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Originally Posted by Starflower View Post
I suggest anyone who hasn't called to get off the "pre-approved" crap lists, do it this October as well! I've been "meaning" to do it for months now. That's where have my shredder stuff is coming from. Ugh.
How do you do that and what's the number? Thanks for the tip!


I cleaned out the closet floor and hanging racks tonight. Holey Moley. I have an entire 50 gallon trash bag full of donation clothes and shoes. I think I'll just count that as one.

I've also listed a bunch of melaleuca prodcuts on Craigslist that I don't want to use anymore, but are much too expensive to give away.

I still need to list a pair of expensive rollerblades (that I've used once) and a pair of 20 hole Doc Martens that I wore like 3 times in high school - womens size 7. (anyone interested?)

Technically I haven't got rid of much besides the bag of clothes. I'm getting there though.
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I'm in! With the baby coming sometime in Nov. I have to clean out some space. Even though she is little, the stuff that comes with her seems to pile up fast. I think I am going to start a daily spreadsheet for each category so I can keep track!
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I'm sooooo in! My first declutter challenge! I'm excited
I have a babe due in Nov and we have just moved so I have to get stuff OUT!!!
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Originally Posted by Starflower View Post
And I sooo want to run a bulldozer through DH's office. There are enough computer parts and odd things in there to build a robot. But don't tell him that or he'll think it's a good idea and try to save it all "just in case."
wow do we have the same DH

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Awesome idea! I'm playing, too. I have boxes in my basement that have sat for a year and a half, and I need to go through and purge, declutter, and locate all my baby gear.
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80 for me. I just dropped off 2 boxes at the co-signment shop
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We really, really need to do this. We just found out yesterday that we're moving towards the end of October. We are also moving into a (slightly) smaller place, so I'd like to clean out as much as we can before we move. Most of it will go to the charity thrift store and some of the nicer stuff will go to the consignment shop. I'm so ready for this!

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I have even more motivation to de clutter now.... We contacted a realitor and we are going to start looking for our first house after the wedding!!! ANd I am not carting stuff with me that is just junk and we don't need.
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I'm totally in! I have a huge shelf of stuff waiting to disappear!- I just threw out & shredded bins of items! - I'm hoping to sell a bunch of stuff but would be ok with giving away as well!
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9 things from my closet gone
1 box of baby clothes
finally shredded that big box of things waiting to be shredded

so 11 things, slow start but better then nothing
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I'm new to this board and I am sooo in.
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I'm in. Next year at this time, we will be moving from a 2000 sq. foot house to a 600 sq. foot apartment. Our junk MUST go! I've got a 96-gallon trash can, an empty trunk for runs to Goodwill, and I've got "Voluntary Simplicity" on hold at the library for motivation. I'm ready!

To keep track, do we just keep editing one post? Or do we make a new post each time we get rid of a bunch?
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IM in too but I probably just did about 100 items just cleaning out my fridge today (Im nesting)
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Of course, I start this and my neighbor down the hall drops off a big bag of clothes and shoes for my dd today! Her dd is about 1 year older, so we get a lot of seasonally-appropriate hand me downs, which is great, except that she was out of town for a while, and thinking she didn't have stuff for us this season, I already went thrift shop buying and grandma hinting and dd has a pretty good fall wardrobe now. :

OTOH, I looked through the bag, and there are 4 keepers (inc. fantastic snow boots, which should fit dd; and which I haven't bought yet) and about 25 things that are too small but in great shape. So... I think I'll do dd's closet when I'm not working on Fri and you can look for me on the TP after that. Need girl clothes in 18-24 m. size or shoes size 5-6?
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Can I join? The clutter is driving me wild!!!!!! And the bins of baby clothes that DS is rapidly outgrowing is out of control. Here we go!
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Originally Posted by taradt View Post
wow do we have the same DH


Me too! You can see his office in my siggy....computer world!
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Just packed up 67 items to take to goodwill (mainly clothes & some books)& am getting ready to list a bunch of stuff on the TP. I also listed a bunch of used bottles for free If those go thats a huge amount!!
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I am going to pack up outgrown clothes for another mama on the nicu board, I have some LLL stuff to pass onto another mama here too, Some stuff to put out w the garbage tonight, so I have a start!
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i'm in. may not get to 500 but many, many need to go.
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I'm in! My son's first birthday is the 31st, and my whole family is visiting, so this is the perfect opportunity to de-clutter! I'm so excited! I'm going to start with my kitchen. I'm getting rid of the fancy chopper that I've never used.
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