome to try to reach that goal and also not to do 500 items.
Here is what counts:
anything you sell on the tp, ebay, Craigslist etc
anything you freecycle, give back to the rightful owners, donate, give away.
anything you throw out but I would much rather somehow get the item back out there thats not possible and I will also be throwing stuff out.

If you have a small box of your old college papers in the attic and you toss it- its one item. If you also toss your dh's box as well, its two items.

The old mayo jar in the fridge counts as an item, two separate happy meal toys count as two items.
If someone is doing a can goods drive, give them a few good items, they count!
You old tax record from 1998 counts as one item to be shredded.

500 sounds like a lot but once you get started you will be surprised how fast you can drum up 500 items and then some! I go thru everything when I do this down to the makeup drawer and over the washer shelf.
Remember you have an entire month to do this so pace yourself. I already arranged for a local charity to come to my house on Oct 20th to do a pickup so it gives me some time. I plan on dedicating about 30-60 minutes on avg daily.

Post your successes and how you are doing with your count as we go!
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I think I'm in. We are getting married in 2 weeks and presents are already starting to appear at the apartment and well the apartment I way to cluttered to begin with. This is the perfect time to purge the apartment of stuff and duplicates and then pass them on to someone else who needs them. I think I'm actually excited about cleaning!
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I'm in! I don't know if I can come up with 500 items though. We purged before we moved and then again over the summer. I gave about a dozen boxes and bags of stuff to charity. I still need to clean out my closet and the front hall closet though!
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I'm a new member, and when I saw your forum post I realized it's exactly what I need! Motivation! So I am in, hopefully I can hold to this and get it done.
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Yes! Yes! Yes! I am totally in!

We're renovating starting November 1st, and have to move everything out. I'd like to get rid of things we don't need rather than moving them out and back in again. Some key places for me to start are: my closet, dh's closet, dd's closet, old business paperwork, and "spare" (read old, expired, unwanted) bathroom supplies. I'll also have to remind myself that clothes I move into the storage locker for future kids do NOT count in this!

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I'm in for sure! I've been needing/saying I was going to start decluttering for months but by the time I get home from work and/or the gym, get dinner made and dishes done, get lunches ready for the next day, play with DD a little bit, it's time to put her to bed and then by the time we get her to bed, all I want to do is CHILL!

So this will be my motivation. Yay!
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I'm definitely in!
I just listed two things on freecycle after reading this.. (it's almost October )

I will keep my running total here: 8
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Woohoo! I'm so in!

I need to work on ALL closets, and the guest room. We can't even use our bedroom closet because things fall out if you open the door. : I can definitely stand to put things on ebay or craigslist too, because Christmas is approaching and we're saving to buy a house.

Should we list everything we get rid of or a running tally?
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subbing to this thread

This is what I need right now. My nesting instinct is kicking in really early with this pg, and I'm starting to feel anxious about clutter everywhere. I have some things I've been meaning to donate for a while, and I think y'all are going to help motivate me. I think I can get to 100 items quickly, not sure about 500. But I expect to post a very long list of items permanently removed from my home.
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I am in...Can I count my goodwill box and co-signment stuff I am dropping off tomorrow???:
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great idea!!!

I am getting frustrated by the clutter so this will work (and may get DH motivated to get the scary garage sorted )

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I'm in!
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Wow, so far a big group! The last time I did one of these, some would post their running total, and then their grand total on the last day of the month. One month even listed how much they decluttered and the number was over 10,000 items all together!

Since we posted, if anyone wants to start, go ahead!

I would list maybe what you cleaned out but you dont need a running tally of what but how many just to keep you motivated.
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I'm in! DH will be so glad!
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I'm in-- Does decluttering the garage count? That is where most of the junk is

I will keep my running total here-
7 of dd's shirts

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Im in! I have started to rotate our summer clothes. My goal is always that the whole family's summer clothing will fit in one rubbermaid box. Now that we have a toddler, his clothes have got to fit in there as well. I am also donating some other clothes to Value Village. At one point, my Dh had more clothes than me. I think now we may have about the same, although I'm not sure on that b/c I see his side of the closet creaping over to mine. How does this happen! lol He's even got more shoes than I do! Soon I will be selling more things on EBAY. My aunt and I are in a competition to see who gets our purple star first. ( selling only not buying) When things come in my house something has come in something has to go out!

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Count me in too. I can easily get 500 items, especially if it counts paper work. I've already moved my shredder by the door to keep the incoming mail at bay.

I suggest anyone who hasn't called to get off the "pre-approved" crap lists, do it this October as well! I've been "meaning" to do it for months now. That's where have my shredder stuff is coming from. Ugh.

BTW, does anyone know what we're supposed to do with the payment breakdowns we get from our health insurance companies? I have stacks of these annoying things. I don't really need to keep them, do I?

Hopefully, we can get our garage done, too, and I can reclaim my art studio!! Whoohoo!

And I sooo want to run a bulldozer through DH's office. There are enough computer parts and odd things in there to build a robot. But don't tell him that or he'll think it's a good idea and try to save it all "just in case."
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I'm up for this one! I cleared out today:
My MIL dropped by:
5 dvds of hers returned
7 kids books I gave her from our shelves to hers
My BFF dropped by:
18 prefolds returned
1 knit shorts I made but were to small for my ds will fit her ds perfect
8 nikki covers returned
3 t-shirts again to small for my ds but will fit her ds
Grand Total: 42 items
What a nice start now if I can just keep it up!!
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Originally Posted by Marlow's mom View Post
I'm in! DH will be so glad!

Hahahaha...thats exactly what I was gonna say
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